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Democrats Should Finally Put Superdelegates Behind Them


Democrats Should Finally Put Superdelegates Behind Them

Norman Solomon

The schedulers for this coming week’s Democratic National Committee meeting either have a sly sense of irony or a touch of historical amnesia. Why else would they set the DNC’s most important vote in many years for Chicago on the day before the 50th anniversary of the start of the party’s disastrous convention in that city?


I agree with Norman.

But there is much more that Democrats should put behind them. Here’s a short list:

Democrats should put Wall Street behind them.
Democrats should put predatory finance capitalism behind them.
Democrats should put warmongering behind them.
Democrats should put Russiagate and Russophobia behind them.
Democrats should put Hillary’s disgraceful 2016 campaign behind them.
Democrats should put mindless manipulative identity politics behind them.
Democrats should put the nihilistic murderous lying intelligence agencies behind them.
Democrats should put Steve Schumer behind them.

Now it’s your turn.

Democrats should put _______ behind them.

The list is endless.


I suggest.

Persons claiming themselves as Progressives, put the Democrats behind them.


There is no particular reason why a political party has to pick it’s candidates democratically. The party leaders can simply pick the candidates. A political party can set its own rules. It was George McGovern who after the 1968 convention was a leader in turning over the decision making process to the voters. The voters promptly selected McGovern to be the candidate in 1972 and he won Massachusetts and Richard Nixon won the other 49 states. The superdelegates in theory give the party some leaders some say in case the voters choose a delegate who is simply unacceptable to the party. But in practice the superdelegates have always in the end gone along with candidate selected by the voters. The superdelegates are now basically being using by progressive leaders to whip up anger against the party establishment. If the party decides to get rid of the superdelegates the progressive leaders will simply find something else to use in order to attack the establishment. The Republican establishment was thrown out and replaced by a new establishment focused on hating almost everyone but white christian Americans. The Democratic establishment so far had held its own but it will continually be battered by the progressives who hope to replace it with their own establishment. The superdelegate issue in one chapter in this long continuing battle.


Democrats should finally put oligarchy bribes behind them.

Everything else is lipstick on a pig.


It may come to that. But let us see how the progressives do at the convention before taking extreme actions. THIS time will be different for those of us who supported BERNIE, still do, and will not be denied a second time. Also on the agenda is a showdown with those who are horrified with the new rules regarding donations from the filthy coal/oil industry.


What exactly are your goals posting to this site? Are you interested in getting more people to vote for the Democrat vs. not voting or voting 3rd party? No one here is voting Republican or if they are and are trolling here, you’ll have no hope of converting them to anything. You are doing an absolutely terrible job if your job is to make us like the Democratic party more. Don’t you know this was the exact argument the lawyer made in Florida and it pisses off most of us to no end? "Hey we could elect candidates in smoke filled rooms, so don’t hold us accountable to any text written into our charter about “impartiality and evenhandedness”.

Also, your argument is pathetic on a number of other fronts. What kind of democracy is it when two parties have a stranglehold on who gets into the Presidency and most other national offices AND we have no say in the primaries. Way to get people excited to vote for Democrats Lrx - you aren’t helping us who advocate for the inside strategy one damn bit. And you never addressed the point Norman and many of us here have made multiple times - Superdelagates skewed the system away from impartiality by announcing their intention to vote for Clinton BEFORE the outcome of the primary was known. Your argument that they don’t overrule to will of the voters is not pertinent to this criticicism.

Superdelagates should simply be eliminated. The party’s compromise of having them only influence the outcome if no one gets a majority is barely tolerable for now. You advocate for the status quo which is losing strategy.


Perhaps your question is rhetorical, but to answer:

Lrx is here to push DNC talking points, and to support the entrenched corporate sell-out power structure of the Democratic Party.

Either way he does a terrible job. But in the latter case, that’s because no-one can effectively sell what the insider corporate sell-out DNC power structure is selling.


Hi DARA , yes I agree. In a real democratic republic why would there be SUPER delegates? Delegates would be just fine, because we are people and there are no SUPERpeople…well. except in some delegates’ minds. : )


Best post today!


The Democrats are pigs.

On the spit.

They just don’t know it.


"Fifty years later, the national Democratic Party can take a big step toward becoming worthy of its name."

You are sooooo dreamin’ . . .


This is how oligarchy rigged the system to divide and conquer.

Pols take the bribes and survive, or turn them down and lose.


Solomon sez: “On the agenda, with strong support from DNC Chairman Tom Perez, is a proposal that would effectively eliminate the voting power of superdelegates on the first ballot for the nomination.”

