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Democrats Must Demolish Trump’s Delusional Law-Breaking Dystopia

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/29/democrats-must-demolish-trumps-delusional-law-breaking-dystopia


The Democrats do not act against Trump on these issues because they envision a day when they will have the Presidency and want to do the same thing.

Remember Obama ordered the execution of US Citizens abroad without trial including a 16 year old. That violated the Constitution but the Republicans remained silent because they wanted to have a President they had in place be able to do the same thing.


"Why don’t the Democrats use what even the Wall Street Journal has regularly exposed about Trump’s riddance of law and order to allow runaway big businesses to cheat, pollute and overcharge people, as well as to defraud the federal government big time with procurement rackets? "

Let’s face it Ralph, the DP, its entrenched craven leadership, and so-called “strategist”,idiots, are always behind the curve confronting Republicon shite! The DP have utterly failed to deliver for the 99% or do anything to build a strong progressive - Indy - left base especially betraying and marginalizing younger activists & voters since Clinton and his DLC third-way rubbish serving big-money and business as usual, then two terms of the Great Black Hype and his betrayals! What’s not to despise? .
The DP has done exactly the opposite, serving vast wealth, banker/wall street, corporate piracy, for-profit health care insurance and big-pharma, the war-machine and ignored the “little people” black, white and Latinx except for political stooges.
Enough of timid complicit government and politics of, by and for wealth and exploitation!!

short vid of RNC look-alike that trump emulates.w/rows of flags & more ~https://anightatthegarden.com/


Maybe the democrats should “offer” something, any damned thing for the votes of the American people - but, something other than not being trump.

I would suggest that rather than demolish the law-breaking utopia that is washington dc, the democrats will merely wall-paper over it so it looks presentable for a couple more years.


In the meantime, John Kiriakou stands up to the fascists.



It’s incredible, isn’t it? Despite attacks on the US American people more lethal than those of any previous enemy from the other side, Nader is truly alarmed that Dims still haven’t learned, probably never will learn how to oppose predators – because they’re too damned bought off. This is how we wind up with “twelve more years” of slavery: The function of the Dims is second-banana in teaching helplessness to the people. Keeping the people down by putting the people down.


One cancer that underlies much of this and is not oft discussed is the development toward the unitary executive which goes back decades and erodes the checks and balances that the founders of this nation knew were necessary to keep a republic, as Ben Franklin quipped.


At its worst, the Republican Party is a Death cult.
At its worst, the Democratic Party is a Protection racket.
Promises kept within the GND will produce jobs and useful tech.
Oh sure, the high tech sector dress well, dine out, drive Tesla ‘S’ sedans,
the most over-rated EV on the road, “Road Lizards” I call 'em. High-tech sector
consultants are over-rated and consequently paid more than what they’re
actually earning in useful product other than cell phone staring obsession
marketing dollars advertising crap.


The Democrats have enabled Trump’s lawlessness. I respect Ralph Nader, but it seems even he chooses to be blind some of the time. Obama signing the 2011 NDAA and then assassinating two American citizens, one who was only sixteen years old is as lawless as it comes. The only thing the Democrats will demolish is the poor and middle class on behalf of their corporate oligarch owners. Sorry, Ralph but you’ve lost me on this nonsense of the Democrats ever caring about a better future.


The recitation of Trump’s crimes and felonies are a good example of the methodology of the law practice of his mentor, the infamous Roy Cohn. Cohn represented most of the crime families in NY as well as the Trumps. In other words, anything you can get away with and if you can’t-stonewall. The infamous words of JP Morgan come to mind; “The public- the public be damned.”

Trump in a Netflix documentary states, “There are victims and then there are predators. You can be one or the other.” This is known as “social Darwinism.”


I think the author made the point clear that Trump has vastly exceeded anything the Democrats would try and even that of Nixon. Of course Nixon existed in a different era less tolerant of high level malfeasance. Besides people were tired of his war.

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I urge you, Ralph, to consider the obvious explanation for the d-party’s lackluster effort to defeat Trump:
They’ve already achieved their objectives for 2020.

Cut progressive priorities off at the knees. Check!
Stifle and subsume Bernie Sanders within their cage. Check!
Increase corporate donations into their coffers. Check!

C’mon, Ralph, you used to be more astute than this.


