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Democrats Ignore the Left at Their Peril. Midwesterners Aren't Scared of Socialism — They're Hungry For It


Really? When did you do your extensive research???


“Midwesterners aren’t a monolith, demographically or politically, and we’re also not scared of bold left-wing policies — in fact, we’re hungry for them. That vision is firmly rooted in the Midwest’s past. It’s also our future.”

Then please explain the title.
Why say mid westerner and paint them with a uniform picture?

The number one disease in the mid west is the top down - follow the big ass in front - of you mentality.

It doesnt matter what label you put on it.
That is who they are .


Trump campaigned on racism. He has kept his promise.


there were several “guests” on todays broadcast but this man was a representative from ACLU


smile ! And this is not an exclusive of the mid-west or anywhere else.


Funny how there is a minimum age to run for president, but not a maximum.


David Cole is a disappointment.


But it is the first filter, and constraint of every one’s mindset, not a societal decorum that you must confirm to which is what it is everywhere else. .
It is literal mind control, exacted by the church and the media.


You are correct but I would add mind control exacted by religion, oosa educational system which in turn is under the control of ALEC, media under the control of corporate power.

I think that it is important to stress the corporate role in everything. If this could be added to conversations, if there is any avenue for public discussions. It seems to me if people could see beyond the propaganda in our lives, they might question some of the closeted control.


People need to be better informed on what socialism is and is not. I bet those conservatives who curse socialism appreciate their police forces, roads and other infrastructure, the military and all that other stuff that our taxes pays for. They’re socialists and they don’t even know it.


Sorry, deleted.