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Democrats Must Demolish Trump’s Delusional Law-Breaking Dystopia

Jimmy Dore gets deeply into the Obama betrayal this week

Obama says “Nobody Above The Law” Except War Criminals! August 27, 2020


Oh I went to that link. Robert Reich says the US needs a progressive independent party. He gets it.

He starts to recognize what a farce it is to just keep letting the rich get richer which is basically the thing both parties promote.

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I am reading the spin they put on that shooting in Wisconsin by that teenager. They are claiming self defense and using the third man he shot as an example. The third had a gun but think about that. This teenager shot at two others and killed them both.

The right wing says “the only thing that will stop a bad man with a gun is a good man with a gun” so when this third got shot , was he not that “good man with a gun”?

There was an incident in Texas where an ex military guy shot dead an armed protestor claiming the protestor pointed his gun at him first and that was deemed “self defense”. This kid was wandering up and down streets pointing his gun but apparently there no self defense until he shoots someone and even then it not self defense!

The whole convoluted and twisted logic the gun cult uses escapes me.


Yeah, interesting that he seems to get it now given his Clintonista past.

Talk about being delusional, I’m not sure who is worse, Ralphie Nader or "senile " old Joe Biden. This article is full of distortions, half-truths and outright lies. For one thing, Social Security checks have not been delivered by the U.S. mail since George W. Bush was President [which by the way, we have you , Ralphie to thank for, when you ran for President in 2000 and deprived Al Gore of the votes necessary to win. ] The checks are either direct deposited to a bank account or else to a debit card. As for using Federal property for political purposes , FDR gave his 1940 Dem. party acceptance speech from the White House oval office by radio and in 1944 he gave his Dem. party acceptance speech by radio from a U.S. Navy base in California, both of which I believe are Federal properties. Speaking of using " Executive orders " to nullify laws, Obama still holds the crown for 8 years of altering laws with ruinous regulations that destroyed jobs and crippled the American economy .Trump’s executive orders are just to reverse all the damage caused by Obama.

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I’m posting on the internet, which is ironic.

It’s ironic because what had the potential to be enlightening – instant digital access to information and connection – has instead turned out to be just another venue for propaganda, misinformation, disinformation, and a platform for echo chambers.

I wish my comment was another in one of many hailing the internet as a source of facts, reality, and truth. But human beings can’t seem to handle the truth unless it’s to harness some skewed version of it to suit an agenda.

I have an agenda – I readily admit that. I support the right of others to have their agendas, too. Yet, on this supposedly reality-based website, at least a quarter of my comments are corrections, clarifications, or just plain old “yeah, but both sides do that” expositions. I don’t relish having to play the role of truth police officer. I don’t want the responsibility of setting the record straight. I don’t claim to be some authority. I merely try to battle trolls AND fellow progressives with the counterfactual. And half the time I link to sources and statistics, I’m just trying to help those I agree with make our point better by using reality instead of hyperbole. I’ve been corrected on occasion – I’m grateful for those who are keeping everyone honest, especially me.

Heather Heyer. Yes, thanks for saying her name.
And thank you for reminding me to say her name. Heather Heyer.


Ah yes, the “Unitary Executive” ~ that which Billy Barr actively promotes…while sitting at head of our Justice Dept!
“Unitary Executive” ~ which we actually see glimpses of right now, as Trump bypasses Congress repeatedly, doing whatever he wants by Executive Orders…& Congress doesn’t seem to give a rat’s ass!
Unitary Executive ~ that, which by any other name is DICTATORSHIP! Pure & simple.
Does Authoritarian Rule sound good to the American people/voters? It is what we will have here very shortly, if Trump gets another 4yrs. It is Undemocratic! It is 100% UN-American! So, why aren’t Democrats screaming about it? Why is Congress quietly allowing it to go on? Are they THAT lazy? Or that stupid? We don’t need Congress, their huge staffs, the lobbyists that buy them with dirty money ~ hell, they cared more about their vacays than about vast majority of Americans who are suffering due to economy & who are going hungry, losing homes, and “going under” while members of Congress are enjoying vacations, having NOT PASSED any relief bill before they left! You’ll be relieved to know that corporate America is doing fine, having been given hundreds of Billions of taxpayer $$$ right at the START of economic shutdown. They used alot of it to buyback their own stocks, NOT to keep employees on payroll, or because they actually needed that money – they didn’t. It was just hsnded to them by complicit Congress, led by the most vile & disgusting GOP to ever stick their heads up out of the SWAMP! Stock market is doing great, which Trump touts as proof that the Country - ALL OF US - is doing great under his reign!!? Huge stock buybacks make stocks go up, which has NOT A THING TO DO WITH THE REST OF US!!