Joe Biden can!
Joe Biden can cuz he’s got the
right stuff to make the world work good!
Nominated worst political ad ever to laugh!
Joe Mallahan Can. Seattle mayoral candidacy 2009.
Set to the tune of “The Candy man can” unlinked but on YouTube.

Do democrats live in some alternate universe or something? I’m sure that was trump supporters attacking trump supporters leaving the white house. I’m sure the guy flipping off the elderly couple walking to their car is a huge conservative. No one in their right mind believes it’s the right wing burning down blue states. If it was they Democrats running them would put a stop to it like they should have done.

Yes, I do think the Dems fear accusing Trump, knowing that they have some guilt too. But, as you are, it’s the degree, the constant committing of crimes that Trump et al. do. I agree the Dems should have something like Trump’s near-daily “press confernces,” where they review the day’s crimes.
If they do this well enough, people will start to tune in they way they did to Cuomo’s briefings.


I’m sure the 17-year-old hero who was out illegally after curfew carrying an assault weapon illegally in Kenosha was a Democrat, too. That lawbreaking Biden supporter had already committed two crimes before murdering two people and attempting to murder a third.

Same thing with the ticki-torch carrying neo-Nazis marching for white power in Charlottesville, and the one who killed someone with his car there – all Biden men.

And undoubtedly Dylan Roof, murderer of nine black churchgoers – a certain Biden voter.

And of course, Biden’s favorite guy, this dude: ~https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/trump-supporter-who-mailed-pipe-bombs-cnn-clintons-sentenced-1229376

And this dude, also Biden’s favorite, because you need two favorites: ~https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/pizzagate-gunman-edgar-maddison-welch-sentenced-four-years-prison-n775621

It’s like…An alternative universe, man. With alternative facts. Crazy, right?

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Atlas, well put that last sentence of yours. I do believe with Mr. Biden that’s what they have in mind.

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A day late and a dollar short for the Democrats. They pursued Russiagate up a blind alley, while Trump was out-blustering and bombarding them with iconoclasm from BEFORE HE WAS ELECTED. He gored every sacred cow, from decorum to the law, and no one raised a finger to stop him except the lawyers from activist groups and the DAs in the Southern district of NY – we owe them a debt of gratitude. Of course, the Ukraine charges had merit – Trump was guilty as hell – but the Dems were already up shit’s creek by then.

If you get the impression the d-party establishment is a bunch of doormats, you wouldn’t be alone.
On the bright side, they’re a bunch of doormats raking in lots of sweet, sweet corporate cash, so…


Hi SkepticTank:
The lady murdered by the car driving crazy neo nazi, in So. Carolina, her name was Heather Heyer. Using her right to peaceably assemble to protest----who would have thought running over protestors would have inspired some guy’s fantasy. Of course, with Dylan Roof, sigh—remember what he said, that the church people were so nice to him that he almst couldn’t do it.
Sometimes I wonder. back wen TV only had 3 stations plus PBS, it seemed like the world was kinder, but now with crazy people and lying people all over the internet-----is there any place where Americans can find sanity on a regular basis to give the nation a more even Keel?
Probably not—because weirdly, when their own government is clearly screwing over all the People, it appears to be so much easier, to
blame it all on a religion, or a point of view, anything that makes a frightened populace grab on to the first crazy idea—because it seems they are too weary of thinking anymore and refusing to see that it is their own government that is killing them. : (


Michael Moore warns that Donald Trump is on course to repeat 2016 win

Film-maker says enthusiasm for president in swing states is ‘off the charts’


Where I live and have traveled throughout the upper Midwest trump support is indeed “off the charts”. The signs are bigger in size, greater in number and more vile in their content.

There are few to no Biden signs in rural Wisconsin.

TPTB in and around trump (which includes neoliberal/greedy/sick dems) will keep the insane “stock market” propped up, probably bring out a potentially damaging vaccine, fuel more violence— stoking the flames of hatred and racism which will help catapult the extremely mentally ill, sociopathic DT firmly in the role of authoritarian/fascist head of the u.s.

Next year at this time if trump holds on to his power and quickly expands/deepens it, I doubt many of us will have the luxury of sitting around arguing about dems, repubs and LOTE voting.

The good news for those of you #never dems is you probably will get your wish.

I seriously can’t imagine how there will be another “presidential election” again.
Maybe that’s what many feel here is necessary (yes, I know— the system is and always has been pathological/greed based) . . in the meantime, how do I protect those I love from the growing violence and brutal authoritarianism?

