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Democrats Much Too Excited About Rick Snyder Endorsing Joe Biden

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/04/democrats-much-too-excited-about-rick-snyder-endorsing-joe-biden

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The endorsement of Biden by the absolutely criminal former Governor of Michigan should be another HUGE red flag that the Biden/Harris ticket does not really give a sh*t about you and me, only their wealthy donor base of corporate a-holes. I realize there is huge pressure coming from the establishment of the Democratic Party and the fake progressive media (MSNBC) to fall-in-line and get on the Biden train, but resist. Keep resisting all the way to November. Biden/Harris offer no real, substantive change, certainly not what common working and poor people really need - universal health care, debt relief, a living wage, free public college, etc. Not even legalizing weed, and certainly not ending the over-criminalization and imprisonment of people of color. No, we can and must do better, by letting this ticket fail, and after November coming hard after the sold-out establishment and running them out of the party, so we can finally have a party that does the bidding of the workers and not the capitalists. #NeverBiden.


JHC, next headline: “Hannibal Lecter Indorses Biden, Because ‘We All Have To Eat’ - Democrats Are Giddy”


Rick Snyder is a Republican and he endorses the Democrats because the Democrats are running as Republicans.

This is why so many Republicans were invited to speak at the DNC Convention.

Both parties have been taken over by the right wing. If you vote Democrat you ARE voting Republican as Barack Obama himself alluded to when he boasted he would have been welcome as a “Moderate Republican” in the Reagan Administration.


HRC 2.0 plan is well in place and functioning as intended by establishment Democrats. First they (again) assume that B/H couldn’t possibly lose to that dirt-bag Hilter-wannabe, therefore we need do nothing. They’ve sold out on M4ALL and fracking already and are offering no solutions to on-going systemic problems. Dems are flirting with another disaster. They are trying to get back to the ‘status quo’ that was not working for the vast majority. Republicans who reject Trump will be the excuse Dims will use to cant ever rightward.


Here’s why Republicans support Joe Biden.

Democrats are people affiliated with the Democratic Party, and Republicans are people affiliated with the Republican Party. Most of us associate affiliation with one or another ideology, but pretty much anyone eligible to register to vote can affiliate with either for whatever reason.

Conversely, neoconservative and neoliberal are names for ideologies. The terms might be more or less descriptive whether or not persons involved self-identify with them or not. Both of these ideologies favor the following constructs:

  • War
  • Coup
  • Money-based plutarchy
  • Centralized wealth
  • Centralized power and violence
  • Opaque government
  • Draconian surveillance and policing
  • Reduction or removal of egalitarian measures–public education, Social Security, public health care, welfare, unemployment insurance, communitarian projects, local currencies, and most Bill of Rights protections.

For decades, neoliberals and neoconservatives have had principal control of both major US parties, though voters of each are of various sorts of judgment. So politicians pretend that they hold positions that they do not, though only partly. Among Democrats, the term centrist seems to be used to suggest that by virtue of holding positions that are neoconservative or neoliberal, positions that are thereby shared by a faction of each major party, they are somehow “central” or not radical despite the unpopularity of these ideas among voters of both parties These may in some way be central to oligarchy, but they are not central to the population. They are against obvious public measures that are favored by large majorities, and they are against decentralization of power that is also favored by a distinct Republican minority and by many independents.

Perhaps bizarrely, Donald Trump is at least arguably the least neoliberal or neoconservative US president since Jimmy Carter, though this may be by virtue of being so feckless and inconstant as to frustrate typing.

Assuming that Rick Snyder is being consistent with his policies generally, he endorses Kamala Harris and Joe Biden because he figures that the team around them will effectively beat back into line everyone who wants peace and equality and autonomy, whereas Trump has largely flailed around at the matter of war particularly, with plenty of violence but not a lot of order.

Don’t think that he has concluded that without looking at the record.


I gave my state AG, Dana Nessel, the benefit of the doubt. That’s done with as of today.
And again, the d-party proves its base is some moving target – 2020 is looking more and more like 2016.

A center right ticket.
A center right party platform.
A center right base.

The d-party party is so hapless that even with a pandemic, economic meltdown, and racial unrest roiling the nation, Trump is still within easy reach of a comeback win. But it’ll be the hippies who were scorned throughout the campaign who will be blamed for Trump v2.0. Bring it on, brand D.


Exactly. This is someone who should, at the very least, have been put on trial. But no, of course he has not.


