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Democrats' New Online Privacy Bill Heralded as Chance to Build 'Alternative Road to a Digital Future'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/05/democrats-new-online-privacy-bill-heralded-chance-build-alternative-road-digital

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The spook society of America recently awarded a multi billion dollar contract for the storage of your ‘privacy’ in the cloud of Microsoft…in addition to Amazon and Google cloud storage. But we are cheerful at the thought of limiting ‘cookie’ storage? The fact I made this comment is already in one of the ‘clouds’ with my secret identity number. BTW I’ll never know!


Strangely enough the creation of yet another government agency does nothing to reassure me that my privacy will not be routinely violated.

Hackers rejoice! A new challenge! It is impossible to build a system that can’t be broken, hacked, vandalized, files copied, edited, destroyed, etc. The govt always demands a back door, a major weakness open to exploitation blah blah blah

The first battle in a civil war should be devastating attacks on those companies’ data centers aka server farms aka clouds.

I get at least two or three calls a day from fake credit card, insurance, social security, or others that try to intimidate. It must work on enough people to make it worth while to the crooks. Like Fox lies and misinformation and product advertising does.
It proves to me that we are in such dire straits partly because of American ignorance and trusting demeanor.