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Democrats Need a Strategy and a Viable Candidate, Not More Excuses


Democrats Need a Strategy and a Viable Candidate, Not More Excuses

John Atcheson

Here we go again. Leaked excerpts from Hillary Clinton’s forthcoming book calls Sanders’ ideas unrealistic and blames him for her loss to Trump.

It probably didn’t help that a recent Newsweek article entitled “Bernie Sanders Voters Helped Trump Win and Here’s the Proof” revealed that enough Sanders voters switched to Trump after the primaries in three key states to give Trump the electoral votes needed for victory.


Democrats need to expire as an organization. What the people need is a party that represents their collective interest in good faith.


I truly believe that this insufferable woman is immortal, will never go away, and will never stop whining about how she was cheated by someone else who people actually wanted to see as president. Just like Trump, she cannot believe that people don’t see her in the same adoring, worshipful way as she sees herself.

She has now lost twice in her bid to be president, and yet she can call Sanders’ ideas “unrealistic.” Why can she not see by now that realistically, she will never be the president, and it’s time to retire?


Seems like mostly blather. Look, George W. Bush received half a million votes less than Al Gore and won the election (thank you Green Party and Ralph Nader). Hillary Clinton received about two and half million more votes than Donald Trump and lost (another thank you to the Green Party and this time Jill Stein). So what are we conclude from that? Probably not that there something wrong with the Democratic Party. I would say the conclusion should be that there is something wrong in the way the US elects presidents. And we probably should wonder if the Green Party will even be anything but a spoiler party.


The only third party candidate of the past century who had ANY significant spoiler impact is Ross Perot in 1992 when he received nearly 20% of the popular vote, thereby enabling Bill Clinton to beat incumbent Bush 41.

Bill Clinton lying about his relationship with interns AND the Democrats’ failure to demand a Florida recount cost Gore the 2000 election, not anything Nader ever did, despite boatloads of fake news to the contrary.

To label Stein’s 2016 limited support in 2016 as spoiling anything would be laughable if the spoiler myth wasn’t already as worn out as US infrastructure. The Green Party is already “more then a spoiler party”, holding more then 10% of the seats in Germany’s Bundestag and holding many local offices there and abroad.

The Democrats’ have no shortage of viable candidates…just an excessive addiction to corporate money.


The Title, “Democrats Need a Strategy and a Viable Candidate, Not More Excuses” says it all.

— If it has has neither a strategy nor candidates, … then it is NOT a functional party at ALL!
You may as well consider 3rd Party alternatives since the Duopoly Dems offer NOTHING to the public worth backing!


“So what are we to conclude from that? Probably not that there (sic) something wrong with the Democratic Party.”

Just when I think you may be redeeming yourself, you blurt out the above nonsense. Really? There is a great deal wrong with the Democratic Party. Starting with its firmly entrenched hierarchy that is unwilling to let go of the corporatist model. Until the DDDDs (dismal, dollar drenched dems) change drastically they are worse than irrelevant. They are the spoiler party. The one that sucks up energy while giving nothing back. They throw their ill-gotten muscle around our elections specifically to dissuade people from becoming more progressive. Are you hopeless? They are.


Excellent assessment.

I think a major turning point… Was in 2008 when a huge turnout handed Dems a super-majority in both houses and they still managed to accomplish so very little.

All of it bowing to the demands of the very special interests Obama claimed opposing was “why I am running for president”.

In 2010 what happened? All those disillusioned people stayed home.

Unfortunate timing, though… as the census allowed the GOP to draw themselves an essentially permanent majority set of district maps in the house.


Passing the corporate welfare program disguised as health care reform (that Newt Gingrich introduced during the Clinton regime) was the Dim’s only “accomplishment” when they had control of DC 2009-2010. The GOP has been laughing all the way to the bank ever since, resulting in the Dims holding fewer elected offices nationwide than they have in 90 plus years.

Sounds like Clinton’s book is a litany of excuses that will sell very well to boomers in metropolitan areas, the only demographic continuing to vote for Dims.


Dems don’t “need a strategy.” They HAVE one … a very unfortunate one they will never tell you.

Dems exist & are funded within the Duopoly EXACTLY BECAUSE they can reach and shut down progressive thinkers in the nation, keeping them from growing or being effective within the Party, getting goals into the Platform or seeking worker-oriented legislation.
— Repugs can’t do that. They have no Access to progressive thinkers. Oligarchs need Dems!

That is why DNC-types hated Sanders so much … and the Green Party. Green goals include creating a growing people-centered (not bank-centered) agenda, with visions and plans, — just those things Dems are paid to shut down.
The “progressive” thinkers remaining in the Democratic Party and never getting to make clear Public Goals that attract people to the better world they want and need, are effectively delusional and suicidal. They spend decades playing their silly games … and not building a real Vision within an organization that aims to Build what it Believes.

If Greens still leave much to desire to have better outreach and become more effective, then JOIN them and make them better! Just stop wasting everybody’s time playing losing chess games with bankers!


people who support the duopoly are the true spoilers of the country.


Firstly, the green party is ANYTHING but a spoiler party. They are really the only party that has consistently stood up for the people - NOT corporations. We live in a brain washing scenario where folks really believe that if you keep voting for politicians that DON’T support you, eventually they’ll come around and do good things. But that strategy, the “lesser evil” has shown just how effective it is - Trump. Now we have Trump. Sure, blame it on Greens - call them spoilers.

Or, maybe look @ the fact that the bulk of what the greens represent - health-care for all, drastically less war, less killing across the board, care for the environment, laws that make corruption much harder – are the things most Americans want - most humans want.

