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Democrats Need to Think Big for 2020

Democrats Need to Think Big for 2020

Robert Borosage

There is a dizzying array of potential presidential nominees for Democratic primary voters to choose from—so many that they won’t even fit on one debate stage. But there is one basic choice the party will have to make: Will it nominate someone based on perceived electability, which is usually code for incremental policy ideas and a long political career, or a fresh-faced progressive reformer with big ideas?

Had Bernie been the Democratic candidate in 2016, he would have wiped the floor with Trump as it would have been (organic) populist versus (faux) populist. The contest would have revolved around–get this–issues and ideas rather than the status quo versus something new. The DNC’s sabotaging of Bernie’s campaign under the direction of Debbie Wasserman Schulz bears much of the culpability for Shitstorm 45. We (progressives–I’m an Independent–I’m not a Democrat, but I’m damn sure not a Republican.) need genuine candidates in all races. The taint of corporate influence must be outed and excised much like the cancer that it is.


The political translation for “reaching across the aisle” or “sitting down with everyone and working for change” or “let’s end the divisiveness” ad nauseam is nothing more than a pledge to not upset our big money donors and keep keep the money rolling in. It’s a candidate’s pledge to put the status quo, first, and the voters, second, or third or …

Do these candidate’s really think that we progressives want to sit down at the table and work with racists, corrupt corporate goons, misogynists, war-mongers, LGBT haters, fascists and so on? I sure as hell don’t. I want a candidate that will vow to fight them tooth and nail and drive them back under their slimy rocks. Moreover, it should be obvious by now that these people want no part of sitting at the table and holding hands with progressives, either.

Make no mistake, we are in the fight for our lives and our children’s lives and for all life on this planet. Supporting a candidate running on a platform of compromise, ending the divisiveness, incremental change, blah, blah, blah and then attempting to hold their feet to the fire, later, is a tried and true political formula for failure and disaster.


after watching the cpac speech i am certain anyone running for president realizes how important getting this jerk out of office is. if not then we are lost for 4 years and just more damage done. i worry about the future generations and the impact of decisions made today but most of all i worry about what our country is becoming or have we been this way all along full of hate.

One of the ways we have to “big” is to take firm hold of the fact that the ‘big’ is composed of EXTRACTIVE activity from the SMALL. And the small have legitimate interests often times quite different from the overly leveraged, monopolistic hegemons. Hmmm, none of those terms apply to what would be found in a local economy v- except people who have perhaps bought stock or taken loans from those actors.

Decentralization is, in my opinion one of the essential tools for regeneration nation. Which is why you see the scramble since 2008 for corporate stock buybacks, mergers and monopolies and other red flags in an economic environment that has been bludgeoned by ideologues for profit at usurious levels… where from? thee and me and our community.

Public Banking
Co-Ops not black ops!


I’m sympathetic to your opinion here and don’t doubt it is behind some of the politician’s motives for reaching across the aisle. However though I agree with most of what Borosage has to say, I think Tulsi Gabbard is someone who does not fit the mold of the failed nominees Borosage mentions (which Biden fits perfectly), but she does mention reaching across the aisle and in her case, I don’t have a problem with it.

Not a Tulsi quote, but reaching across the aisle mentioned at

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“Democrats” controlling the DP will not “think big” now or ever, untill they are forced out of the party…they will act in the interests of their corporate campaign-contributor bribers, kiss Israeli ass and the anti-BDS un-Constitutional laws, support the MICC war-machine, dither about the MMGW and supporting a strong Green New Deal and whatever they can to maintain the status-quo of vulture capitalist domination of America and the world!

They will NOT change course to save family farmers or hold polluters to serious account or the banker/wall street/corporate parasites, and will not support the “big-thinking” progressive/Independent base that so much of America demands and supports …like Universal Not-for-profit health care or Bernie Sandersor any other progressive-left candidate, but they will foist another loser on us all!!


Great article, except…

Who ever said this is not progressive if she is lobbying for a moderate from the get go. Well, unless by ‘progressive’ we mean the watered down, pragmatic, “I like to get things done,” person who thinks incrementalism is progressive because it’s like a progressive dinner, but instead of having soup at one home and then traveling to have salad somewhere else and then traveling again to have an entree they want to do one incremental things and then traveling through the years before you do another one. Yes, some people assert that’s what being progressive means.


The DNC, the Democratic Party Establishment, and Hillary Clinton, bear all of the responsibility for the Shitstorm that is Dolt 45. In my opinion.

To place any responsibility elsewhere is a huge mistake.

The Establishment politicians of the Uniparty made it very clear to everyone that listened, that there was no fucking way they would allow any politician like Bernie Sanders to hold the highest office in the land. To them, Bernie was giving away the “farm” and their slice of the pie.

Single Payer Healthcare for all, Free College for all, Corporations paying their fair share, Huge Reductions in the Military, there was no way in Hell they were going to permit that.

Now, the Corporate Media is parading political hack after political hack on their shows saying, “There is absolutely no way we will see Medicare-For-All.”

This is their way of preparing the public for another two Corporate controlled candidates.

I love Bernie Sanders, I really do. I would have fought in the streets for him the last time around.

But if any of you seriously think he will be allowed the nomination and the ability to push his progressive platform through Congress, well, just tell me what has changed in the past few years that would make that possible?

The best thing anyone could do to strike real fear in the Duopoly Uniparty is to immediately reregister as an Independent, Socialist, Green Party or anything other than a Duopoly stooge.


Bernie or Tulsi or both, or bust for me in 2020. I will vote Green if another Clintonesque or Obamaesque candidate is forced upon the electorate. I know that many others will do the same. Obama led to Trump, and the former’s (and the latter’s!) policies have mostly been an abject failure. Income and wealth inequality reached Gilded Age levels under Obama. Another one will destroy the country. A true progressive is our only hope.