“Unitary Executive” ~ he does whatever he wants & no one has anything to say about it. Yep, we’ve been seeing a taste of that already & it tastes RANCID! Spit it out!! Trump has been violating the Constitution that he & everyone in Congress has sworn to uphold. What are they doing about it? Not a dam* thing! F**k 'em all! But, 1st remove the worst of cancerous growth on Nov. 3rd ~ Trump & GOP co-conspirators MUST GO! If not, the battle is over & we lost. Should we remove those, it will be time to start planning removal 2yrs later of the Dems whose job it is to NOT ALLOW THIS SHIT TO GO ON! There are some Dems trying to do their jobs, but pushed down, drowned out by “establishment” Dems in charge – those who need to be sent packing next time 'round!
“UNITARY EXECUTIVE” IS A DICTATOR, no matter how they fancy up the name for it! It goes against everything this nation was founded on! Look at the chaos this assh*le has created. Look at the damage that he has done & is still doing every single day! Damage to this Country & vast majority of our people; damage done with global allies & partners, plus to our reputation around the world; look at HOW MUCH WORSE OFF we all are! How many dead & infected with Trump’s virus & no end in sight, but here comes flu season & winter ~ that will be ugly!
“Unitary Executive” is a POWER GRAB! Don’t be fooled! Anyone in Congress not against it needs to be sent packing, as they are violating their oaths of office!
“Unitary Executive” goes against everything America has fought for & stood for since its beginning. All power sits in the man at the top, like it or not; no matter what he says or does, he rules. Does that sound good to ANY true American?!!


You know, it is hard to disagree with Ralph on this except that one wonders just which or what Democrats he is talking about.

I keep meeting Democrats who would like to do this, but they keep voting for the others.


Sorry Ralph, the Democratic Establishment talks big, but being from the same mold as the openly corrupt Republicans, they can only lie about their complicity in a similar worldview.

If they were serious about shutting down Trump’s shitshow, they would be out there marching with the Black Lives Matter protesters.

All of them, Congress and Senate, Pelosi and Schumer.

They don’t have the guts to stand up to Trump.


The Unitary executive mantra is one embraced by both Political parties. It was spoken to in 1787 when it claimed it would make Governance more effective. Both Alexander Hamilton and James madison wrote in its favor claiming the Constitution granted that power to the President.

The sedition acts of 1798 and Andrew Jackson ordering the deportation of the Cherokee people were both acts that used the Unitary executive theory as were a number of proclamations by Abraham Lincoln.

In other words it as American as Apple pie. It being taken to new levels under herr trump.


This is a reasonably good highlight of Trump law-breaking. Biden/Harris should consider adding Nader to their press advisory contingent!!!

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“There are thousands and thousands of Kyle Rittenhouses clinging to trump’s hateful words, waiting in the wings for a chance to take trump’s hateful words and transform them into hate incarnate.”

Right, however, the Dems are playing into Trump’s hands by not forcefully condemning the rioters. Law and order is preferrable by most over lawlessness( whatever the provocation). That issue alone could swing the election.

I do agree with most of what you wrote BTW, well said.

