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Democrats Should Release All "Committee Confidential" Kavanaugh Documents Now


Democrats Should Release All "Committee Confidential" Kavanaugh Documents Now

Thomas Neuburger

Under Democratic pressure, Republicans have given almost 200,000 pages of Brett Kavanaugh documents to the Senate Judiciary Committee, but they have not released them to the public. These documents cover, at a minimum, his long period of service in the Bush administration. Whatever else is contained in them is unknown.


There is a logical fallacy in assuming that those elected to represent the public really contemplate the public’s wishes or needs beyond the perfunctory attention required to obtain their offices. Once the illusion of democracy has been serviced all allusion to democracy is myth.


Is ‚Äúentering electoral darkness‚ÄĚ a euphemism for crossing the line into a new dark age ? With corporate control of gubmits spreading around the world and theocrat Pence waiting to pounce, the stage is indeed set to descend into a new dark age.

How many centuries did it take to emerge from the previous dark age ?


Of course the documents should be released. Transparency is a basic function of a healthy society. But these continuous calls for Kanaugh’s documents are ridiculous. He long ago proved himself to be a perjuring corporate pig, like most of the other Supremes.

Many have long been public and few are all that powerful begging this question: when Wikileaks, et. al. released documents that the former Sec of State and Red Queen of Chaos illegally purloined and with-held from the people and press of the U.S., why did the Dims go all hysterical and urge OB to send Julian Assange to Guantanamo with all the other whistleblowers his administration had been hounding and jailing.

Oh, never mind…hypocricy and corruption are what hypocrisy and corruption are. You go Corey Booker. You may get yourself a vice-presidency or cabinet job.


" Chuck Schumer, who may have paid a very high price, bargained for them, and even then, delivered just hours before the hearing, making careful examination next to impossible."

So, exactly what ‚Äúvery high price‚ÄĚ did chucky Schumer pay, and to who, in what ‚Äúbargain‚ÄĚ?

The stench from Schumer‚Äôs utter failure to actually be the minority ‚Äúleader‚ÄĚ and fight this stealth nomination should precipitate his immediate ouster from any position of power! He has always been a complicit, craven, weasel!


I completely agree that our government ‚Äėrepresentatives‚Äô should not abuse the classification system. A system designed to protect ‚Äúinformation, the unauthorized disclosure of which reasonably could be expected to cause serious damage to the national security.‚ÄĚ

To protect NATIONAL security. NOT ‚Äėparty‚Äô security.

So, with that said, maybe the headline is a bit too long? Why not simply, Democrats Should Release All ‚ÄúCommittee Confidential‚ÄĚ Documents?

All committees. Not just those that support a given political position at a given time. Picking and choosing when to be ‚Äėtransparent‚Äô is not really being transparent.


I urge all New Yorker’s to vote today in the Dem primary. We may jsut begin to make a difference - to deny that possibility is self-defeating and is just what the entrenched corrupt PTB wany - what they count on!

I humbly suggest Cynthia Nixon and Zephyr Teachout, as well as Jumaane Williams as a team that might begin to effect some change we desperately need‚Ķthe entrenched DINO sellouts talk ‚Äúprogressive‚ÄĚ but that‚Äôs BS, they will do nothing but continue to serve big money and corruption!..I did my bit this morning‚Ķ


The answer to my question is partly at least contained here - Schumer made a deal with McConnell to seat judges for a BS rationale that equals selling-out the people!

The bottom line is Schumer never fought for the people ever, (only Israeli interests and big-money) and that MO continued to this day, selling the nation out to McConnell & Co to gift them Kavanaugh…the people must see Schumer sent to the dung-heap of history! MoFo!


The fix has long been in for world war 3. Dump and his devils will advance the plans.


To Mr. Neuburger:

Thank you for your excellent article! This is by far the most powerful analysis (and set of recommendations) about the Kavanaugh documents (and nomination process) that I have read so far.

I will email my two Democrat senators immediately and strongly ask them to ‚Äúrelease all Committee Confidential Kavanaugh documents now‚ÄĚ!


There is a lot of evidence that what you say is true to some extent.

But neither you nor anyone else knows all the facts to say this is true all of the time for every representative of the public.

Therefore, I think your comment’s cynicism and pessimism is too extreme and is not fully proven.

Also, do you really want the common people to feel so discouraged, defeated, and helpless that we stop trying for good government?


I should note that my cynicism, for which I cannot apologize, is mostly driven by the systemic allowance for the domination of decision making by the lobbying process and hence, money. One dollar, one vote, if I may be so simplistic. While he was not my hero, I will note that the late John McCain, working with Russell Feingold, did champion campaign reform. Their efforts were later largely eviscerated. Those who seek office with noble motives of public service often end up trapped in a survival mode spending their time dialing for dollars rather than doing the people‚Äôs work. The founding fathers knew that as societies progressed, such trappings were all but inevitable. They did what they could to prevent them. The tyrant we now face is money. "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.‚ÄĚ --Thomas Jefferson


WO, of course, I agree with you. Having been in politics, one way or another, most of my life and now steeping daily in the bullcrap of the current administration, I am every bit as cynical as you about our prognosis. However, I’m trying to stay grounded and somewhat pragmatic. Perhaps you are, too.
We must continue beating our drums, protesting in all the ways we can, and bombarding the deaf, blind, selfish, amoral, fascist, and worst of all, sprouted Nazi politicians and bureaucrats with our objections to everything they’re doing. We should be beating up the lazy complicit MSM, too.

Unfortunately, resisting the fascism, ESPECIALLY, at the school board level, is a full-time job with overtime. Sans pay.

Btw, no one has answered my question about why the wide use of ‚Äėconservative‚Äô and no use of ‚Äėreactionary‚Äô and very little use of ‚Äėneofascist.‚Äô


Love the use of the word Craven. It is an awesome word so applicable to those in power and hardly ever used.


As I sit here and read this I cannot get two things out of my mind. No matter what happens, I know first that some Democrats in the end will cross over to confirm Kavanaugh. The second is the fact that Cynthia Nixon lost to Cuomo by 30 points yesterday. That is 30 points…In one of the most progressive states in the union, a known corrupt immoral rich bastard is reelected in a landslide against a true progressive candidate. That tells me all I need to know about the state of progressiveness in America today. It’s dead and pushing up daisies.


Hi WiseOwl,

As I originally said, I agree with you that there are many good reasons to feel cynical about our unrepresentative ‚Äúrepresentatives.‚ÄĚ

My main point is that government officials who do not represent the common people majority should not stop the common people from being politically active to try to improve this unacceptable situation.

There are good reasons for both cynicism about our government officials and for political activism to try to achieve a better government and a better society and world.

Cynicism and activism should not cancel each other out.