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Democrats Should Oppose Trump and Republican Party—But Also Present Better Ideas


Democrats Should Oppose Trump and Republican Party—But Also Present Better Ideas

Shaun King

I've never voted for a Republican a single day in my life, but as an American, I found what the Republican Party pulled last week to be deeply embarrassing. For the past eight years the Republicans based most of their identity on opposing and repealing and replacing Obamacare. They held more than 60 different nearly unanimous votes over that period demanding that it be repealed. Then, with full control of the House, the Senate and the Presidency, when it came time for them to repeal and replace it, moments before the vote was to be held, they took their ball and went home.


Let's be clear about one thing. What sunk the Republicans 'Healthcare Bill' was pure greed and hatred. Trump, Bannon, Ryan, and all the other mental defectives that had a hand in crafting that bill, have no business being any where near a legislative body. They do not represent Americans, they represent corporate interests and the top 1%.


Once Democrats renounce Corporate Money and Influence, once and for all, as Bernie did, then they will be a viable Opposition Party, and not before.

They can introduce all the ideas they want, but in the end their loyalty will still be to their Money Sources, and all we will get are the usual Apologies and minimal Results.


"To me, it amounts to admission that the Republican Party itself has no idea who they are or what they stand for."

Both parties stand for taking working people's money and making rich people richer. The Republicans are just more open and honest about it. Look at their records for the past forty years (or more).

I agree with the overall point of this op-ed - just not its breathtaking ignorance. The Democrats should do more than just oppose Trump. They should present ideas that actually benefit the vast majority of Americans, and that most Americans already support.

But they won't, because that isn't what they stand for.


Bernie Sanders is essentially waging a one man campaign of alternatives to every one of Trump and the Republican's policies. I'll put any past differences I have with him, aside, and back him in this. However, at this point, Bernie Sanders does NOT represent the Democratic party. Where are all the Democrats with their proposals?

Truth is, much of the party remains fully entrenched in the Obama-Clinton camp and wants nothing to do with Sanders and his populist ideas. This camp seems fully content to run, once again, on a "we are not Trump" platform in 2018. No way will they break their addiction to big money and bite the wealthy hands that feed them.


dahlia 11: "breathtaking ignorance" wonderful phrase, and oh so apt.


I agree entirely with the argument that King is articulating here. Having said that, these “The Democrats should do…” articles are getting tiring. Is it not obvious that the Democrats will do what their donors tell them to? Is it not obvious that the people that have run the party into the ground have a deep hatred and have utter contempt for the left? One of the things that became obvious in this whole debate was that the right wing clearly has no ideas. Well, neither do Democrats. They won’t do things that anger their donors, and they refuse to critically think about the economic policies they’ve committed themselves to since at least Clinton, they will not do anything substantial about things like NAFTA or the WTO, so what exactly could they do to create a more equitable and environmentally sustainable economic system? Pelosi is horrible at communicating even the most basic ideas, has said the party doesn’t want change and will not even articulate tepid support for anything approximating single payer. So, what exactly will they do to improve the ACA? Have they bothered to actually say? The people running the DNC could at least be decent human beings and step aside, they’ve failed, they are deeply unpopular and they can’t even beet horrible candidates like Trump anymore, but doing so would ruin their money train and their access to power. Maybe we should stop talking about these parties collapsing and instead talk about the system itself, since they run and control the system and the system clearly cannot be reformed from within.


The establishment Democratic Party is totally captive of and beholden to their own set of selfish billionaires. Mostly to Haim Saban, the extreme Zionist who is not only the largest single donor to the party, but also the largest donor to the Clinton Priorities USA super PAC. He owns Hillary and Bill and the party. He vacations with the Clintons. He is the reason that Hillary denounced supporters of the Sanctions Movement against Israel as anti-Semitic. Between him and the other large party donors, you and I have absolutely NO SAY in what the party stands for or does. This is a major reason why I left the Democrats for the Green Party. That plus the fact that there is no place in the party as it is currently controlled for real progressives.

The Green Party, on the other hand, has become the new home of disaffected and pissed-off Berniecrats. We have quickly moved into positions of leadership in the Green Party, and will have a major say in it's direction and platform for the next election cycle. It is going to be a great ride for those who believe, as I do, that it is a legitimate function of government to make the lives of average, and poor people better, as well as for anyone who cares about the future of all life on Earth.

Our goal is simply this: We are out to end and replace the Democratic Party as one of the two major political parties. The Democratic Party needs to go the way of the Whigs. If, as we keep being told, there is only room in the U. S. political system for two parties that have a chance of winning, then the Democrats must die. They cannot be reformed. The entrenched leadership will not change or get out of the way. Therefore, we will go around them and defeat them once and for all.

