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Democrats Need a Winning Message in Georgia—Bernie Sanders Says Fight for $15 Minimum Wage

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/10/democrats-need-winning-message-georgia-bernie-sanders-says-fight-15-minimum-wage


Good idea, Bernie! Thanks for continuing to speak up for the people.


Bernie gave up all leverage, surrendered and then sheep herded for a right wing, compulsive liar who stands for everything that most Americans support, particularly progressives. He betrayed not only his supporters but the whole nation. His feeble, powerless grandstanding now is just an embarrassment.


I cannot imagine anyone with an ounce of common sense looking back at this election or 2016 for that matter and wonder how in the world did we fuck up so bad not to choose Bernie at this point in time. “It’s the ignorance of the people, stupid!”

Let’s hope someone in Georgia is listening.

Please take the senate away from these assholes ~https://www.rawstory.com/2020/11/lindsey-graham-holding-hearing-on-breaking-the-news-as-gop-lashes-out-at-media-calling-biden-president-elect/


Dear America, we are so glad we won, BUT this entire ENTIRE election B.S. can be avoided SO EASILY!!! TOWIT: Everyone has a Social Security number. The Social Security portal online can have a vote attachment section so we can just vote there, and be able to check it anytime. Easy Peasy, no mess no fuss, no mail, no Proud Boys, no guns no protesters, no DeJoy no manipulation no fraud. The sheet storm that was this election has GOT TO STOP!!!

The Federal firewall at the SS admin can be ‘beefed’ up to international banking standards making hackers liable for federal crimes.

Lots of people have phones and can vote by phone, library’s have computers, internet cafe’s can allow free access for voting. NO disenfranchised voters, no racial divide.


A great idea but maybe not a good strategy. It would be railed as a giveaway. I got nothing better. So lets hear some ideas.

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“we” didn’t fuck up.
the 3rd Way, Blue Dog, Right wing, Wall Street “leadership” of the DP did what they always do and screwed the Base to keep Their Donors happy.

During the Trump Era, Everyone and Everything in America Failed
The possibilities in front of us are real, but we should not deceive ourselves about what we learned during the Time of Trump.

The reason for this is straightforward: The Democrats do not, for the most part, represent the bottom 90 percent of Americans. Instead, the Republican and Democratic parties are run by and for different sections of U.S. elites. Democrats therefore can’t clearly and powerfully advocate for policies that would harm their elites. This incentivizes them to wander into bizarre cul-de-sacs like Russiagate, where the ratio of effort expended to significance approached infinity.


If you want to conclude that 'We" fucked up, it was by NOT going all in on a 3rd Party


C’mon people now, smile on our friend Bernie,

But let’s get together and say 15 has taken so long it’s less than Bernie’s firt gambit of dollar10’n 10 cents that is…

I say the same now as I said back at &10.10;

Go ahead and try to live on 15/hr with dignity and fun. When I was a 14 year old kid living at home, with no bills, i earned $1.00/hr. That would buy 25 candy bars per hour.

Now a candy bar cost minimum $1.25, that’s minimum. Therefor minimum candy bar wage in real dollars is 20 x 1.25= $25/hr

These numbers are impossible to beat. Smile on your sister, smile on your brother, smile on each other and repeat after me

Fifteen is just another card in the austerity game. In lotsa places, full time at fifteen won’t even pay the rent. Tell it like it is or you’ll never be free. Ain’t no fun at all in austerity.


… and gee whiz kids here it is again!

Something that Bernie has been advocating for years, rears it’s ‘ugly’ head and rises to the surface, to SAVE THE DAMNED DP…again.

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It’s okay to mention $15 per hour in passing, and suggest shooting for $17.50 down the road a piece.
I read this as a comment about Georgia, not Bernie. But some can’t resist taking Bernie down a notch.
I would like to hear reference to the opponents character and performance, not about wages.

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This might have been good strategy ten or fifteen years ago, but now it will merely accelerate the practice of replacing traditional employees with gig workers.

Pushing for single payer healthcare would be the far wiser move.

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The two georgia senate seats must be dems. North Carolina dem senate candidate just conceded.
A single issue suggestion will not bring enough young voters to the run off election. Biden will have already announced his cabinet members.

If former failure mayor of chicago, Rahm, is in this new administration and former prez of harvard.- we have a big black eye to overcome.


This is just part of the slow handoff to the DNC’s new sheepdogs, AOC head of the pack at the moment…

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Hi LaResistencia:
Without Bernie, there would be no SQUAD, and I love those ladies! They are getting the votes and they will be making the DNC LIVE WHAT THE PEOPLE NEED! Bernie is the spark that lights up the mind of real thinkers and real patriots… that’s what America needs.
Bernie must have been the inspiration for the ENERGIZER Bunny because he has inspired many and has the inspiration to move mountains----while the DNC merely rearranges the pebble brains of the many corporate ones. : )


Like when Sanders endorsed the DNC’s reactionary war criminal/candidate in 2016?

And repeated that utter sellout with a different war criminal last Spring?


Hi Jayce:
I think that the DNC promised him some of what he worked for in 2016, if he supported Hillary but then screwed him over, just as they did this time around wth Joe. Bernie was winning everything----- . Remember Biden’s first debates? HELLO—it appeared that no one was home, in Joe’s brain. Bernie was surging. Then out of NOWHERE, Biden won So Carolina----and we never had a Bernie win again-----but then blame it on that SOS, Hillary Cunton. And yes, I hate that word but it’s a perfect match for her. The DNC and the Hillary are users—not truth tellers!

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True, I am embarrassed to say I bought the con in 2016 until Bernie told me to support HRC. But so many well meaning albeit in my opinion, Progressives still bought the con in 2020.

Bernie’s endorsements of HRC and Joe Biden was nothing less than a progressive sellout.

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We did elect Bernie. He won the morning delegate count. Then the DNC brought in the superdelegates in the afternoon to give Hillary the nomination.


Sounds like a winner. Florida just voted for it.

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