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Democrats, Says Ocasio-Cortez, Have Compromised Away "Too Much of Who We're Suppose to Be"


Democrats, Says Ocasio-Cortez, Have Compromised Away "Too Much of Who We're Suppose to Be"

Jon Queally, staff writer

In addition to calling for a 70 percent marginal tax rate on the wealthiest Americans, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) will explain during a 60 Minutes interview that will air in full on Sunday evening why she believes Democrats have compromised away "too much" in recent years and have lost track of the party's purpose and mission.


Whoever thinks she’s too young to be President, remember who you turn to when your computer gives you problems.


Make America Great Again, like it was when we taxed the Super-rich at 90%.


I Love this Girl From The Bronx.

She is the Antithesis of what Hillary represented. Can you imagine that the Dems gave us the warmonger Hillary to represent our values?

Ocasio-Cortez is the breath of fresh air the Dems needed to arouse them from their slumber.

Finally we have an intelligent voice to echo the compassion of an FDR and bring back social security type legislation to create a more Egalitarian Nation.

We Progressives know that Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez is intelligently defending the Liberal Banner, because Fox News is going after her with an axe.


IF there is any hope of turning the Dems around, it is voices like AOC that will get it done. Clearly it’s too late to reform the Establishment Dems, but perhaps they can be shamed into retiring sooner or later. The problem with going Green (I voted for Jill) is that the MSM is complicit in thwarting third party attempts. As long as media is held by the rich and powerful, it can’t be done.


An Extinction Event like Climate Change or Global Warming, to be more precise, can Not be compromised! Cortez is right. We have given to much to the Dark Side, which must be fixed first before we can move forward.


This middle aged white male says that a woman’s place is in government!


But then the Green MOC, and let’s face it there won’t be many, WILL STILL HAVE TO FIGHT THE DEMOCRATIC ESTABLISHMENT. They will be in the same, maybe worse, situation that the few progressive D’s are in now. Greens…want to get your agenda into Congress? Run as a Democrat in their primaries…AND WIN. Then switch party affiliation upon being sworn in. You run on your principles, so you give up nothing, and you gain everything


That’s too simplistic.
Remember that was the time before the rest of the world’s manufacturing had recovered from WWII and the US had it all; an open field with no opponent.
That being said, I’m not against higher tax rates on the rich but don’t expect it to make America great again.


Or, run as both a Democrat and a Green, just as Joe Crowley ran as a Democrat and a Working Families Party candidate.


Maybe when the Greens start doing a better job of communicating that to the public.


I knew about the situation but not the specifics. Was his name on the ballot twice?


Well, in the general election it would have been had he won the Democratic Primary. I believe it was in previous years. My point is that the Green Party would be well advised to start nominating progressive candidates who are also nominated by the Democratic Party. Then, for the first time, they would have elected members of Congress.


The baby boomers took good care of themselves, welfare, subsidized housing, food stamps, affordable education, college loans, pensions in their jobs, health insurance, low costs for real estate, fair wages and union protections, etc. The same generation is doing nothing to provide ongoing equal protections for their “babies”, their children, the millennial’s, yet still maintain a chokehold on government offices. Generations who follow boomers have far less advantages than their parents, and seem to receive no empathy from the baby boomers who are still in charge. Boomers’ “chokehold” will soon break, whatever their current position is.

Items in bold text are basically gone for other generations


You are so right about a breath of fresh air represented by AOC. Bernie has had the right message all along, but hearing the words oligarch, Koch bro’s, medicare for all, without a change-up sounds boring and old hat after this many repeats. Great message, but needs a fresh messenger.


The green party doesn’t really exist in the same plane as the others. Its poorly organized, not funded, and quite frankly, mismanaged. While in principle the Green party is superior to the alternatives, it just cant seem to bring itself together to a cohesive unified and focused movement that will have a real political impact. Part of this is because of the ongoing and deliberately promoted notion that voting green is a wasted vote, which is wrong, (in fact the inverse is true - voting democrat is a waste as we have seen), but also because the media gives them no voice.


Though I know she is not perfect, I think Ocasio-Cortez is awesome. Its is clear, however, that the Party leadership is marginalizing her and will continue to do so. As good as the policy changes and initiatives she promotes may be, without a strong, vocal, and active movement built to back her, and more importantly, the social justice agenda she promotes, the Party power structure will ensure that Ocasio-Cortez is sidelined and will undermine her efforts for re-election.


Every generation essentially makes the same claim. Your statement is full of holes and is a vast generalization. Divide and conquer … the right loves this kind of “logic”.


Really, Why do you love it?


I hope no one tags her as VP material. Her fire is needed in congress at this time. But what the country, and especially the millennial’s, need is an RFK to run for president. Are there any like him out there?