How do other kind, compassionate, peace seeking people in this country---- caught in this death trap----- survive this?

I am voting for Biden but not because I think he is “decent” or we can “move dems to the left”. Dems are a lost cause and Biden is NOT decent.

I’m glad Ralph is not trying to sugar coat the dreadful dems in any way here.

Frankly, I’m still not certain Biden will make it until November given he can’t be on his own and speak freely for more than a few minutes. I was shocked he did as well as he did at the “convention” even with a teleprompter. But I digress . . . .

CD’s has featured articles exploring the LOTE vote and why some are choosing Biden this time around. Stuart Schuffman in his recent piece explained why he (a socialist) is voting for Biden. He made some good points but the article lost me when he said that “Biden seems like a decent guy”.

IMO: that is an offensive thing to say and is right up there with the “who would you like to go out for a beer with” mentality----as if that is an important determining factor for the crises we face now!

Those kind of statements only serve to distract and diminish critical thinking.

After such declarations (“Biden seems like a decent guy”), the comment feed on CD’s dissolves into the usual why “dims” are so awful and how they brought us trump.
And then everyone launches into their predictable raging over LOTE voting, where that’s gotten us (trump), neoliberalism and blah, blah, blah.

And yes the fact that LOTE options have been foisted upon over and over again is a justifiable reason to be very angry. In my lifetime I never remember anything else----just LOTE voting. I have never felt enthusiastic about a politician except Paul Wellstone and Bernie.

But just being angry does nothing.

("As I walked out the door toward the gate that would lead to my freedom, I knew if I didn’t leave my bitterness and hatred behind I would still be in prison"----Nelson Mandela)

Chris Hedges pieces do nothing.

So what do we do???

@TrumpTowerofBabel----I always appreciate your comments here but how do you suggest I (and others) protect those I (we) love if trump deepens his hold and stays in office? I would leave this country NOW but I can’t.

This is not a rhetorical question. We are talking levels of cruelty and destruction on steroids with trump----this is a man who consciously strives to gin up white supremacists to commit acts of violence against people of color and women (“grab em by the pussy”)

We have massive firestorms heading our way on many levels: politically and environmentally and no one is offering suggestions for where to shelter or how to survive. I am not kidding-----it IS that bad at this point in the history of humans on this earth and especially at this point in time in the u.s.

Unless I missed it, the only mitigation option I see is getting rid of trump and fighting for true progressives in more positions of leadership. Though, I say this as a “doomer” ------I follow the arctic sea ice, co2 levels and more.

I know Biden and the dems will not save us.

Voting Green will not change things in the time frame we are faced with (i.e. we have run out of time).

Not voting will not change things in the time frame we are faced with (i.e. we have run out of time).

For those of you not aware of methane and the importance of arctic sea ice----check out the methane levels and arctic melt in addition to all else that is going on around the world related to environmental collapse if you don’t believe me about time frame.

If a huge fire is heading your way . . . toward your community . . . about to obliterate all you love (including nonhuman life) do you say, “well, the fire was caused by fossil fuel companies and the evil PG and E (in California) so we might as well let it burn”?

The trump supporters I see and read about are extremely dangerous.

Exhibit Z+: Kyle Rittenhouse.

There are thousands and thousands of Kyle Rittenhouses clinging to trump’s hateful words, waiting in the wings for a chance to take trump’s hateful words and transform them into hate incarnate.

And one more thing:

I’m just as disgusted at FB as I am the “dems” forcing Biden upon us. More outrage needs to be expressed over their enabling of this murderous —and I mean murderous----system.

Some here say voting may not do anything---- but divesting from damaging corporations can make a difference. This is something everyone who is still using FB can do: cancel your account and here is why:

carolecadwalla h-ttps://twitter.com/carolecadwalla

"Facebook is a malignant global power destroying liberal democracy - when I said this at TED, it seemed to genuinely shock Silicon Valley.

16 months on, everyone now sees it. But we’re frozen in the headlights. Of what feels like an oncoming freight train

Two people murdered by a white supremacist called to arms by a Facebook post Facebook refused to take down is an ‘operational mistake’.

Genocide. Subverted elections. Holocaust denial. A live-streamed massacre. What evidence do we need?

Facebook users saw & reported a post inciting violence 455 times. No action was taken. And now 2 people are dead.

There are some very dark times ahead. Whatever happens in November, we know it will involve Facebook. And we know people will die."