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Democrats Must Fight To Defeat The Trans-Pacific Partnership


Democrats Must Fight To Defeat The Trans-Pacific Partnership

Bernie Sanders

The Democratic National Committee is meeting this weekend in Orlando to mark up a platform laying out the views and aspirations of the party. Up to this point, we have made good progress in helping to create the most progressive Democratic Party platform ever. But more needs to be done.


Thank you, Mr. Sanders for your efforts and for stating these 4 fine points. So many of us know that we cannot trust the Democratic party's current leadership until it is PROVEN through policies pushed and passed.

Also, I think a 5th item bears mentioning and it would center upon Monsanto and the corporate muscle being used to control the global food supply while tainting the processes of nature by aborting them through the use of bio-genetically engineered crops and the bio-engineered alleged resistance to common insect pests. These assertions fail the Experience Test and lead to greater levels of pesticide usage and other toxic elements that end up inside human beings' blood and body cells.


So Bernie, Will you really throw all your supporters under the bus on Tuesday? I understand that you made a commitment to the DNC, and I can respect you for honoring it, even if I disagree. But you promised US, your supporters who gave time and money to your campaign - you promised US that you would take this fight to the convention floor. Failure to do that would be a decision that it's OK to break your promise to us, but you will keep your promise to a vilely corrupt DNC? Please understand, conceding prior to the convention would be a horrific betrayal of your supporters. And can you imagine the damage it would do to the next politician wants to run a publicly funded campaign? PLEASE, don't betray us. Please.


Very well said. I'm with you lady.


The expectation of future profits... I guess we can quit calling our princes of commerce heroic for taking risks in a world of uncertainty. Last week was contacted by a third party that informed me of a rate increase by my electricity supplier and that I could be switched to another supplier at a lower rate. I agreed, knowing that I would have the opportunity to cancel that agreement. Five pages of an agreement arrived several days later and it contained a clause that warned of penalties for installing "behind the meter" solar or other generating devices. Also had a clause that warned of penalties if my future usage fell more than 20% below my historic average billing. Also had a non-disclosure clause that would prohibit me from disclosing the details of the contract. Just a little poking around and realized the lower rate offered was probably a teaser and would jump dramatically and fairly soon. Other restrictive and punitive clauses. Friends, the TPP is everywhere.

edit: My memory aint what it used to be, can someone help here. After the election that brought Kasich, Walker and Daniels in as governors didn't Indiana bandy about the idea of selling its highways to a multi-national firm that demanded a guaranteed profit underwritten by the good citizens of Indiana, and which also would have prohibited parallel or competing transit routes and technologies?

I do not recognize anyone's claim to expected future profits, no-one should. You are either a part of and subject to the (truly) free, and by no means - predictable - market or you are a monopoly. Our princes of commerce and the one-eyed acolytes known as economists extole the virtues of competition, innovation, and efficiency but then conjure truisms and "laws" to crush those very things. Crafted in secret, presented as an ultimatum, debate restricted. You can almost hear the theme from Star Wars drilling down into you.


My hopeful "dream", is that Bernie comes out at the last minute and says, "folks, I cannot, in good consciousness, endorse Secretary Clinton. I am instead continuing my campaign in the Green Party, with Jill Stein as my VP running mate, and we are in this to win. Thank you".
Now THAT would make me a satisfied and happy voter, especially since this Tuesday is my birthday. What a B'day present that would be. Just sayin'.


Me, too. Hang in there, Bernie, until the convention at the very least. Don't let the DNC crybabies weaken your resolve or cheat you and your supporters out of one ounce of your hard-earned, principled recognition and vox populi. No matter the final outcome as seen through compromised "eyes", you'll be the last real human being standing on the platform from my perspective.


May it be so.


Let's wait until Tuesday before we freak out. All of us who have supported Bernie over the past year have received many emails from his campaign. Would Bernie endorse Clinton without at least emailing us with an explanation first? It's not as if his campaign isn't fully aware of how we feel about Hillary.

Bernie knows that many of his delegates are making significant financial sacrifices to travel to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, and the Bernie campaign has gotten permits for huge rallies. Why bother, if we're not going to have a contested convention? Who would want to go? The Bernie people aren't the Demo in-crowd, attending the convention to drink and schmooze with the power brokers. The Bernie people will be sleeping on strangers' sofas and eating homemade sack lunches. Bernie would not sell out these people; he would let them know what is happening.