This is a plea to all who consider themselves to be real progressives and lefties. Please come and join us. Together we will build a revamped Green Party that already has ballot access in many states, a name that is known, and a mission that we can get behind. You will be welcome with open arms, asked for your input, and asked to help run the party and maybe run for office as well! Let's see that happen in the hidebound Democratic Party! We have a lot to do before 2018, but the process has to begin somewhere. #Demexit 2017!


The DP is totally controlled/dominated by the establishment shills representing the obverse of the R'Con corporate/banker/exploitation 1% coin/swine as has been obvious for a very long time - they have no better ideas! Their controllers dictate direction (HRC nomination) that led to the recent debacle and disaster for America and the world, but still they refuse to really alter course - they have no vibrant opposition or ideas or plan to build a progressive base - witness the Clinton and Obama prez tenures!

The DP has proven time and time again they and their so-called "strategists" are idiots without a viable plan - bought by big-money campaign-contribution bribes and special interests - they do not have a backbone or any commitment to progressive/left issues - 99% issues - quite the opposite! The little guy and gal and family are used just as R'Cons use people - the DP establishment are spineless shills for business as usual until dragged to a vague shadow of opposition, resistance, real reform, or any "return" to a progressive party - the only leaders of integrity and substance for the Common Good and sustainable future are Bernie Sanders and his progressive Wing - and that too damn few!!


This author proposes a true and wonderful idea.

What if the Democrats became the party of YES proposing true solutions and taking them to the people? What if those solutions served blue collar workers? What if they were good for people? What if they quit toadying to the military industrial complex?

And what if some of those, "You'll never sell THAT" ideas caught the imagination of the American people?

Just think how powerful that could be.

Yes, Dems! dream it and take it to the people.


They play the same game, as you say. Sure, they'll even present the ideas, but then they'll make sure they don't pass, just like the Republicans.


And no way will they get my vote. Perhaps if Warren runs and picks a Berner for VP.


i'm thinking Independent. Bernie is, and it's growing and has participated in a general election before, getting a good percentage.


A better idea is obviously that Democrats should live up to their name and have the demos, the public, vote on laws instead of politicians that mostly represent their Big Money donors.

Direct Democracy


Janet, that would be marvelous if the Democrats threw out all the old Establishment leaders and sympathizers, and started fresh with 'new' and 'progressive' ideas like Bernie proposed during his campaign.

Anyone here really believe that has a snowballs chance in hell of happening?

When I was about 10, my friend Howie and I were in my backyard with both our fathers. Howie had just got a scooter and we had been riding around on it, when we pulled up to where our fathers were talking and Howie says, 'In a couple years I'm going to get a motorcycle.'

Howies dad look down at him and said, "Son, if you're going to dream, dream big."

Sorry to be the 'party pooper' Janet. I was a lifelong Democrat until 2003 when the Democrats in Congress gave W. his little war. The two old parties are always embroiled in one form of corruption or another.

This country needs a party that will represent all of us, not just the top 1%, a party not beholding to corporate interests, banks, anyone.

I believe that party to be the Green Party.

Good luck finding your dream.


Why not do like Bernie, an Independent, and join the Democrats en masse to take over the Democratic party, like Bernie almost did singlehandedly?

It would be much easier for the Greens to win as Democrats, than as Greens who only got 0.3% of the vote.

Direct Democracy


They also are angry beings who feel entitled to do whatever. They say they work hard- at what I want to know.


I agree, only this neoliberalism and Wall Street have got to go. The only important issue is how we take care of our planet- our ONLY home. Plundering a planet for profit is a sickness, and is in direct violation to living with decent values.


These dems violated their own party and became republicats.


I totally agree with your critiques of the DNC Democratic Party, but I get left behind where placing a lot of hope in the Green Party is concerned.

I've had two different experiences of GP support, and don't feel that either one accomplished anything productive.

I won't re-belabor (extensively, anyway) the many hours I spent on the Nader campaign - or all the crap I got from "liberals" about it. A year later, my local chapter's "power behind the throne" stacked a meeting and purged a promising member because he didn't adequately "follow orders." I could not believe how non-progressive that was, and I never went back.

Last fall, when Bernie endorsed HRC, I cut ties with him and sent a $27 check to Jill2016. After a couple more of those, I also voted for her. Then, next thing I know, she's running around, not building the party, but appealing for DP recounts! WTF? (Wish I could get that money back.)

I wish the GP well, and if it seems to find a more focused - and activist - heading, I'll take another look, but for now there's not a lot of credibility there, AFAIC.