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Democrats Shamed for Supporting Gina Haspel, CIA Nominee Who Oversaw 'Chaining Detainees to Ceiling for Days, Naked or in Diapers'


Democrats Shamed for Supporting Gina Haspel, CIA Nominee Who Oversaw 'Chaining Detainees to Ceiling for Days, Naked or in Diapers'

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

After the Senate Intelligence Committee on Wednesday advanced Gina Haspel's nomination to direct the CIA despite the key role she played in agency's post-9/11 torture program, the full chamber is poised to offer its final approval—with the large majority of Republicans and at least five Democrats pledging to


Memo to ACLU:

Waterboarding isn’t “simulated” drowning. It’s actual drowning that’s interrupted, so victims can catch their breath for a few moments, and is then resumed.

With that said, it comes as no surprise that corporate media reports on the Haspel hearings use terms like “harsh interrogation techniques” when what they describe would be rightly called torture when done to a captured US soldier; in fact, in the aftermath of WW2, the US tried and executed a number of Japanese officers for doing the exact same thing.


By now, no one should be surprised at this. This is the same handful of regressive Democrats who keep the party solidly anchored with one foot in the Republican party. It’s the same handful of faux Ds who continually neutralize and attempt at passing progressive legislation, leaving the party with a mediocre middle core.

The left/progressive element in the party can try to sell reform all they want, but until the party deals with these Republican transplants within the party and until the party establishment starts actively supporting progressive ideals and candidates, Bernie Sanders and progressive-leaning Democrats are selling a car with no engine by telling anyone to vote Democrat.


This is not about two pig senators and a committee vote. This is about the history of the U.S. Duopoly business party that has dominated U.S. politics at least since the end of WW2 – and a failure of U.S. leftists to organize opposition parties and movements that include a clear anti-white-supremacist, anti-imperialist agenda.


I am sure this won’t hurt the turnout to vote for the Dems come mid-terms at all…


Exactly. Are the so-called progressives even calling for the pro-torturers to be kicked out of the party? I didn’t hear any calls from the lib/progs and “independent” to kick them out.


For the DNC to even consider kicking these DINOs out of the Party, these congresscritters would need to introduce a bill advocating single payer medical insurance or restoring New Deal regulations…upsatting the Party’s corporate bribers, er donors.


And there’s this: If I ever hear the phrase “In a series of Tweets…” again about something as important to human beings as the reality fo torture, I’m really going to puke.


This is a vivid illustration of how little (if anything) will change if there is a “blue wave” in November.


Don’t underestimate the DNC hand picking them to make sure this passes. If there weren’t enough GOP there would suddenly be more Dem votes to get her in. These ones are probably not up for immediate re-election or are in states where there’s no chance they’ll lose to the opposite side of the duopoly, or for voting for Haspel.


She’s the first female CIA director. Fox is calling it a historic day - for women.

As a female I find this appalling. I suppose there are a lot of Hillary voters who would cheer though. They didn’t care about Hillary’s far worse on people getting maimed and killed, war record, and made it all about a woman getting in.

No, I don’t want a sociopath to be the first female anything thanks.


Therefore, a government that embraces torture is the enemy of its own people…


“We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality — judiciously, as you will — we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors . . . and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.” Pig Boy


I guess the corporate sell out Dems that voted for Haspel didn’t watch the returns from last nights primaries. Their fellow Clintonian scum lost big time to “democratic socialists”, yet then locked arms and voted for anther war criminal believing it will give them street cred with conservative voters back home.
The helpless, dickless, hopeless Dems still beleive the biggest lie ever told by Slick Willy, that he won in '92 because conservatives crossed over and voted for him. Anybody in know can tell you he only won because of the votes that Perot stole from Bush the elder. Without Old Ross in the race Clinton easily loses 53-47, and maybe 55-45.
If the dimmos don’t wake up they will lose ground in the senate, perhaps only narrow the gap in the house, and lose a couple of more state governorships. They need liberals to save their asses. We always have in the past. But this time, I’m just not sure…


Someone should go to Democratic Underground and tell that major Hillary support site - who are no doubt raging against Haspel right now, “You just hate women!”

And then refuse to answer to it when they point out Haspel’s record and insist it’s the first female CIA director and they hate women if they don’t support her. I’d do it but I was kicked out in 2016 for supporting Sanders.


I considered doing it. But then I realized they’d just assume I was a Republican, even if I told them I was to their Left and trying to show them their hypocrisy- they’d assume I was lying or that Leftists really do support the Right.

This is the problem. They always will assume that when they lose it’s because they’re not conservative enough.


I too was kicked out of the so called “progressive site” for writing an article that was an antiwar piece that just questioned HRC’s role in the Libya debacle. Some strange feminists (who are apolitical otherwise) have said since the 60’s the problem is not that DOW makes napalm but that DOW does not have a female CEO. This is why the economic policies that unite the left and various sub groups need unending support. Further condemning war criminals regardless of sex or religion is something that unites not divides. When you become so enamored with your group, race or religion that you excuse criminal behavior because it is more important…fill in the blanks, that keeps people away and is alienating not uniting. Calls to try Hillary’s fav. Sec. of State H. K. (aka Dr. Strangelove)still unite the left after five decades. Supporting torture really fractures the Democratic Party and is why Sanders won’t declare himself a Democrat or at least one of the reasons.


Pure Filth, utterly inhumane, jail her…


American society is degenerate to the core and the US congress is the worst of all. It actually doesn’t know right from wrong and will do anything and everything that makes them money. their very souls have been bought and sold by Satan and other billionaires.


Those who say they will vote for Haspel the torturer and destroyer of evidence show how little they regard justice and how they believe that the privileged should not be held responsible for their actions, Haspel’s and other’s actions should be simple swept under the rug. How can these “lawmakers” be taken seriously when they say they will hold other (often less privileged) people accountable.