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Democrats Must Ace the Agenda Test

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/25/democrats-must-ace-agenda-test


“That left little time to address the agenda. It’s not that it does not exist.”

The agenda does exist, it will never be mentioned because the donors forbid anyone talk about it.


Wow back up Jesse, first explain how Biden and Harris passed your “character test”?
What criteria did you use? Cause my test shows both are complete utter failures of this measurement.


Party insiders and long established members of the Democratic party , will never give an unbiased assessment of said party. They will always wrap it up into a package with ribbons on it so that the voter convinced that this time things will be different.

Any person who truly believes in progressive causes would not be encouraging people to vote Democrat so as to achieve those goals. He is talking about all the things that The USA needs while at the same time he KNOWS the Democrats will not do these things.

Jesse Jackson is in Campaign mode.

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That might be the worst, most obscenely presumptuous opening line I have ever read in an essay, and I read for a living.

I’ll admit that Mr. Jackson does not have much to work with here. I see that he does have a point that he wishes to make. But when all the evidence and every possible argument is against you, why not just drop back and tell the truth, even if it is not pretty and your side really, actually, truthfully did not get the first down?

Harris sells kids to jailers, and Biden has worked for decades to kill and impoverish people. Their policies are horrible. Their “agenda” has been purchased.

Under some other situation, someone might say that this would be a good time to fight to take control of the Democratic Party. But voters aside, what is there left to control?

Jackson himself fails the character test here. He ought to take this back and make some attempt to be truthful.


Compared to…?
~Are they perfect? No.
~Are they everything we want & need? No.
~Can they beat Trump w/o scaring away “still considering” voters we need on our side? Yes.
~Can they STOP the descent into tyranny & nationwide poverty that Trump’s GOP? Yes.
~Before we can turn this car around, we have to STOP IT from direction it’s going! Only then, can we turn it around & punch the accelerator, going the right direction. The 1st sound you’ll hear is the squealing of brakes being slammed to a stop.
In less than 4yrs, Trump & his GOP cohorts have done major damage to this Country in every area you can think of! Here & abroad. Every gov’t dept. too! This won’t be a quick & EZ fix! And if don’t send the dam* GOP home too, they will continue fighting the American people, tooth & nail! They must go too!
Why not let Biden/Harris team win in Nov., get into Office & see what chaos Trump wreaks between now & Jan 2021?! Hard times ahead before 2021!
We DO NEED BOLD CHANGES to right this sinking ship! We’re delusional as Trump if expect it to happen right away! The entire structure of our federal gov’t has been corrupted & corroded by Trump. Much cleaning up to do 1st. (Exorcism or Spiritual Cleansing may be good thing to have done also!) We will need all new Dept. Heads, since Trump replaced all the good brains with loyalists to him. We can only hope that at least some of the good ones will want to rerurn! Will be setting up everything from scratch… Big job! People. Policies. Programs. All will need to be put in place & ‘hit the ground running’.
Then, we will soon find out just HOW BADLY Trump & his GOP cronies have bankrupted the USA & left us in debt. It will be BAD!! Drastic new measures will be needed to put things right ~ made better than even “before Trump”.
First, we have to stop the bleeding. Triage. ER care. A flurry of changes to stabilize! R’s always leave a MESS for Dem Presidents to have to clean up…but this will be of epic proportions!! The lies, deceipt, “grifting” & 4yrs of job not being done will show its ugly backside. Acrimony & animosity has been fed steady diet of “Trump-dumb” ~ :rage:hatred & lies prevailed with Trump.:imp: Won’t, with Biden/Harris & team they assemble! Give it a chance. But, if they slowdown, or start slackin’, we’ll all be on it!

1st…let’s just win this election & try to have a peaceful transition, without Trump using his secret police, militia, against fellow Americans! And w/o Trump starting another Civil War!
Ain’t nothing civil about war!!!
Never elect such a massive ego, a con man, who knows nothing & has delusions of grandeur that prevent reality & wisdom from taking hold!

