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Democrats, It's Time for Constitutional Jiujitsu

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/20/democrats-its-time-constitutional-jiujitsu

The job of democrats is to stop social evolution every four years by absorbing what has interested the general population independent of government brainwashing.

Democrats are not going to push for anything other than new sound bites that make them seem other than a war party outside the borders and capitalist austerity scrooges inside the country.


Yep, you Nailed It sadly.


This article is a big white flag.

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“out-maneuvered, brought down, and decisively vanquished.”

How about, “wiped off the face of Earth?”

True evil has no place in civilized society.

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Civilized society is only a dreamlike goal when avarice and greed run local, state and federal governments, as in the united states.

US anti-science war and police leaders require advanced weapons designed by highly educated technicians lacking the imagination to see looming extinction.

We talk about containing China in the Pacific with deficit financed navy and air forces while China has already built railroads linking them to most countries between Beijing and London. The US faces a giant country all the way across the Pacific ocean, half way around the world, while China trades by rail all the way to the Atlantic. Plus, Chinese own the harbor of Athens, Greece. That’s a short hop from the Suez canal and links to their own international train system.

The government of hegemonic US capitalism is making real policy based on fictional propaganda. Fools have fooled themselves. Cosmic powered biology manifest as human knows this. Even so, we are a social species that is easily manipulated. Society is not a herd, it is a species attuned to what all eyes and ears are hearing. Humans are not expecting deceit serving greed.

Imagine honey bee scouts out searching for a new home. When the scouts report back about what they have found, the honey bee population does not expect deceit and has no built in suspicions. People are like that. especially when young.


I do not doubt that there is some need for Constitutional revision. I doubt severely that I would like to see our current elected officials engage in that.

Joe Biden will indeed be Joe Biden and his team his team, in whatever sense that applies. That renders the matter of which party nominates a Supreme Court Justice moot. Whoever appoints Bader-Ginsberg’s corporatist and authoritarian successor. the character of that decision was functionally made when the Democratic Party was usurped and derailed as the moderately progressive force that Americans in the 20th Century called “liberal.”

That makes the motive and the call for striking further blows against the Constitution particularly suspect–to follow the Jiujitsu metaphor. We have already seen very extensive erosion of Constitutional protection and the rule of law generally, as admittedly does tend to be the case wherever incomes become more grossly unequal.

Democrat or Republican, we will soon have the most unfriendly Supreme Court that we have had since at least before the appointment of Earl Warren in 1953. We had better be fighting to retain some part of the Bill of Rights than to grant special dispensations to political parties each looking to appoint an unfriendly judge.


Naive or ignorant? Which would you choose Garrett?

Youth is inexperienced with pirate capitalism and its anti-life system of cancer style growth. Capitalist destruction of Earth for more money is obvious now that extinction is near yet remains counterintuitive.

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I reckon with the educational system keeping many from attending their schools, they’re currently getting a crash course in American economics, and all that entails from their parents.

I am distressed by the idea that increasing the size of the Supreme Court is a threat, to be used only if Republicans appoint a replacement for Justice Ginsburg. We have to do this in any case, to avoid decades of domination by the likes of Gorsuch and Kavanaugh.

Democrats must not promise that under some circumstances they will not do thus.

If Democrats don’t eliminate the filibuster, they will be unable to legislate anything significant to make our country better. To make a promise not to do this, if only Republicans don’t replace Ginsburg, would tie their hands completely.