The truth is, WE are to blame - because the US population just keeps on voting for super lame compromise instead of taking a leap and voting for what we actually want. There are all sorts of “sophisticated” rationale for why we should continue to vote mediocrity instead of for sanity. But they all come down to the same thing; if you continue to vote mediocrity - that’s what you get mediocrity – but only 100% of the time.

In my 56 years, there have been a few glimmers of hope; primarily the green party & Bernie. The rest, is just BS. Obama was the penultimate - a WONDERFUL show, so unflappable, articulate, etc. Unfortuantely, it was just a show. All just so he could give good head to wall street, mostly ignore injustice like the Dakota Access fiasco last year and rain more death and destruction than any other sitting president on people of color all over the world. When he first got in - the dem’s had the marjorities - they could have change SO much. What’d they do - minor things mostly. That ain’t my brand of “hope & change.”

Bizarre, blaming the greens - the main hope for sanity in this country - for our political woes is a sort of twisted irony. They are actually one of our only hopes for a simple reason - they are our voice. At least, the majority of what I’ve heard them say is brilliant and inspiring. Something I virtually never experience hearing the dem’s speak through both sides of their mealy mouths.

So yeah! Lrx – you bet, greens are spoilers, dem’s are not to blame for their own loss, and the other issue is electoral shenanigans. The only thing we agree on is the electoral shenanigans. The rest is some type of bizarre brain washing far as I can tell.

Another simple way to say it is this, if you want single payer, draw down the obscene military bases we maintain all over the globe, REALLY address climate change, address injustice & inequity you vote for the greens - or some similar party like them. If you don’t, you just vote for the next BS dem they put up. So if we vote for us - we get sanity. Keep voting Dems’ and get more insanity. That’s what it comes down to.



This is something I have been preaching (to deaf ears) for years. Loyal, faithful Democrats have one overriding reason why they simply cannot win; gerrymandering! It’s horrible! the Republicans have the whole country gerrymandered, and it’s evil, and we cannot stop it! Oh, woe is us, woe is us!

Except that districts are drawn every ten years after the census by the party in power in the state.If Republicans get more votes, they win the elections and they get to draw the districts. If Democrats stay home waiting for the next high profile presidential election with a black or female candidate to show just how oh, so progressive they are, who do they think is going to be elected?

In the end, you can protest, you can write letters, and you can post clever memes on Facebook, but to get a candidate elected takes more votes than the the other guy gets. It won’t change until we get more than half the eligible voting population to turn out in midterms.


After the 2000 election, all the major Florida newspapers did a recount of the votes, and it was determined that Gore won the state. But Florida’s Republican Attorney General Kathryn Harris would not allow a recount, so here we are. If the Democrats had any balls and challenged the outcome, things might have been different. But they continue play the nice guy, while the Republicans play hardball. With politicians like Hillary and Obama sucking on the teat of Wall Street, things will not change.
The Democratic Party is going down in flames, and I could not be happier.


Generally good reply by you to the “boat loads of fake news”! I’ll add, however: Not even Al Gore believes the nonsense about Nader losing him the 2000 election. (Though Bernie ironically - oblivious to facts - still does!)

As for 2016, I have never heard Jill Stein blamed anywhere for Hillary Clinton’s loss. But the Green Party? Where did you say? They may have 10% of seats in Germany, but isn’t it the U.S. Congress or at least some state legislature(s) where they ought to be (at least) 10% by now (after all these years) before we crow on their behalf in our country?

Bernie was and is right not to throw progressive hopes and efforts away on a quixotic 3rd party or independent run. He’s respectful of the reality that most Democrats, the base, are progressive populist, loyal as much as he to the party’s and nation’s New Deal heritage which has been conspired against and undermined by a usurping Democratic party leadership in service to wealth and globalist imperial delusions. There is a bitter and growing split between that Democratic base energized by Sanders’ 2016 campaign, and this usurping neoliberal corporate wing . I know that the progressive wing will not allow themselves to be blocked or betrayed again. The many years of that since Bill Clinton has been enough as of last year! I am not sure, however, if Sanders is the one to initiate, or even lead, what comes as a result of that. What happens after 2018 may very well prove to be a case of the majority of ordinary actively involved members - “the democratic wing of the Democratic Party” - deciding it’s time just to walk away as the “true Democrats” - facilitate the forming of a coalition of all kinds of progressive movements, political, social, economic, environmental, peace, etc. An Independents Party. I cannot conceive of any new major political formation arising outside of one of the current major parties any other way.


Uh, it’s 2017. Do Democrats really need a viable candidate now? I’m working on winning my congressional seat, which is held by a teabagger. If I’m not mistaken, there are two houses of Congress on the ballot in 2018 plus a bunch of state houses. That seems way more immediate.


Don’t ever expect to see the Democratic party change as long as they have more to lose for changing than by keeping to their self-defeating “strategy”.


a Viable Candidate – supported by Wall Street, our oligarchs, the War Industries, and the Dark State ?


Langensen - on what planet have you been since Keynesian economics was usurped by the neoliberalism Bill Clinton embraced? The Democratic/Republican Party is kept alive by the the most sinister form of Capitalism. The worst elements of human nature reap the most profit - warring, fleecing the sucker/rewarding the sly, fixing the game, silencing the truth, profiting from tragedy. Of course, we need another political party… or two. Logically speaking, how can just two parties, even honest ones, take care of the diverse needs of this country?


Yes! Now, Hillary has a book, and she still can’t get over that she lost. And the party is still stuck in frozen gear. They do not want to WIN!