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Democrats: Stop Being Babies and Get Trump's Tax Returns

Democrats: Stop Being Babies and Get Trump's Tax Returns

Ryan Cooper

Donald Trump is the first president since Jimmy Carter not to release his tax returns to the public. He and his surrogates have deployed a battery of ever-shifting excuses for this, most commonly that he is under some audit.

The man is plainly a crook.” Tell us something we don’t know. And so are the vast majority of the duopoly.

What will one more diversionary chasing Trump nonsense accomplish, other than renewed antagonism, and quite possibly another reinforcement of his re-election campaign as the victim.

How about, Democrats: stop being sell out babies and get realigned with your historical base and their values for our society.


He was plainly a crook when he was elected to power.

We’re developing a new citizenry. One that will be very selective about cereals and automobiles, but won’t be able to think.”—Rod Serling


Democrats must decide if they will become the Law and Order party within the Duopoly, or not.

It’s abundantly clear the tax returns will yield many new avenues of criminality, so the Democratic Party Establishment simply must make a decision whether to allow a criminal president to finish out his term, or bring this felonious farce to a conclusion.

Their 2020 chances rest on their decision.


Sixty percent of Americans say Democrats should force Trump to release his returns

Hell, somewhere north of 70% of Americans (BOTH PARTIES) support Medicare For ALL. The Corporate Dems are against that too


"Political Death" to the Corporate Dems for their Ignorance and Greed.


They won’t because don’t want to give up their own.


Indeed. As much as they and MSM won’t admit it, most of politicians in D.C. are guilty of similar dirty laundry as Trump.

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They probably wouldn’t show their tax returns either.

That decision was made decades ago.