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Democrats, Including Schumer, Under Fire for Gaza Silence as Demands for Israeli Accountability Surge


Democrats, Including Schumer, Under Fire for Gaza Silence as Demands for Israeli Accountability Surge

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

With Sen. Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) provoking specific ire, Democratic members of Congress are in the hot seat on Monday as human rights organizations demand they raise their voices to denounce Israel's attacks on peaceful Palestinian protesters.


Hey…anyone here remember how, 2 years ago, the left thought that Trump would be tough on Israel and a friend of Palestine?


Are you out of your mind? Can you tell me how “the left” said this? Since this was the “left’s” position, I am sure that there is ample evidence that this was the case, yes? Can you provide citations, can you show that this was the dominant view? I followed the 2016 election, and I am not aware that the left, broadly speaking, agreed on much of anything, other than the two major party nominees were horrible and that Sanders was better than them both. Was this overwhelmingly the sentiment among the actual left, the type of people that supported Sanders and critiqued the hawkish Clinton from the left? I remember some people on the left thinking that Trump might be more isolationist, but how many people on the left thought much beyond that about him in isolation? You posting this bullshit makes it as if people here have to answer to this, as if this was the overwhelming sentiment. I remember some people saying that Clinton might be horrible on foreign policy too, since she was an extremist hawk, was palls with Nuland, Kagan. Boot and proudly touted Kissinger’s support of her train wreck of a campaign. Somehow, her being an extremist hawk and her being so bad that she lost to Trump is somehow everyone else’s fault. Say, what would Clinton do if she were in office as Israel was doing this? I mean, Obama gave meek, at most, opposition to Israel, and she is well to his right on foreign policy. So, you tell us what Clinton would be doing to stop this and hold Israel accountable. Clinton did, after all, argue against the Iran deal when running against Obama and worked, with Netanyahu, to fight against key components of the deal at one point. She is close to him too, so I am sure she would be eons better.

Weren’t you the person that argued against supporting Sanders or people like him because of the 1972 McGovern campaign, over and over again? Have you reflected on that, or did you start feeling silly saying that over and over again?


For the Democrats to say anything, they would first have to grow a spine.
Ain’t gonna happen.
They are too busy getting their votes lined up for the “Torture R US” nominee for the head of the CIA.

The biggest problem is the media.
When a gunman killed fewer innocent people in Las Vegas, the media was all over it, finally declaring that the perpetrator was simply mentally ill. It was just an isolated incident.
Will the media (if they cover the Gaza massacre at all) now claim that Donald Trump is mentally ill for precipitating and funding this far more horrific violence?
No, he is simply the best president since Ronnie RayGun.
Six and a half more years…


Sadly, most Democratic politicians are experts at remaining silent.


Re your ultimate paragraph: Thom Hartmann maintains that the Republicans have not legitimately won a presidential election since Eisenhower (have a recording of that somewhere). Was reminded of this by your reference to McGovern, and the highly unlikely fact that he won only one state in the '72 election.


Democrats, especially chuck schumer, are Israeli ass-lickers, like most all our politicians of both parties…as well as “evangelicals”.supporting Israeli genocide…sycophant lap-dogs holding first loyalty to that foreign power, complicit to, and supporters of, Israeli war crimes!

They will do nothing but posture and continue their perfidy, craven silence, and boot-licking!

That’s one reason the Framers wanted separation between church…ANY “church”, and state…the government for all! Zionists learned long ago how to play that card to stifle criticism with BS cries of “anti-Semitism” when none really existed…when one calls a racist murderer what they are it is about the crime, not their race, sex, or claimed religion…

BDS! - new Nuremberg war crimes trials for Israeli government racist killers!


Rep. Barbara Lee‏Verified account @RepBarbaraLee

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Rep. Barbara Lee Retweeted MSNBC

This is horrific. My prayers are with those killed & injured in Gaza.

The U.S. should be laying the groundwork for peace – not fueling conflict in the region with an unnecessary & counterproductive embassy move.