OTOH, maybe Bernie has been cautioned that it would be "unfortunate" if crowds of his supporters were gunned down by the Philadelphia police. Or by "terrorists." Or maybe they have told him he has a lovely family, and.... If so, let's thank Bernie for all he has done to inspire and educate us, and move on. #JillNotHill

No one knows what Tuesday will bring, not even the NYT or CNN (snark). #DontFreakOut #BernieOrBust #NeverHillary #ContestedConvention


The greatest mistake the Democrats could make is to support these lousy free-trade agreements: the TPP, TTIP, and TISA


I agree Endgame. Just don't let that ultimate endorsement get to you man. His campaign definitely sparked a lot of movement among especially the young toward realizing the ugly Corporate Government we now have. His endorsement prior to fighting the Clinton Corporate Machine at the Convention will indeed be a betrayal.

That betrayal should be met with an energized response of those refusing to go along showing up at the Convention (all that can manage to make it there) caged or not.


No - I'm not buying it.

Band aids - and putting out a world conflagration one tiny fire at a time - can't be done - shouldn't even bother trying - a total and complete waste of time, energy and motivation - like bailing out the ocean - dispiriting.

Your system is bankrupt - beyond the pale - pick your metaphor.

For God's sake get out of politics - a fool's errand or an outlaw's game.


Bernie, Bernie do you really think the establishment democrats are actually going to honor a few words on what will turn out to be a useless platform document. Nevertheless, I am with you until I see you holding up the hand of the Queen of Evil.


The idea of the Democrat Party now taking a stand against the TPP defies logic. Besides that, it's way too late. You need to review how we reached this point.

The Reagan Democrats of the 1980s leaned further to the right to become the Clinton wing of the 1990s. The Clinton wing rooted out any liberal elements, and they now own and control the party. They quite successfully sold much of the neoliberal agenda, to the beat of a rock and roll song. Bill Clinton alone ended our former welfare programs, and had just enough time to begin similarly "reforming" Social Security, redistributing all those dollars upward. Liberals shrugged. Bill Clinton had signed on to NAFTA. This is why we weren't surprised when Hillary Clinton, prior to launching her campaign, had worked hard to push the TPP through Congress.

After all these years of working to implement this agenda, do you think for a second that if we just ask them to reconsider, they might change their minds?


Am I missing something?
This is a matter of fact article that lays out pragmatic action for a very real decision that is at the door step of elected officials.

What is with all the talk of betrayal?
Is Bernie not working within a system?
We have berated and cursed the system ad naseum and aware of the need for change.
Grow the eff up.
If Bernie has to make a choice, it is his to make.
Get off your ass and create the real change - the slow deliberate, intense, incremental, abrasive, painful, individual by individual change that is required.

I must say the posts here are discouraging for my side.


Well, they blew up the chicken man in Philly last night
And they blew up his house, too.
Down on the boardwalk they're ready for a fight
Gonna see what them racket boys can do.
Now there's trouble busin' in from outta state
And the d.a. can't get no relief.

Gonna be a rumble on the promenade
And the gamblin' commissioner's hangin' on by the skin of his teeth.
Everything dies, baby that's a fact
But maybe everything that dies some day comes back.
Put your makeup on, fix your hair up pretty
And meet me next week in romantic Philly.

See Ya there!


Bernie, the only thing that will keep the Democrats from passing this awful treaty is pressure from a third party or pressure that there will be a third party. Lead the Revolution! Join Jill and keep the Bern on!


exactly. I'm hoping that he'll say he's upheld his end of the bargain by playing by the rules, not dissing the Evil Queen, not calling out vote fraud, etc. and then he can say since the other side didn't play fair he's taking his friends to Jill's place and together they'll throw a BIG party and have a LOT more fun...


Go Bernie! Call for a General Strike if they piss you off in Orlando or Philly.

We are behind whatever path you choose for us.

(as many of us know, TPP is an unconstitutional corporate treason against the American worker and environment for our next generation. Its extreme secrecy and provisions of anointing foreign investors to arbitrate as judges over-ruling Congress and the Courts by fast-tracking and controlling the materials is, in reality, a Wall Street coup against our democratically-elected republic.

It doesn't matter if it is passed into law. Water-shed Chief Justice John Marshal ruled that any law that violates the Constitution is invalid. So we shall not accept it. And it will explode preventable disease that will find it's way back to the USA, by making drugs unaffordable in the third world.)


Bernie is starting to sound like a jilted lover who's girl has run off again with her favorite pimp. She has nothing for him anymore; she milked him for all he was worth. Now she just wants him gone.

GOOD! Jill Stein and the Greens are in need of Bernie and offer very nearly the same, only a better platform! Bernie, what are you waiting for? When will you ditch that old girl, and let her be with her pimp?

Besides, you wife will also be happier with Jill!

And the revolution will also!

Viva la revolution!