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Democrats Not Headed Too Far Left, Says Ocasio-Cortez, 'We Are Bring the Party Home'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/17/democrats-not-headed-too-far-left-says-ocasio-cortez-we-are-bring-party-home


Bernie must be breathing a long sigh of relief that he now actually has allies in Congress to fight alongside him to enact the Peoples’ priorities. Thank you AOC (and, a very few, others)


She understands, she has the message and she has the Heart.


…rather trying to it back to where it came from.–actually the Democratic Party was born during slavery times with Andrew Jackson when white landless men who did not have the franchise who hated the elites who did wanted inclusion. Hence the adjective “democratic” which certainly excluded a lot of folks. When black folks wanted inclusion the white racists in the south joined the Republican Party. Fast forward to the formerly excluded demanding to expand this concept of “democracy” and hence political power.

If Obama and his ilk were to return to the Republican Party the problem would be presumably solved. So, returning the democrats to FDR would certainly be better for the masses of people we need to keep in mind they, as was FDR, are invested in capitalism.


I wrote this before on another article but will say it again. I saw AOC on Chris Hayes show and as always she is so impressive and articulate and I love her even more now that she endorsed Bernie. And Thank god there is a Bernie Sanders. We got one more shot and we cannot fail. Bernie 2020. !!!


Impossible to over-estimate how substantial an asset AO-C is, especially with the voters Bernie needs to get excited, get committed, and show up at the voting booths. Young, diverse, ready to fight.


…and the guts


Those Democrats that say the party is veering too far to the left, have been on their knees so long begging for money, they cannot tell left from right.

Or, right from wrong.


Another person who is making a GREAT difference in the move away from GREED CAPITALISM:


The Clintonista & OhBummer wing of the Democratic Party coalition are seeing their water carriers falling down the well, instead of steppin’ and fetchin’ it. It being the corporate agenda, of course. Biden, Harris, Klobachur, Booker and The South Bend Buddha are going to have to knock each other out to get to the Sanders/Warren stage; where they can play the DNC’s " inevitably card ", at a brokered convention. Vultures acting out the same rituals of the vulture capitalist culture they implicitly support by their choir singing of " No, notta, never, can’t be done. "
AO-C versus The South Bend Buddha? Progressives want this juxtaposition.


No one must be more thrilled than Barbara Lee. She has been a very lonely voice in the House fighting against neoliberalism and the militarization of the country. She finally has a few people to watch her back. If Bernie expects to get anything done, he will push hard for Lee to replace Pelosi, who would be nothing but an anchor on his agenda.


Yeah, boy her election was up in the air for a couple of days it seemed.

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Sawant is correct that it was not just Amazon and Bezos who poured cash into this Seattle City Council election to try to defeat popular left and liberal candidates. i received multiple email appeals from two organizations, both pushing a propaganda campaign of “change” for the City Council – “change” by voting for the identical slate of corporate-friendly candidates they both backed.

i looked up the Public Disclosure Commission records of donors to these two organizations (People For Seattle, and Civic Alliance for a Sound Economy), and their top donors were real estate developers and tech millionaires. The 1%, not just Jeff Bezos, funded the fake campaign against all the decent candidates (not just against Sawant). And they failed (this time!)

They will of course be back, corporate zombies that they are. We need to build a genuine grassroots wave that crashes their yachts, and prevents them from endlessly returning to try again to bamboozle us.

(During the campaign i replied more than once to both organizations, and told them they were propaganda for the wealthy and they should go eff themselves. i was surprised and happy when their multi-million dollar propaganda effort failed.)


Count me in.

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I always forget about her. Briefly thought she might be a really good VP for Bernie but then found out she is 73, almost as old as Bernie, and he has said, after the most important criteria being a strong progressive, he wanted someone younger as a VP. Of course he didn’t say how much younger, but I don’t think two 70 year olds would be a great look right now. Though if it isn’t Nina, then I could get on the Barbara Lee train, despite her age. Though as you say, Speaker may be an even better role for her. Isn’t it great that we actually have multiple Progressives to choose from and talk about this election cycle.


And…Bernie won’t crap on them like Obama. Sarah Palin was right about one thing…“how’s that hopey changey working out for ya?”


Alliances will create majority support for a progressive, we are capitalists (admit it or not) and dramatic change is not about to happen. Universal healthcare would be a big step forward. Cannot allow the opposition to define us as Socialists (although our heart is there), we must define the opposition as corrupt (even facist) - everyone hates corruption. Cannot let the election be choice between ideologies, it simply will not work in the progressive favor.

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FDR saved capitalism by forcing the wealthy and corporations to pay for social programs such as social security and unemployment insurance.


FDR suffered his personal struggle, he showed empathy and understood the misery and despair the populace were going through. He may have saved capitalism but I don’t think that was his major goal.

“As you get older it is harder to have heroes, but it is sort of necessary.”
― Ernest Hemingway