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Democrats in Congress Call for Hearings to Investigate Sexual Misconduct Claims Against Trump

Democrats in Congress Call for Hearings to Investigate Sexual Misconduct Claims Against Trump

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Amid renewed concerns about President Donald Trump's tendency to support men accused of sexual misconduct instead of their female victims—following his controversial remarks and notably delayed condemnation of domestic violence after


Clinton was under impeachedment because of Monica, and what Trump is accused of is much worse…so maybe these women have a chance to get Trump impeached…lets hope so!

I just noticed… where are all the Republican woman? I guess they do not mind being sexually harassed!


This in interesting while RawStory is calling for Al Al Franken to return to the Senate, because Russians are at fault for telling people that he groped a female reporter. If you have a strong stomach read the comments, it is full of excuses for his sexual misconduct. I saw not one comment pointing out that he groped an unconscious women, and forcefully kissed and groped another.

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I was just going to write the same thing! Seems there’s no other recourse. We need impeachment proceedings or the Congress will be charged with outright neglect of duty!


Democrats, will you please do something about that party of yours?!

With everything that needs to be dealt with; all the bloody suffering out there.

This is what you keep giving us?? And then you wonder why most of us have tuned out.

Lewinsky II. This is a nightmare that just won’t end. And at this point, I’m not just blaming the party. I’m blaming the doggone rank and file just as much. If war doesn’t move you. If poverty doesn’t move you. If climate change doesn’t move you. Then screw you guys and your party.


I would assume the Republicans will continue to protect Trump and this will go nowhere. The Republican base supports patriarchy. The alt-right supports the view that males should dominate and many right wing women agree. The enemy for them is the feminists. In any event this is a great campaign issue for Gillibrand if she decides to run for president as she has been out in from on women’s issues perhaps more than any Democrat in the Senate.

I will be satisfied at this point to just have all the allegations made public. Expecting the Republicans to adopt any semblance of moral leadership at this point is futile.


I am sorry but congress cannot chew gum and walk. Let’s get gun control and climate change policies and I am most Dems are Trump Trump Trump. We the people want protection from guns and climate, inequality and so much more. I am not trying to minimize Trump’s aggression on women, let these women take him to court. At least the ones that just take money to be quiet.

Continual war mongering and profiteering from war for 17 years. NRA 20 or 30 million give to Trump, another 300,000 million to probably 400 politicians.

Politicians do your job. Dems it could come back and bite you in butt but then we don’t hold that many politicians accountable. Newt Gringich leading charge to impeach Clinton for lewd behavior with Monica and … while Newt was having affair. He is brought back on lamestreet media for his opinions. Who cares what he has to say, he is party/ideology first, country second.


Right on!!

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If the retarded dotard has the right to say whatever comes out of his addled brain then these victims sure the hell deserve the opportunity to discuss the crimes of their abuser!

They neuter dogs who cannot control their urges.

Trump would be a good candidate for neutering.


Does anyone care what the corrupt Dems do at this point?


Sex scandals and RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA. This is no doubt the brilliant strategy of the Democratic Party political consultants: offer the voters nothing but grandstanding and sex.

That will turn out the vote. Not.


The system is corrupt like the oligarchy designed it to be.

Direct Democracy


Mad dogs are better euthanized.


This isn’t about Dems or Repubs, its about a sleazy reprobate that thinks it is ok to grab women by their genitals. There are new reports of his history of coverups and his equally sleazy legal representatives that manage his sexual deviance at great expense. If it were you, I doubt you would be as willing to just ignore it.


Yepper, make him a eunuch!

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Yes – put him out of our misery!

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Pence, in my view, is a Bible thumping, nut case who can’t wait for the rapture. Yeah, Pence may even be worse than Trump, but impeaching Trump might send Pence a message.


Wow. These allegations are so much more serious than the millions dead in Iraq, Libya, Syria and elsewhere, and the many more millions displaced and scattered across the globe, all stemming from policies based on a pack of lies first proffered by W. Bush and then continued by Obama and now Trump.

Where are the calls for investigations of those false pretenses for war, and the supreme war crime (according to the Nuremberg Laws) of “aggessive war” violating the peace?

Americans need to get their priorities straight. Then we can look into accusations of unwanted hugs.

Meanwhile, I’m still waiting for CD and other Dem-friendly sites to pick up the following article by Ray McGovern, often a regular here.

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