Is this the same Tom Perez who exhibited ‘strong support’ for a ban on fossil fuel contributions … until he didn’t?


The demands we make of the Democrats are noble and just, but I notice we’re not making similar demands of the Republicans.

I suppose most people would say the reason for that is quite obvious–no one could ever expect the Republicans to even want to meet those demands.

So the fact that we are making those demands of the Democrats suggests that no matter how cynical we are, no matter how many times Lucy has yanked the football away from Charlie Brown (wish I could remember who from this site first made that analogy,) some of us still think the Democratic Party has enough justice in it left to come around. The same way that some of us call the Dems “spineless,” suggesting that they do in fact want to do what’s right, but either they lack the courage, or from a perspective of clever strategy have determined that justice should be once again postponed.

How far to the right do the Dems have to move before we decide there’s enough evidence to say that they don’t actually care about justice?


Maybe as far as the law goes there is no such reason, but if you read this article and the very many others like it, you realize that people are leaving the Democratic Party, and the fact that they have no say, or an extremely limited say in the party’s values and candidates, means there certainly is a particular reason for the party to behave democratically.

Maybe it should also be pointed out how ironic it is that the “Democratic” party is the least democratic party this country has ever seen.


Exactly so Sam!

The fantasy so many people have swallowed is that the “Democratic Party” is made-up of its adherents…to represent the voters and our issues…rather than a wholly-dominated mechanism for those who have gained control of that party and hold onto power for their own benefit and profit and that of their masters!

There was some ability of the “grass roots” to actually have a voice within the party during past times but that arguably ended with Bill Clinton and expanded into Obama’s tenure, culminating with foisting the heir apparent, Hillary the Red Queen, so loathed and despised for good reason, on the DP “rank and file” - actually the American people! Both those administrations expanded narrow power serving wealth and exploitation, much the same as R’Cons, betraying the people and a more “democratic” party to continue building their charade of BS “centrism”, actually serving corporate/banker/wall street/war-whore’s!

Now we have a very narrow range of so-called “representation” by both parties…one depraved and greed-driven to our faces -like “trumpism”, the other much the same, serving the same masters behind our backs and deceiving us with worthless promises, overt lies and deceit! The promise of “reform” and a more progressive party all lies and BS!

What the people must do is either take back/over the charade private-enterprise “representation” the DP elite/establishment sellout scum have usurped, or form a new party, conceived in honesty and representation of, by and for the Common Good…not common greed and endless for-profit war!..easier said than done…it seems we are increasingly close to “done” unless some defining catalyst can get people…the 99%…into vehement action to demand and accomplish the ousting of the “owners” of the Democratic party mechanism…Building a new mechanism (party) for honest representation ain’t easy either…witness the Greens who have the platform but cannot perform…


I have been saying, ever since the ruinous 2016 Democratic primary season, that our Party should get rid of the Superdelegates. Before any caucus or primary took place, hundreds of Democratic Party leaders declared for a candidate whom everyone knew to be deeply flawed and supremely vulnerable to opposition attack. They suppressed the candidacy of the one person who provided a viable alternative to an equally flawed Republican candidate.

The Superdelegates are the heirs to the mid-20th-century Democrat Machines that operated in large urban areas to predetermine the outcomes of local elections. Most notable was that of Mayor Richard J. Daley, who had a stranglehold on Chicago politics for more than two decades.

The Superdelegate system is corrupt and must be eliminated in order for the Democratic Party to properly serve the people of the United States in this new millennium.


I basically agree with the main point of your post, except for the part about giving the Dems a little more rope (unless, of course, it’s rope for them to hang themselves with).

With the Repugs it is, of course, hopeless, though at least their libertarian wing cares about basic civil liberties.

There are more than enough disaffected former and/or skeptical Dem voters and former and/or skeptical Repug voters to form a viable third party of the disenfranchised. Enough of the fake Nazi/identity divisionism! Unite and fight the power!


there’s zero chance of that happening until Democrats learn how to punish their party. Their reliable compliance in the face of lesser evilism prevents any such “reform” from occurring, and its the superdelegates that are the primary reason that the party cannot be “reformed” from within. That’s their bloody purpose!

Democrats have been successful at scaring the daylights out of their voting base for so many years now that there just is no motivation at all to concede an ounce of power to the better impulses remaining in the ranks. The problem isn’t the party: it’s the voters. They’re consummate cowards when it comes to learning the fine art of bludgeoning leadership to comply. But they have to learn how to lose in order to win. And I’ve never seen the Democratic base come within sniffing distance of this knowledge in over 4 decades.

And they ain’t doing it now. “But…but…Trump!” And it works like a charm. All the time. Every time.