Ro Khanna‏Verified account @RoKhanna · 3h3 hours ago

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52 Palestinians killed, and Netanyahu describes it as a “glorious day.” Even the staunchest supporters of Israel would be appalled by the moral obtuseness of that statement. He has hurt Israel’s case with American progressives more than any other Israeli leader in history.


Democrats are paid by their corporate donors to lose.


Democrats have colluded with Republicans to maintain the Status Quo, giving total support to the top 1 percent and minimal representation to the rest of us.

Until We the People completely blow up the Duopoly and demand resignations, nothing will change.

By giving money, support, or votes to Duopoly politicians, citizens of this nations are supporting the shredding of our Constitution and the loss of our rights.


Uploading… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vlbTAwl0waA


America First!


Whatever about others, having been long enough around to have made a genuine effort to partake in political discussion and to had a really mature development in speaking only about the truth in its regard, I find the site its staff and most comment making, a reason for disgust. I am not a USA citizen.

I am an elder now. My family have close intimate connections to the USA. I say this only because I want people there to realise just how much and how strong is my disgust. Not alone at any Administration, something I consider in the long haul an internal matter, but at the relations friends and neighbours of all who reside on that landscape. Democrats nor Republicans are of interest but most particularly Democrats. Bernie was a Nader lightweight in opposition to Trumps ‘Merica’. Common Dreams is polluted with ‘liberal’ ‘democratic’ intellectuals?

What most appals me is the cowardice, the ingenious indoctrinated efforts to cause contagious deflection from ourselves and the manipulation, the pleading for dollars, indeed the entire sham site that has been invited to evolve ever since marketing took hold. Its a Corporate Capitalist World and we should all everywhere be thankful Communism didn’t win. Its a religion much like Judaism is. Its certainly not Christian as the evangelical story goes and its not Buddhism, Hinduism and its not influenced in the slightest by long standing real religions. Its all about money. Religious from all faiths are ludicrously abused. All except Jews and including Jews are criticised. But Jews alone are protected in all Democratic and civilised countries ‘our Allies’ from ‘our’ honesty, integrity, freedoms and ‘our’ military might. Jewish people where Jewish owned media have perpetuated the myth that we are all equal have complete control of our media. They have allied evangelicals? Where in the entire western world including Japan, South Korea, or Western and Eastern Europe do cowardice, collaboration and the perpetual and crimes lies of dishonesty bribery and capitalist money making exceed human beings preparedness to suffer? Nowhere but in its original form and or obvious and evident reasons but in ‘Land of the Free’. That remarkable place with those remarkable histories in the evolution of the entire world. Its now globalist.

So many people I remain delighted to inform others are not like Democrats or Republicans are in the USA… The real reason is that they see no noticeable difference other than propaganda. People if not yet not politicians are sick of the deceit? Some people will never forget and their generations will cast such an unpleasant stench that as the saying goes abroad, 'America you ain’t seen Nothing yet.


Cringe worthy. One of the ugliest things in this century, all while the Israeli sycophants sing praise to the ugliness.
The praise of the book while defecating all over it.


Trolls live in a world of their own creation. Imaginary and in black and white.


Nancy Pelosi wasn’t silent. Here’s a part of her statement:

“The heartbreaking violence on the Gaza border undermines our common goal of a lasting peace. Israel has a right to defend its borders, and Hamas’ encouragement of Palestinian border-crossing is deeply irresponsible and dangerous.”

In other words it’s the Palestinians’ fault for daring to protest.


Very well said and excellent rant!


Yunz, I remember who the peace candidate of 2016 was for many right here at CD. That’s right—the guy in the White House. And, he’s playing us like a fiddle all over again. Think about it: we are angry at Schumer and Democrats over an action he chose to take all on his own and the repercussions it created. Yeah, ‘ole Chucky deserves criticism, but Chucky is who we need to run the Senate if we don’t want Trumpists running the judiciary for the next decade. Give him a majority and Bernie runs the Budget Committee and Wyden Intelligence.

Life is tricky, but Trump doesn’t have to win. Focus on what we can control, the outcome of the 2018 elections, and that’s a start to rectification, however imperfect.


You did blow up the duopoly, now we have monopoly. That’s how it works, we are living it. Aren’t you happy?