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Democrats Must Stand Firm Against Gorsuch and His Plutocratic Backers


Democrats Must Stand Firm Against Gorsuch and His Plutocratic Backers

Bill Moyers

In Neil Gorsuch, the corporate class have their perfect manservant for the Supreme Court.

He looks the part: tall, handsome, greying (at 50), charming and erudite, every inch a gentleman.

His pedigree glistens: He went to the right schools, knew the right people, made the right moves, got the right coaching. He has an acute and knowing sense of theatrics; at his televised confirmation hearings, he appeared to know exactly when to turn to his wife seated behind him and pronounce his love as the cameras moved closer for their embrace.


It will be a nearly impossible task to keep Trump from swinging the court to total corporate control (possibly for decades), but democrats must put up the best fight that they can.


Democrats have a history of bringing a knife to a gunfight, and, when they do bring a gun it is to shoot themselves. Jellyfish have more spine collectively than the democratic party, who have become so beholden to wealthy interests that they have become incapable of governance in the common interest. Those who haven't had the good luck to be born into wealth have a hard road ahead. The republicans are preparing to feast on their (our) flesh. They will do incalculable damage to this country and many of us will die of unnecessary hunger and preventable disease before they are done. Meals on Wheels for God's sake!! How fucking low can you go!? For the republicans there is apparently no bottom.


Wealthy interests have become so powerful, that democrats can not ignore them. Some wealthy individuals actually do believe in having a decent society. Some may, or may not, appreciate a "favor." At any rate, they can not all be ignored. Also, do we really want democrats to turn into the same total scum of virtually no morals or ethics that today's republican party has devolved into?


Absolutely not. I would prefer to see more people like Sanders taking over the party and returning to representing ordinary people. They long ago abandoned their base in pursuit of money and I see no sign that the party has any idea whatsoever of rocking the money boat to once again represent working people. Despite taking drubbing after drubbing by a party who represents only the wealthy many DNC types see no problems with their party platform. In my view, the democrats have become craven in their pursuit of money from the wealthy. The republicans, however, are either stupidly evil or calculatingly evil. The key word for republicans is "evil".


Allowing republicans to have incredible amounts of money and hoping for lots of grassroots $5 bills makes for a difficult climb.


So is there a progressive in West Virginia who will run for the senate????

Hey democrats throw off the cloak of Clinton corporatism and become what you once were----fight for common people---its a good thing

This guy wanted that truck driver to DIE! WHO COULD VOTE FOR THIS GUY!

People of West Virginia and North Dakota what do you have against truck drivers????????


"...the "Dark Money Juggernaut" now in overdrive..."

Is fueling BOTH sides of the Duopoly Coin.

Bernie's Campaign showed that, when Focused, we Citizens are every bit, and more, of a Formidable Force.


A party can survive not being unified on run of the mill legislative issues but not after failing to unify on a confirmation of this magnitude in the current political environment.

The two or three Senate Democrats voting FOR Gorsuch will be the straw that breaks the camel's back and consigns the Democratic Party to the dustbin of history with the Whigs and Federalist Parties.


Mr. Moyers, please give Bennett (D-CO), Connelly (D-IN), Manchin (D-WVa), and Heitkamp (D-SD) a call or e-mail this essay to them. Not that they will read it or take heed. Heitkamp even greedily takes money from Repugnicant donors! Guess these four have their price(s), which have been met. Sad.


Then after the dust settles a new progressive party can be born that actually represents the average citizen, you know, those that actually work for a living or that depend on Social Security just to survive. The new deal, of FDR, might be a good starting point as Sanders alluded to. This will be a difficult road though because of the way the rules are stacked to favor money over people, big business tax cuts, the rich getting richer, etc. It's now up to the youth of the country to pick up where Sanders left off and press toward a more equitable system for the masses instead of the 1%.