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Democrats Have a Chance To Revive The Party. Will They Seize It?


Democrats Have a Chance To Revive The Party. Will They Seize It?

Katrina vanden Heuvel

Most are rallying around the bolder agenda articulated by Sanders, including a $15 minimum wage, Medicare for All, a green New Deal, balanced trade, getting money out of politics and more.


I have total faith in the demodogs to do what they do best and it’s not help us on Main Street.


Its either a third party or overhaul the dnc.


"Across the country, the Democratic Party is in its worst shape since the 1920s. In 2016, Hillary Clinton won just 487 of more than 3,100 counties nationwide.

That has to be one of the worst arguments yet to convince people that the Democrats are in the worst shape in years. Those 487 counties probably have more people than all the rest of the counties put together. Kings County alone in New York has about 2.5 million people. There are some rural counties that probably have less than 1,000 people. Hilary Clinton won in the metropolitan area and although these areas are a small fraction of the total area in the US they have about 55% of the people. Hilary Clinton actually got about 2.5 millions votes more than Trump which corresponds to her strength in the metropolitan areas. So there seem be two ways for the Democrats to do better. One is to get a bigger turnout in the metropolitan areas, which I think is how Obama won twice, and the other is to do better in rural areas. And accomplishing both would be even better.


The undemocratic wing of the duopoly’s corporate party cannot and will not reform itself. That is not allowed.

Articles such as this are but window dressing for the sham.


That Tweetle-Dumb got any more than the ~35% of the vote representing his hard-core followers, especially after the Access Hollywood tape was broadcast, indicates just how frustrated ‘We the People’ are with “The Establishment”.  His lies were believed because people are desperate for change.  Perez and the DNC do
NOT represent change — especially with the Clintons and DWS still lurking in the background:

I re-registered as an independent (small “i”, or unaffiliated) several months ago, and will not be switching back to DamnocRat unless there are some MAJOR changes within the party.


With the elite corporate Dem establishment currently in power purging progressives, marginalizing independents, and not responding to the very popular leadership and issues of Bernie Sanders, the answer is a resounding NO!

The Clinton/Obama/DNC-Perez (ne Debbie W-S) wing are not doing a goddamn thing to reform control mechanisms, really attack/resist the trump regime crimes, or give the majority progressive base anything to rally-around, quite the contrary!

With Quislings like those who sabotaged the Sanders campaign, giving people little to no hope, choice, or enthusiasm before or now, that apparently have not learned a thing - or intend to give up their grip on power the people are still rudderless - except for Bernie Sanders (perceived warts and all)!

That corporate Dem faction are still in power, still largely complicit to the rule of big vulture-capitalist money, and still refusing to see how they, by anointing HRC the previous candidate, arguably the only candidate trump could have beaten, and by not changing course or MO under Obama’s two mid-term ass-kickings, are still not representing a progressive/leftish/American winning, diverse/inclusive, people’s party coalition and electorate!


“Your party has lost 1,000 seats in government at all levels over 4 cycles. Across the country, the Democratic Party is in its worst shape since the 1920s.”

There. Happy now?


When you’re completely out of power at the Federal level, the 50 state strategy makes the argument of the state’s being, essential " laboratories of democracy ". You have to win some votes a bit everywhere ( rural ) to form a coalition-type ruling gov’t. To end gerrymandering or open up voting laws in states, for example. That’s just good community building, bottom up.
Certainly, Sen. ( elect ) Jones in Alabama is an example of this. He’s pro-choice, strong on civil rights, healthcare, voting and worker rights, etc. Too bad that can’t be said in all cases about the records
of Sen. Casey, Donnelly, Heitkamp and Joe Manchin. Who are worse in certain respects ( issues ) than pro-choice, pro-union Republicans. Though, all these Dems lack “” cred " on many environmental issues, unfortunately. Which is also reactionary and Trumpian, actually. You can’t move forward with regressive party leaders in the DNC’s catbird seats.
The rebuilding of the Democratic Party is painfully frought with many contradictions. It remains to be seen ( grassroots party- building ) if any 3rd Party would be able to overcome all those contradictions, either. Those efforts appear to be stillborn by an inability to compromise in any meaningful way, often times. And, it of course, takes lots of money. A strong environmental and " new green " economy candidate like Tom Steyer could be a very positive disrupter. But, alas, he is attacked by the rigidity and special interests who prop up the disastrous status quo. Whether they do so intentionally, or not, really doesn’t matter. Their parochial interests do the same damage either way. Oh well…
So it goes.


