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Democrats Should Be Nervous About Trump's Already Extraordinarily Well-Funded Reelection Effort

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/06/democrats-should-be-nervous-about-trumps-already-extraordinarily-well-funded

Trump needs the country to be in fear to mobilize those willing to abdicate their freedom in lieu of an authoritarian “leader”. Yes, it is crazy that anyone is still left who has not seen through him. (Read Richard Hofstadter’s (1963) Anti-Intellectualism In America if you are wondering how this is possible.) Through head fakes and his random poking of the nation’s psyche, the threats of more environmental issues, nuclear war, cultural degradation, and stochastic terrorism are likely to accelerate as the 2020 election draws near. Buckle up, buck up and Bernie Up is my advice. Let’s help the pendulum sweep the orange menace from his pedestal.


What is the point of this mostly vapid sophomoric pap? Maybe I’m missing it but you can do far better by calling-out the DINO Clinton-Obama- neo-liberal wing and its machinations. Their diversions from critical issues and DINO leaders complicity with the oligarchy and duopoly business as usual, plus evading the pushing of Wall Street Joe on voters to stop/sabotage Bernie Sanders (much like Obama recruited “Uncle” Tom Perez to stop Keith Ellison & maintain control of the DNC) - among other’s - not unlike suppressing the broader debate of what is happening with (Palestine) - with the complicit DINO establishment"

Your March 5 piece in the NY Intelligencer on Illan Omars comments vis a vis Israel, and the predictable attacks by DINO pro-Israel and AIPAC sycophants on her, is far more nuanced and meaningful.

“When Schumer says that America “must stand strong with Israel,” he means that it must block any and all efforts to liberate Palestinians from race-based oppression.”

“Omar’s remarks about Zionists were insensitive and counterproductive. But her colleagues’ enthusiastic support for the subjugation of Palestinians is something much worse. And when we criticize the former — without acknowledging the latter — we do precisely what Omar feared; we suppress “the broader debate of what is happening with Palestine.”


Wonder if Bernie and his team have come up with a different strategy this time? I mean, he’s gotta know that the Dem establishment and the media are at it again to submarine his candidacy.

If I were him, I’d join forces with Tulsi and run as an independent. But he won’t. He’ll probably get in line like he did the last time around.

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considering the DNC will almost certainly ensure a neoliberal is nominated, I’m already penciling in President Dipstick for another 4 years of uncontrolled mayhem that, frankly, we deserve. The world doesn’t, but we do.

I guarantee that the lesson “learned” by the Austerity Squad in 2016 was this: “we shoulda lied better in the rustbelt.”

I doubt we’ll see another serious election in America’s current incarnation again. It’s going to be one ‘frick n’ frack’ fiasco after another. I’m holding on for George Clooney versus James Woods in 2024.


Trump and the Repugnantins have absolutely NOTHING to offer America or the world, and neither do the Dems. The desperate populace, while still harboring differences along the lines of old Rep vs. Dem parties, are UNIFIED in wanting healthcare, education, getting money out of politics, ending the oligarchic rule of banks and corporations - all by anywhere from 2:1 to 10:1. And BOTH parties conspire with the plutocrats to keep the entire world in serfdom for the enrichment of their masters. The ONLY remedy will require mass uprisings and overthrow of the existing order. Until the masses wrap their collective head around that, expect nothing but more of the same-ole same-ole.

There is currently no one on the stage with the necessary credentials. Our greatest danger is NOT becoming too radical or extreme, but not being radical or extreme ENOUGH.


Where’s that football field sized meteor when you need it?

Lets be real clear Eric, the Dem’s “ratfucked” themselves in 2016, they didn’t need, and received very little help from the Kremlin (much less than the US does in other countries). You need a little more study on the subject matter.
I take a different view on the 2020 Presidential elections. When you scan the net’s comment sections in a wide variety of areas, Trump is toast, unless the Dem’s put forward another neo-liberal. The independents that are required for either side to win, are ashamed, and embarrassed they were fooled by Trump in 2016, and most will say “never again”. Without these voters, Trump can’t win period.
So it’s really up to the DNC and all of their “ratfucking”, do you want to coast to victory with a progressive, or lose again with an old guard DINO?

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Oh please, Clooney is way prettier than Woods, everyone knows that :))))

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C’mon–Hillary herself said that the Russians hacked her email. What more evidence do you need?

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Yes, and what better way to put the country in fear? Answer, attack Iran!

In 2016 Bernie said: " we need to back the Democratic nominee for POTUS " ( NO MATTER HOW CORRUPT! ).
We can be sure that Bernie will do the same in 2020 and back Biden.


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Bernie’s not running against Clinton, who had a quarter century of right wing media vilification behind her and her own legitimate issues. Nate Silver noted that a decent portion of Sanders’s support last time was anti-HRC, not pro-Sanders. It’s why a bunch of voters that planned to vote for Trump in the general came out to vote for him in places like West Virginia with open primaries after Trump sewed up the nomination. Sanders isn’t running in a primary where he can count on those voters.