There’s only one reason that d-party candidates trot out that ‘working across the aisle’ trope: It polls well with moderates.

As for the left, we’re an afterthought. The dems think about us ‘after’ they’ve wrung out the money, phonebanking and votes we offer. What do they think?: Thanks, suckas.


Not Biden. Clinton is marching across Selma bridge when she and Billy Bob got Canada to help the USA overthrow Aristide of Haiti, the democratically elected leader. The Clintons had him overthrown and Haiti suffers for it. I supported her and Barry and Bern the quitter and all the rest who have betrayed our loyalty for perennial cash and votes, the only time Progressives are appreciated. Enough. I am waiting until the smoke clears, the bribes are banked, the lies are etched in stone, the quitters quit and we are hand delivered our new Deceiver. One day, the plebes will have enough.


The bottom line is there is NOT enough centrist voters to bring a centrist candidate to the White House. That is the real fact. If the DNC insists on their usual incrementalist centrist ideology with candidates like Harris, Booker, Biden, Klobuchar, O’Rourke and even Warren, Trump will have a second term. The votes are not there for mediocrity.

If progressives vote with their minds and their hearts, the House, Senate, and White House will go to progressives in 2020. The data and the history is there and I hope progressives pay attention because the DNC will defend centrism and their centrist candidates to their last dying breath no matter how many losses the Party stacks up in its defense.


How right you are (unfortunately). Here is Nick Brana’s excellent take on how the Democrats are already rigging 2020 for the establishment candidate (either Kamala or Sec. Clinton, I expect): https://socialistorganizer.com/2019/02/07/the-democratic-party-three-months-after-the-mid-terms-a-discussion-with-nick-brana-of-the-lccip/

While we’re organizing, registering voters, canvassing and phone-banking – just like in 2016 – they’re making sure that the whole exercise is another farce.

Unless we get progressives to make un-rigging the primary a top priority, we’re just setting ourselves up for failure and more disappointment… and four more years of Trump. It’s time to put the rigged 2016 primary at the top of the conversation and demand reforms – and international monitors – before it’s too late.

Otherwise, only fools will be surprised when the exit polls don’t match final tallies in the South (again, thanks to paperless, hackable voting machines)… and when millions are disenfranchised because our registrations have been switched (again)… and when the MSM announces that the primary is over before several states vote (again)… and when the corporate “journalists” do everything possible to exclude progressives, traduce our candidates, and let the establishment candidate’s campaign write their copy (again).

Recall the Stanford University study that demonstrated that the Southern states were stolen: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6mLpCEIGEYGYl9RZWFRcmpsZk0/view?pref=2&pli=1

We need to put pressure now on the progressive candidates running for the D nomination (there are two, IMO: Bernie and Tulsi) to make this an issue… otherwise, we are screwed. Because there is no winning in a rigged contest – as Bernie proved last time, when he was on his way toward a 5-10% victory over Sec. “We came, we saw, he died” before the neo-fascists in charge of the “left” (neo-McCarthyite) wing of the duopoly nullified all of our hard work.

One other bit of advice: If we want to make Bernie a much stronger candidate, we should put all the pressure in the world on him to make Gabbard his running mate. We do so by openly campaigning for the ticket we want to see. “Sanders/Gabbard 2020” is our sign/bumper sticker/battle cry.

In doing so, we help ensure a more anti-war ticket – as Bernie has some real deficiencies in this area. And a far more electable ticket, which holds out the promise not just of beating Trump, but of holding the office for 12-16 years.

(Just some friendly advice, from a battle-scarred veteran of the 2016 primary.)


I won’t vote for anyone that says “bipartisanship”.


I agree all the TPP, Wall Street Democrats will lose because the Republicans have nowhere to retreat. Republicans backs are against the sea. There is nowhere left for their racism, their greed, their planetary demolition but the Republican party and Trump stands today at 46 percent of American voters, 46 percent. WOW. SOO, if all the Republicans are voting for Trump if he hasn’t been indicted by New York State; then Progressives must force Democrats to support our candidate, a candidate willing to march to the convention and fight for the nomination and bring the Progressive wing with them en masse.

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“…force Democrats…”

Force Chuck and Nancy?

The native American “Geronimo” most likely believed he could “force” the White Man to leave them be. He was a well known resistor who spent many years in prison.

Are you a descendant?

I love your passion x1jodonn.

Hold onto it as long as you can.

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Post Carbon Institute agrees with us.

Here’s a non socialist idea. Since unions have been totally eviscerated by the politicians and union had historically negotiated the 48 hour week down from 60 hrs, negotiated 40 hrs. down from 48 time and half for week ends and over time, double pay for holidays, vacation with pay,health insurance child labor restriction and retirement packages. How about Federal mandate that those benefits be returned? How about a twenty hour work week with a living wage say 30.00 an hour to start, since workers participated in productivity growth, but not profits. Here’s a non socialist idea. workers share in the profit directly as a matter of law. You make a billion dollars like Apple by producing all your stuff in China with foxconn that pays its workers 357.00 a month for six day work weeks 12 and 16 hr. days. Timid 15.00 dollar an hour doesn’t feed a family of four. CEO’S can deduct their Leer jets, workers can’t even deduct their Toyota. Bezos paid no taxes, none, on his expansion of Amazon. I love what he has accomplished, but that doesn’t help his work force. C’mon America, very few of the billionaires went to war for us. Trump went to Vietnam on Air Force one on our ticket, so did Obama went to visit Vietnam. I saw him and Anthony Bourdain chowing down on Vietnamese cuisine.