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Democrats Ignore the Left at Their Peril. Midwesterners Aren't Scared of Socialism — They're Hungry For It


Democrats Ignore the Left at Their Peril. Midwesterners Aren't Scared of Socialism — They're Hungry For It

Carlos Ramirez-Rosa

In a recent interview on CNN, Sen. Tammy Duckworth, D-Ill., claimed that candidates who push policies "too far to the left" won’t be able to win in Midwestern states.


“… this hunger for anti-corporate, anti-establishment politics is spreading throughout the Midwest …” and the rest of the country.

It is the reason Trump beat Hillary and the reason that Sanders would have beat Trump. Everyone knew what they’d get with Hillary. Trump, however, promised to “drain the swamp,” real universal healthcare, renegotiate NAFTA, allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices, etc. And much like Obama, Trump has reneged on each and every one of his promises.


This is along the same vein. Tea Party Liberal

I come home from spending 24 years in the United States Army and I realize I got kids in my backyard that have it worse than the kids I saw in Iraq and Afghanistan,” he shouts into the microphone during an interview… Ojeda says people don’t understand his neighbors. They’re not Republicans, he insists, they’re working-class folks looking for a break.

"He’s just a really nice guy, in my opinion," said Wall. “And nice guys hardly ever win, but I’m hoping he will.” https://www.npr.org/2018/04/25/602326027/tea-party-liberal-promises-to-bring-a-blue-wave-to-west-virginia

BTW, West VA is about as red as a state can get. Ojeda won: Richard Ojeda’s West Virginia primary win gives Democrats their best chance to turn coal country blue


The party (Democrat Party) rulers will fight with misinformation and lies to keep the status quo, their privilege, and money to their coffers.

Thanks for exposing the lies and we thought it was only the republicans. Well actually no, but half of dems still believe their lies.


Bernie Sanders was trusted and respected in the nation, while the DINO nominee was reviled and despised for numerous reasons. If not for DNC manipulations, a closed/controlled convention (as opposed to open), the “super delegate” power scam, and HRC dirty-tricks, the “democratic socialist” Sanders would likely have won the nomination and certainly the election!

The values Sanders espouses are American values for the people! The establishment DINO’s are (nearly) as much “enemy” as R’Con’s…of course the malignant trump is in a class by himself…but the right will ride that horse as far as possible, while the DP sellouts still sabotage the “left” base, still refuse to face the truth of the strength of the progressive/socialist/independent “base”, or alter course from their complicity to big-money and profits above most else!, …


The working classes are the Majority.

We need and must have more Alexandria Ocasio-Cortezs, to represent us, as the Establishment Duopoly politicians will not.

Perhaps, Alexandria will consider running for president in 2020.


With the retirement of Kennedy, I’ve seen a lot of supporters of the Democrat’s Party establishment, spewing venom at progressives. There is also an ‘elections have consequences’ meme that is directed at scolding progressives for not falling in line and voting for Clinton (https://www.salon.com/2018/07/10/brett-kavanaughs-nomination-to-supreme-court-is-a-harsh-reminder-elections-have-consequences/).

i doubt that the Democrat’s Party power structure, and its supporters, will do anything but revile progressives.


Carlos Ramirez-Rosa all this is “nice” to hear but what has taken so long ? How about the damage already done by lover boy Ryan and Mitch. Gota get rid of Mitch !!! yeah I know he is not up for re-election yet.
In Az we have a forward thinking primary candidate for the senate and the Dims are working to thwart her by omission in public events which should be shared by all candidates. So we need to work harder to spread the word for Deedra Abboud.


I doubt that Senator Duckworth knows the radical history of Illinois and Chicago. I found this special interrview of Chicago’s Studs Terkel at Berkeley. For those who have the time, listen to this old but not dated discussion.


Thanks for that. Studs is a national treasure.


Indeed. It is a win-win for them. The Democratic party power structure can remove any blame on them for continuing the downward spiral of politics that gave us Trump, and their puppet supporters can feel good about themselves and not have to face the fact that they are being conned yet again.


Constitution says she can’t run until she’ll be 35.


Yes, Democratic Party establishment, elections have serious consequences.

So stop blaming the voters for your terrible candidate, for your terrible campaign, and especially for shooting yourself (and all of us!) in the foot by not running your strongest candidate.


Ms. Ramierez lives in Chicago. Sure there are plenty of socialists in Chicago - but leave the city limits, and it id a totally different picture.

This from an earlier poster who lives in central IL:

Wish I could believe you. In my neck of the woods (central IL, town of 25,000, 3 small college.s), the young people - HS/College aged - are mostly rabid Trump supporters, if their facebook posts, school newspaper editorial section, and the ridiculous number of red MAGA hats in the crowds of their athletic games and events is any indication. My own nieces and nephews (upper Midwest, much larger city) think Trump sits at the right hand of God, and repeat verbatim almost everything that he says on Fox or tweets. I love em, but God they are brainwashed little right-wingers. Perhaps I am biased, as I live in the middle of Trump country.

Now, fortunately, the majority of the IL population lives in Chicagoland - but it it is probably a tenuous majority especially when voting turnout is considered.


Constitution says Trump cannot profit from his position as Resident of the White House.


Ms. Ramirez?


Yikes I just listened to ACLU’s David Cole admonish democrats for not coming out to vote for HRC. The topic is the right wing slide of the courts on Democracy Now. Besides the emphasis on the blame how about some critical thinking and asking the proper questions such as why people do not want to vote for candidates who are in fact DINOs ???


Debs did not once endorse the lesser evil and advocate that workers should vote for the Democrats, a party of business interests. Sadly, Sanders lost his credibility when he gave his endorsement to the Wall St candidate Clinton.


Really Democracy Now had such a guest on? Was there another person there to offer a counter argument? If not then I guess it shows how far that DN has fallen.


This is why even real socialists like Ramirez-Rosa will have to leave the Dems at some point. He’s only 29 and part of a movement called Reclaim Chicago so there are lots of possibilities.