And if the Unity Reform Commission’s ideas are codified, Democrats may begin to see the light.

That’s still a lot of IF and MAY, but assuming the ideas are codified, then what? Will they be observed and enforced? By whom? The issue is still very much the party leadership. If they didn’t play buy the rules, before, why would they, now? With the same people in power, it’s still the same party, no matter what the rules or any amount of progressive window-dressing.


The Democrats haven’t had to face the backlash of electing a black president before. Or a force like the Tea Party in reaction to Obamacare among other things. Or a highly financed right wing machine with funding like the Koch brothers. I think Trump is energizing the Democrats and we already saw the Democrats take back the Washington State legislature win the governorship of Virginia. And now they have elected a senator in Alabama of all places…


I certainly agree that Trump is what’s energizing your base. I just wish your party would energize them, instead of just relying on not being as bad as the next version of Trump.


Okay then, how about THEY LOST (to Trump). Can’t get much worse than that. And as for last night, the lesser republican won, big woo.


That is the most absurd excuse ever, “backlash of electing a black president.” Geez had he been so unpopular he wouldn’t have even been elected. Obama, mind you, energized the country. He made “hope” alive again. That he didn’t deliver is another story and half of the reason democrats are losing, the other half is H Clinton.


Except that the same thing happened after Clinton was elected. Remember the Contract With America?

“I think Trump is energizing the Democrats and we already saw the Democrats take back the Washington State legislature win the governorship of Virginia. And now they have elected a senator in Alabama of all places…”

No doubt, but if a swing to the Democrats is only leading us to the next nightmare iteration of Bush Jr., Trump, etc. 12 years from now, we need to pass on that offer.


Reform the Dems?! Impossible. You’ve lost it, Katrina. And the People have lost you.


Everything mentioned here is on my wish list. But will my Party be able to overcome years of inertia induces by being “safe”? Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Shumer and Tom Perez represent that inertia. It will take a major challenge to replace them with people who understand the word “progressive”.


These swings seem to be part of politics going back to the New Deal. In the 60s there was a backlash against the counter culture and the New Deal and that culminated with Reagan. Bill Clinton managed to accommodate the backlash into Democratic politics and to some extent so did Obama, Now we are seeing a backlash that is based on racism and backlash against what is called political correctness, which is basically normal respect for others. The Democrats are energized to oppose fascism and white nationalism which
Trump has brought into the White House. I don’t see any way to end this cycle because the country is divided on the most basic values. In a sense the Civil War never ended. For now at least it is who we are, a deeply divided country with no consensus on what direction to head in. So we just go back and forth.


From what I know about Doug Jones he has been a long time fighter for civil rights, which certainly is not something Republicans are identified with. So he is clearly a Democrat and will be part of the opposition. A Democrat winning a senate race in Alabama is a big deal. Trump is probably more popular in Alabama than any other state. He drew very enthusiastic crowds in Alabama. But the candidate he endorsed in the primary lost and then he endorsed Moore and he lost. I think that says something important.


I should remind you that Hillary Clinton got almost 3 million more votes than Trump. Only in the US presidential election does a candidate lose by getting the most votes. That is not exactly what we think of when we think of losing. Despite his failure to live up to his rhetoric Obama was popular enough to be re-elected and he left office with fairly high approval rating. But many voters never accepted him as being president because he was black. Also. millions of voters do not believe he was born in the US, and Trump played a role in that, and millions believe he was really a Muslin and not a Christian. In other words, millions of voters are out of reality. How do you reach these people? They mentally live in a fabricated world and depend on Republicans to create a false world for them, which is a world in which climate change is not occurring and what Donald Trump says is actually true,