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Democrats Should Oppose Trump’s Military Spending Buildup


Democrats Should Oppose Trump’s Military Spending Buildup

Erica Etelson

There are numerous ways in which $80 billion could be wisely spent, but more weapons for war should not be among them


The author must have the Democrats confused with a group that doesn’t massively benefit from huge campaign contributions funneled into their coffers by the MIC.

Blood money, they name is duopoly.


The headline is incorrect. This is NOT Trump’s military build-up. Both wings of the Duopoly are in lock-step agreement on a U.S. imperial military that is the strongest (or at least most expensive) on Earth many times over. And that includes the “independents” as well. A few may nibble around the edges in terms of “efficiency” and “waste,” but it’s hard to find “full-scale global dominance” as the primary purpose of the U.S. military. Or you can substitute “national security” as a another cliche to describe these horrors.


They should but they didn’t and yet they just can’t figure out where to find money for Medicare for All. Democrats are the problem.


There are NO excuses …you are for imperialist amerika’s slaughter across the Planet…or you want Peace!


This is why Feinstein needs to be opposed in her reelection. And her defeat will send a real message. I think it is a winning issue to take on how much is being spent on the military.

Its amazing listening to McCain talk about how underfunded the military is.

Of course we won’t get a real discussion of what is the US doing in Africa—ow ya creating more terrorists. Top law makers did not even know the US had troops in NIger???DN showed the guy running the CIA saying he is going to be expanding the CIA’s footprint—great! More blow back.


Personally I want peace and all people to be able to have the opportunity to live healthy lives. That would include not getting blown up by our great weaponry.


Thanks to Ms. Etelson for showing the real nature of 2 prominent “Democrats”.
This shows once again that NEITHER PARTY IS ACCEPTABLE! Maybe not even survivable!
The popularity of both is rightly in the toilet.
But perhaps about 70% of the American people are unaware of the Green Party. (Thanks to corporate media.)
According to polls, a majority of Americans want a viable, decent, third
party. The Green Party can be that, as it
doesn’t require you to be a socialist to join, but it IS NON-CORPORATE, and it is on the ballot in almost all states.
We just need to make a priority of letting the public know it exists.
Our lives may depend on this, in the age of imperial nuclear hawk® vs. imperial nuclear hawk(D).
( Never mind the millions of people we have killed, and are killing in wars based on lies.)
“Don’t kill or die for a politician’s lie”.
(I said that.)


Great piece. Thanks for keeping the focus.


This is bullshit! more war, tax cuts, cut Medicare, more taxes for middleclass and lower this repeat of the Reagan years watch a crash is coming!!


edit/correction: “…hard not to find…”


The author is either confused or horribly, naive. The dem o rats are and have been, very good at pretending to be the opposition party.