What’s more problematic to me, is he needs voters that didn’t vote for him last time, especially in a primary field this large. If he can’t get some former Clinton voters, he’ll lose. That’s why telling folks who didn’t vote for you the last time repeatedly that you only lost because of the DNC et al. is short-sited. Those folks didn’t vote for you, they know they didn’t vote for you (by millions of votes), and they are making choices too this primary. Other than inside baseball adherents who think everything is a conspiracy against True Progressivism, it looks like sour grapes, not exactly a compelling campaign strategy. Add in age issues, which polling shows clearly matters to voters, and Sanders is facing headwinds that have little to do with the media or “establishment” (Ro Khanna, who represents very wealthy tech people here in California, is establishment, right?).

The above being said, Sanders is still doing well in polls and very much has a shot. We are watching Biden do what he does in presidential primaries and we’ll see where his voters go if he ends up tanking (my hope) like the last two times. Sanders is hardly out of things and it’s not hard to see him moving up again.

How about real evidence, so far none has been provided, I don’t consider what Hillary or the DNC say, as evidence. If they are so honest, why destroy evidence (DNC servers) instead of handing it over to law enforcement? There is evidence to dispute these claims, try Craig Murray’s site, consortium news, and Moon of Alabama site archives just to name a few.
The “ratfucking” I refer to in my post above, was the treatment Sanders received from the DNC and their operatives in the primaries leading up to 2016, it cost them the Presidential election, every poll I know of at that time, had Sanders defeating Trump, some by large numbers. With all of the expensive election expert services the party pays for, are we supposed to believe the DNC didn’t have this information as well?


As long as we’re talking conspiracy theories, since the DNC was hacked or leaked, depending on which theory you prefer to believe, what better way to cover up the fact that a disgruntled DNC staffer, namely Seth Rich, leaked the emails to Assange, and the DNC had him extinguished for doing it.

The DNC desperately needed a cover story and the Russian one was the one they chose.

They bought the DC police, destroyed Seth’s computer, disappeared the killers.


Oops, better not talk too loud.

I might get disappeared.

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That’s not what happened, it’s straight misinformation. No evidence was destroyed. The DNC and Crowdstrike imaged the servers and gave them to the FBI. Comey testified to this in March 2017. The IG was critical of this disinformation and of Comey and his claim intimating the potential hack of Clinton’s personal server. FBI investigators actually watched the hackers hack into a server located in Arizona. They wouldn’t have been able to do that otherwise.

The hack vs leak issue is not a “theory”. Bill Binney, ex-NSA (and very qualified), now with consortium news can prove it was a leak, and has not been challenged since putting this information forward. I agree the evidence points to Rich, but we don’t have final conformation, Assange and Murray could possibly clear this up, if they had been interviewed. check out the third and fifth story from the top in the link below.


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You do realize you’re second link contradicts itself, at one point claiming there were no servers, then claiming to show a picture of the server used.
I’ll stick to the professionals I linked to in my post to PB above (third and fifth stories from the top of the page) and the link I provide below, they haven’t wavered over time, and Binney has offered anyone to prove him wrong, no one has yet. I don’t know what the FBI was watching (you’re first link), but it wasn’t a hack. There’s also corroborating story at Moon of Alabama on the subject, and Aron Mate at the Real Clear Investigations.


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Democrats will have to worry about Trump soon enough. But they have been worrying about him for three years now, including the nonsense about “Russian operations,” which does not become more convincing buoyed by the exotic and vague vocabulary.

Democrats have to worry about what they failed to accomplish in’16: they need to produce a candidate. Yes, it would be great if the candidate were not under federal investigation. It would be great if the candidate were not accepting campaign funds from various foreign governments as well.

But I think that the rank and file of the Democratic Party deserve a good deal more than that. So do the rest of us, actually. Donald Trump was an oaf and a bit of a patsy in '16, and he still is today. He has his supporters, and by now it ought to be clear enough that the Democrats could well lose again.

The central party and the major commercial media are still trying to sell Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and the like, as they have tried to sell a list of controllable and further-right-than-thou nobodies since 2016. One after another has fallen through because most potential Democratic voters are not happy with their politics, and a growing percentage realize that being other than straight-white-male does not necessarily make one less corporatist, more democratic, against exploitation, or even more empathic with genders or minorities.

It is not yet time to look away from the Democratic Party’s own process of choosing its candidate. Donald Trump is not going to decide whether the Democrats run a candidate worth voting for. For the moment and almost certainly until close to the conventions, in terms of campaigning though not in terms of government, Donald Trump is a distraction.

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It doesn’t contradict itself at all. Just read:

“The short answer is that “the server” that Trump is referring to is sitting in a DNC office in Washington, DC—the New York Times has a photo of it here. The long answer is that there is no “server”—there are many different servers and pieces of internet infrastructure in question, and the United States intelligence community and independent security researchers have examined much of it and have all reached the same conclusion: Russia hacked the DNC.”

That is not a contradiction whatsoever. Of course, you can also read the hacking indictments themselves and the details about how the FBI watched the actual hackers too.