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Democrats Just Handed Trump More Domestic Surveillance Powers. They Should Know Better.

Democrats Just Handed Trump More Domestic Surveillance Powers. They Should Know Better.

Trevor Timm
There is no reason for the FBI to read Americans' emails without a warrant. Why doesn't Nancy Pelosi agree?
With the help of some Democrats, the House of Representatives voted today — and the Senate will do so sometime in the next week — to extend a controversial NSA surveillance power that potentially affects millions of Americans’ privacy rights. (Photo: Elvert Barnes)
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Thanks for all the MSM links. How fucking difficult would it be to put a link to voting results?


Face it, this is the true face of the modern democratic party.


When will the Dimcritters find a 12 step program for shaking corporate money addiction ?


The Dem votes in favor of this 702 can possibly be explained by polling that shows that moderate Republicans in the suburbs wanted it to pass. I mean, that’s the Dems preferred constituency now, right?


“There is no reason for the FBI to read Americans’ emails without a warrant. Why doesn’t Nancy Pelosi agree?”

Because, as has been clear for many, many years, her bread is not buttered on agreeing.


Modern may not be the best adjective here.


Outrageous betrayal from the DINO Dem sellouts! The head betrayer the harpy pelosi front and center to sell us out (like she does with universal single-payer), the DNC Sanders saboteur Debbie W-S, the NY scumbags Sean Maloney (also a universal single-payer sellout!) and Tom Suozzi, who have also sold the people out on numerous other issues!

Along with all the rest of the R’Con security-state creeps, with Dems like them, who needs R’Cons to screw us?! MoFo’s!!


“Senate Democrats should do the right thing”…not going to happen.


Some seem to suffer from the delusion that Democrats do not have the same basic agenda as Republicans. Obama added greatly to mass surveillance and went after whistle-blowers. The Dems are more than happy to see what Trump and the repug wing of the corporatocracy are doing. They support it in now and point fingers and blame later. They are all owned by the same big money.


For those of us who are independents, this vote is a perfect example of just how there are no differences at all between the Donkeys and the Elephants on important matters. Big Brother is well represented in both parties.


They all belong to the same country club, the Empire Club.

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Why another piece written as though Democrats “should know better”?

The rank and file does. A large percentage of Republican voters do too, as it happens. But democratic officialdom has done a very many things that suggest that it is not at all concerned about giving the executive broad powers, including when the executive is headed by Donald Trump.

What is to be expected from a party that

  • Rigs its own nomination process
  • Diverts funds from its own candidates to an opposition candidate’s nomination
  • Takes campaign funds from foreign rulers in return for policy promises
  • Refuses to reasonably review its processes or people after this comes to light

This is not a matter of Democratic innocence, but of Democratic as well as Republican guilt. As an institution, the Democratic Party overwhelmingly favors massive surveillance and ongoing denial of First and Fourth Amendment freedoms. The party has become conservative because voters accepted conservative Democrats until there were enough to purge the party of progressives and liberals in official positions.

Clinton lost in large part because someone in or around the DNC ratted her out to the public. Like a lot of other politicians, Democrat and Republican, Pelosi does not want to see this sort of thing continue to happen. Domestic surveillance is to control the population. The population does not favor this; the Democratic Party, as an institution, does, just as the Republican Party does.

We might do better admitting that, for openers, and working out what we are to do about it.