You seem to think this train wreck we call our country is worth saving in it’s present form, I’m unconvinced, and starting to think we’d be better off letting it go down in flames and start over. None of the positive things that need to happen post Trump will happen under the dem nominees if they were to take office, their own party (corporation) wouldn’t allow it. “Bold changes”, forgetaboutit. We’ve been told “nothing will change”, I suggest you start to let that sink in, and believe it.
Take a good look at Biden’s Congressional history, he’s nothing more than a polite, polished Trump. You can expect more neoliberalism, more war on drugs (the people), more austerity, more pain for the masses, more wars, more colonialism around the world, more lies, more people in prison, more of the the rich getting richer, and the list goes on and on. Does that seem like a better choice to you? I despise Trump, as much or more than anybody on this site, but as someone on the Sanders campaign said, " a half of a sh!t sandwich means your still eating sh!t".
Almost nothing will get better under Biden, just the same old same old. Do we really want to give our approval to that?
The dem party has framed this election just like 2016, using the same tactics that lost them the election then, some want to frame that loss as a mistake, I don’t think political campaign strategists are so feckless, I call it a feature, not a bug, and we’re seeing it play out again in real time.


In last week’s Democratic National Convention, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris passed the character test.

Really? The guy who dropped out of the 1988 presidential contest over plagiarism. The guy who was caught on camera sniffing a woman’s hair and has numerous sexual harassment allegations. The guy who opposed busing and wrote the 90’s crime bill that imprisoned millions of black men and due to state laws disenfranchised them. The guy who re-wrote the bankruptcy laws to make it impossible to get rid of student debt. The guy who takes money from Wall Street and Big Pharma. The guy who refuses to support Medicare for all even though something like 69% of Democrats support it, and refuses to sign onto the Green new deal even though a majority of Democrats support it. The guy who cheer led Obama’s assassination of US citizens without an indictment or probable cause including a 16 year old kid. I could go on but…Oops, forgot about his pro-life stance and muffling of other women who were going to testify against Clarence Thomas.

Don’t get me started on Kamala Harris who supported Medicare for all until she didn’t. Etc…


I agree eith most all that you said, except where you seem to think that not boting at all is the answer. That is the answer only for those who think 4 more of current Fascist-in-chief would be benign & not destructive to us all.
I believe that we won’t survive as a nation, as a free people, as amything, if Trump stays in office! Therefore, the only other cjoice is the 1 I must choose. No vote is a passive vote for Trump & that I will NOT do!
Biden won’t bring about great change on his own. But, we need time to change things ourselves & won’t have that time or chance if Trump & HOP are running this shitshow any longer. Look at the damage done in less than 4yrs!! A vote for Biden is, at very least, buying time for us to bring about change so badly needed.
Also, I think that, like the devil himself, people’s heads won’t clear & eyes won’t open, UNTIL HE IS GONE!! He needs to be GONE! Nothing has ANY CHANCE to change for thr better until Trump is GONE!
If the votes are close then the chrating that GOP is so adept at will give Trump votes to win. Some voting machines habe “remote vote changing” capability coded in the software – I can find no good reason to have that – IT IS TO CHEAT!!!
ONLY if vote counts are hugely disparate, too big a difference to cheat, that’s only thing that can thwart the GOP plans. For that, we need huge numbers of voters to vote against Trump, against GOP at all levels! VOTE!
I have been 3rd Party voter, but not this time! Our Country is teetering on the edge of a dark abyss & this is not the time to abandon ship. Voting Biden will give us room to breathe - never have that with Trump! And, time – time to make change, to remove those of both parties who betray us. Change takes time. A vote for Biden can buy us that time.
But we need to stsy involved, paying attention AFTER the election too! Gone are the days where we can assume our gov’t is working for US, doing the right things FOR US. We have big changes to make, like taking the big money OUT of politics. Changes made in recent years have been against us & for enrichment of politicians. That is what happens if we aren’t paying attention.
NO GOOD CHANGES WILL HAPPEN IF TRUMP & GOP REMAIN IN POWER! We may very well not even have democracy by 2024! That is their plan & any vote that is thrown away is a votr for them.

“We may very well not even have democracy by 2024!”

I would argue we haven’t had democracy in a very long time, if ever in this country, only an illusion of it. Of course you must follow your own conscious on this subject, and I respect that. Personally I’m starting to believe to continue this LOTE voting, we are just kicking the inevitable can down the road, instead of facing it, getting it over with, and reshaping our country’s government so it represents all, and all have a voice in it. It won’t be easy, or fun, but it appears it’s going to happen someday.

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& You may be right on that…

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