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Democrats Infrastructure Plan Would Roll Back GOP Tax Cuts for Rich, Corporations


Democrats Infrastructure Plan Would Roll Back GOP Tax Cuts for Rich, Corporations

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Offering an ambitious alternative to President Donald Trump's "climate-wrecking" infrastructure plan—which would be paid for by enacting deep budget cuts and dumping most of the costs onto state and local governments—Sen.


Damn those corporate Democrats.


I’ve said it before, but it’s been awhile:

Fuck you Debbie Wasserman Schultz.


I almost hope the Demoncrats win back all of Congress in 2018, so everyone can watch these useless grandstanding measures evaporate overnight. You know, like they did the last time they had control of Congress and the presidency (this time minus the presidency).

Lucy’s still got a hold over Charlie Brown.


Why do you want to intentionally harm the incredible recovery?


Good point- she is a dope who uses a former cancer diagnosis to sway congress. She needs to be voted out. At least she is not chair anymore- but Cory Booker is instead of Ellison who advocates for real FDR dem


And you think tRumps tax scam is any better?


There is no recovery… the real recovery was under Obama… now because of tRump there will be another financial crisis.


Meaningless grandstanding. We’ve seen this movie. :sleeping:
So, how’d that work out when Obama was elected and the Dems had majority in both houses? How much did they actually get done? Not much. they came up with a lot of excuses as to why they weren’t getting anything done - “Oh the big bad Republicans might say nasty things about us”


Ah well, my fault.


It sure is a smart tactical move by the Democrats even if they really don’t mean it. It doesn’t mean anything to you or me. Nice to think about, a trillion in infrastructure paid by the rich, but not in our reality.


So you think Trump the con man Russian is better…wake up.


Okay, two infrastructure plans are out there, one bad (Trump’s) one good (Democrats’). What’s next? Resisting the bad one.


Do you mean incredibly slow recovery?


Where do you get all of your information? Oh yeah. Must be MSDNC!


We are still sputtering through on the sugar filled gas tank of the Clinton-Bush 2007 Great Recession. Obama is so beholden to Wall Street that as a Clintonista Corporate Democrat he could not bring himself to practice the tried and proven Keynesian Economics to bring about a full recovery. During the Great Depression FDR’s true purpose was to save Capitalism and his family’s money and social standing. But at least he told the people to make him enact programs that helped them. FDR, unlike The Clintons, Obama and the rest of the Democratic Wing of our one party system, did enact a few programs that helped my family during the Depression. There is no way that the Democratic Party of today is even going to consider helping Working People. You may worship the Clintonista Democrats but please remember it was a lot of money from the Kochs and their ilk that launched the DLC and firmly returned control of the Democratic Party to Wall Street. Please open your eyes. For good reason it has been said of the Democratic and Republican Parties for over 125 years that they are just separate wings of the same bird of prey (See American Socialism 19th and first half of 20th Centuries). Most of the Founders were sneaky, conniving, deceitful men (quintessential One Percenters) devoted to wealth and manipulated the common colonist, just like today, to fight their war and increase their wealth for them. The trash talk they handed about political parties was not to warn but to stampede the original white male voters into keeping the new American Elite in power. Why else would they design a system that only allowed white male property owners to vote for members of the House? To think there is any hope for us by supporting the Democratic wing is to ignore history screaming the truth of American politics!


You’re buddies on Wall Street are about to take care of any recovery you dream about.


Sound good but what are the odds of getting it through even with dem majority? A lot of hot air but no concrete action to be expected from the current political system


We’ll soon see which ones step forward to weaken it or kill it.

Time will tell.

Of course, to those actually behind it the credit is theirs.

Corporate State Democrats exist. Surely you know this.


No, I simply recognize the base reality that your universe of “If it ain’t D, must be R!” is the perspective of a child.