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Lol that’s the best you can do? The 17 year old is, well, 17. He wouldn’t of even been out there had this crap not been going on for three months. Good for him to give a crap since no Democrat leader will. Then he gets attacked by a mob and a shoots a few of them. Well maybe don’t attack someone holding an assault rifle idiots. Either way none of the points you made apply.
Im so sick of hearing about Nazis in Charlottesville from dems. Trump didn’t support them he said it multiple times. Just because you aren’t smart enough to watch anything but CNN doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Unlike democrats who are just now starting to acknowledge the riots going on. Not because of moral reasons they could care less about that but because polls are slipping.
What does one insane gunman in a church have to do with the right? Are Republicans denying it happened or something?
The last two you listed are currently in prison… Try harder…

You support the openly Marxist organization BLM? All the while saying trump is the problem with the country? Lol
You can’t make this stuff up. Well Adam Schiff probably could.

You are either deaf or don’t understand self defense. The man with the gun that got shot, shot at the kid first. There’s video evidence on YouTube of this by lawyers breaking down the case. I mean I know yall aren’t crazy about facts, but it’s there look it up. His friend on Twitter stated his only regret was not emptying the whole clip at the kid. There was also two other shots that went off before the 17 year old kid shot. That’s on top of the fact he was running from people trying to beat him with a skateboard.
The kid obviously shouldn’t of been there. However, he was. The facts he is 17, has a gun, crossed state lines(from 12 miles away… He lived closer than the people he shot) doesn’t take away his right to defend himself. So tell me genius, what would you have done with multiple people chasing you trying to take your gun, beating you with a skateboard, and gunfire going off all around you? Would you have handed it over to them and asked to have a civil conversation with them? Tell us what your plan would of been to escape that situation alive?
All of this BS is going on because democrat leaders don’t have the spine to shut this crap down for purely political reasons. You’re trying to blame it on a 17 year old. Good job.

Oh give it a break. He got on his cell phone to brag about shooting someone and then went on to hunt down some more.

It was the last guy he shot that had the gun. The first person he shot was Joseph Rosenbaum who was not armed. Rosenbaum threw something at the kid (described as a plastic bag) and the kid spun and shot Rosenbaum in the head. He then got on the phone to brag about it. This after shooting the already dead Rosenbaum 4 more times.

The video of him on the street and tripping while being chased down was AFTER he had already killed Rosenbaum.

That is NOT self defense. He then went on to shoot a second person who tried to disarm him, again not self defense. If someone saw that mass shooter in Vegas and tried to disarm him would you claim self defense if that shooter shot him?

The last person he shot was the one with the gun. If you have already shot two unarmed people and a third comes at you with a gun it not self defense when you shoot the third. Where is your “good man with a gun” speil?


They can’t do anything because they can only prosecute Trump in Congress. And the republicans have made it clear they will not hold a fair trial. Attempting to prosecute will just result in acquittal, republican claims of exoneration, and possibly the inability to prosecute him when he has left office - double jeopardy rules.

In the 70s, the Republicans weren’t such spineless sycophants and were prepared to impeach Nixon.

But ultimately, there are enough Americans prepared to tolerate and vote for people who are letting Trump get away with it.

For fifty years the left have been claiming the media lies, so it’s no surprise people believe Trump when he says it’s all fake news

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Where is the checks and means to keep this rampant law breaking from occurring? There appears to be none. We are therefore no different from any dictatorship.


A free society is one in which, at minimum, its citizens enjoy a reasonable prospect of social mobility – of moving from one socio-economic stratum to another.

Freedom is based on economic liberty. U.S. citizens have almost zero economic liberty. A person born poor has almost zero chance of ever becoming economically secure.

The D Party has tried to convince liberals that freedom and dignity for all can be achieved through identity politics. But we can’t eat gay rights. We can’t pay the rent with abortion rights. The D Party is just as nihilistic and cynical as the R Party when it comes to treating human beings as disposable.


What the hell does “shouldn’t of” mean? Please learn to use English correctly. At least try not to sound like a complete idiot.

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