Rick Snyder is one of the slimiest Repugs around, and is personally responsible for raining down shit on Flint, Michigan, to the extent that thousands of Flint’s kids have likely been permanently harmed by lead poisoning. Is that an endorsement that any sane politician would want?

The Dims ought to saying, “Rick Snyder is an unindicted felon, deserves to be in prison where he would not be entitled to vote, under current law. His endorsement is not wanted, nor needed.”

Instead, they’re celebrating. That speaks volumes.


It is official CD commenters are full of Russian operatives supporting Trump and destabilizing US democracy. :crazy_face: are you people on drugs ? Yea I am excited Republicans are against Trump and endorsing Biden , all it says Trump is evil enough for them .

Are you excited that recent polling has Biden getting a smaller percentage of the Republican vote than Hillary did in 2016?

Because your willingness to squander the votes of actual Democrats in a wasted effort to win over the very voters you lost four years ago demonstrates a peculiar lack of awareness.


In an article here on CD --Obama’s biggest mistake-----they talk about those in the Obama adm. who were against and for going into Libya------Clinton , Powers, and Rice supported going in-----Biden was against going in-----and also remember this was France and Nato pushing this.

But really Biden is a moderate republican-----just like Sanders is a moderate democrat----it is sad I think Sanders who be a great President for this planet and our well being–he is like the opposit of Trump.

I know they used manufacturing consent to give Biden the nomination. But do you listen how Trump talked about the left at the republican convention------and really no response??? Trump is supporting a kid who killed two peotesters------it’s ok------they were on the left???

Biden should call up Snyder and say lets go walk the streets of Flint.


If Trump wins this election then the Russians got into the machines----like they did in 2016----I think you can play with the vote only so much-----this is why Trump is freaking out over mail in votes-----because they are tracable.


If Snyder walked the streets of Flint, he’d soon be running the streets of Flint.
With a posse of pissed off Flint residents in hot pursuit.


The Russians got into the machines? Jaysus, this is an example of brainwashing at its best. When it comes to fixing elections, between the CIA, the Repugs and the Dims, in that order, we make the Russians look like one-legged, brain-damaged amateurs. It’s like the fucking national sport. We’ve been doing it domestically and internationally for so long they ought to retire our jersey number.

There’s no evidence for what you assert, and plenty of historical evidence to suggest that if that election was thrown, it was the Repugs doing it. Just look at the incidence of voter suppression (which is more precisely defined as election tampering) generated by the Repugs. What were Jim Crow laws but election tampering?

To look at this dispassionately and taking our history into account, saying the Russians did it was and is black propaganda.


Why do people defend a police state------and I will be the first to say that MSNBC has a hundred times more influence than Russia------three states just by a hair??? and Florida is one giant ?

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let us not forget that it was the Obama /Biden administration that failed for many years the people of Flint who are still mostly without the problem being fixed


It is a hyper partisan environment which we have never seen before, Trump genius consists of a grip on Republican Party no mater what he does. He speaks with disgust of veterans or presides over thousands killed in a pandemic on his watch and Republican’s support is not watering.

Yes I am respecting these one or two who stand up to him and no it is not a valid comparison to Clinton campaign.

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well said. “progressives” need to start showing the minimal backbone they accuse everyone else of not having.

this fear-driven knee-jerk politics needs to stop, and that means one of these parties needs to go or at least permit a true transformation of itself in order to survive.

You keep voting for oppression, that’s pretty much what you’re gonna keep getting,


it is so sad that this publication has decided to censor(by not including the heart symbol on some of my posts) my honest contributions to the conversations–not allowing feedback --it is telling that this censorship comes when My posts point out the history and actions of the Democrats in relationship to their corporate controlled agenda–just so people are clear—I am a syndicalist–have never in my almost 70 years voted for a Republican–unfortunately the Democrats haven’t presented an anti-war candidate who supports the needs of the working classes since 1968–this along with the fact the Democrats -along with the Republicans-chose to ignore science for over 50 years so they could continue to get the money from the corporations who’s business plan is degrading our environment --so in a very real sense they have culpability in the death and destruction now being visited on our world --for the campaign money they get from the world destroying corporations–in fact the Democratic candidate just doubled down on the production of the most egregious of the green house gases–methane (fracked gas)–we must have a real conversation about the parties that are pushing the corporate agenda and the consequences of that choice if we are to survive the collapsing of our ecosystems on every corner of our planet-- the Democrats are part of the problem and are nowhere near being a solution to this and many more of our institutionally caused crisis–so if the Dems want my vote they better start coming to me with something to help rather than the commitment to planetary destruction(by oil -war and greed) that is their current policy