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Democrats: Stop. Listening. To. Rahm. Emanuel


Democrats: Stop. Listening. To. Rahm. Emanuel.

Ryan Cooper

Democrats are smelling blood in the 2018 midterms. President Trump is horrendously unpopular, has all but admitted to obstruction of justice, and already has a special prosecutor investigating his connections with Russia. The Republican Party is even more unpopular, and they are pushing an agenda of mass desperation and death.


Great article, but unfortunately the very wealthy and powerful neoliberal Dems are hard core conservatives (war, austerity, no universal health coverage, no free local college tuition, drone assassination, mega corporate mergers). None of their polices are significantly different from the Republicans because their goals are the same, get in power to help the powerful. Suggesting to the Dems that they need to change is akin to asking Republicans to become anti-war activists. Unless people like Bernie Sanders can take over the Democratic party, the Dems are never going to voluntarily change of their own accord.


the only blood they should be smelling is their own. the confusion is understandable, though, given the similarities between the two scents.

let them continue to lose. eventually the paymasters will take notice and realize that Democrats without voters are an overpriced product. They'll stop funding them.

For those who still fantasize about "taking over" that party, this is your only path to victory on that front. Interestingly enough, the result required is the same: punish them in elections until they get the message.


This article is a good illustration of why moderate liberalism, Clinton's pragmatism, the "radical center", etc. ultimately fails in the face of ascendant right-wing populism - and why it generally has failed now for at least a decade.

And why bold progressive ideas - particularly ideas grounded in already-existing social movements - can win, both in traditionally 'blue' and traditionally 'red' areas.


It's too late for them. And besides, it's not Rahm calling the shots, it's Haim Saban, the fanatical Zionist Billionaire who is the largest donor to the DNC and the Clinton Priorities USA Super PAC. He owns them, and they do his bidding - supporting the hard-liners in Israel no matter what, and calling those of us who support the Sanctions Movement anti-Semites. So eff them, and join me in leaving them for the Green Party. The one party that has a chance that does not, and will never take money from the rich or corporations. #Demexit 2017!


The article this one is sourced from is even more enlightening.

In it we discover that chief Democrats still haven't decided what they publicly stand for, other than that Trump is awful, and stripping people of healthcare is bad.

And Nancy Pelosi reveals that she gets her electoral strategy from Tylenol and Advil medicine commercials.

Which is ironic, since she causes so much pain.


Not to mention his scuttling of Howard Dean's "Fifty State Strategy."


Any American who votes for the Democrat or Republican parties are voting for the continued destruction of any sense of equality in ours, our children's, and our grandchildren's lifetimes.


I wish people would stop calling the likes of the Clintons, Obama, and Rahm Emanuel "centrist". They're not "centrist." They are deeply conservative, even far right Republicans masquerading as "moderate" Democrats. How do we know this? Their actual political records, which heavily favor Wall Street, are disastrously hawkish—remember that Obama expanded Bush's wars and implemented an assassination policy against people who were never charged, tried, or convicted of any crime, and are incredibly authoritarian, show just how far to the right these clowns really are. No one is fooled anymore into believing that these extremists are anything resembling "moderate".


Cooper sez: "(Emanuel) is a pro-war centrist ..."

Apparently, the 'center' isn't what it used to be.


Rhambo is a Wall Street Banker & Banker's puppet to the core. That is why Clinton first hired him, and that is why Obama hired him. Clinton & Obama wanted the Democratic Party to be the private plaything of the Wall Street Bankers.

They won the heart of the comatose D Party voters.

The end.


Those of us who consistently vote for Green Party or independent progressive candidates know this, but we cannot convince Democrat voters that "lesser evil' is not a viable political platform, particularly when today's lesser is just yesterday's greater evil.

When you point out how far right the Democratic Party has moved since Johnson, they laugh at you and call you "the fringe left," then ask some stupid question like "Would you rather have Trump? Would you rather have Ted Cruz?"

Democrats have finally come out openly opposed to single payer health insurance, free higher education, and many other traditional Democratic issues, and we are supposed to believe that the same thing from Republicans is unacceptable, but from Democrats it is "pragmatism."


The trouble is not that the institutional Democratic Party listens to Rahm, but that they speak through him.

Anyone who wants to hope for a popular or egalitarian solution through the Democrats ought to be talking about how to reinstate democratic process and popular influence within the party.

Remember discussing how Bernie Sanders was to lead some manner of wing action or even "revolution" within the party following only the election? He has managed to criticize Trump, which is fine in itself, but it has little to do with reform within the party and is therefore by itself woefully inadequate as a means to any sort of progressive or liberal or left sort of agenda. It certainly does not serve the sort of horizons that he must have envisioned when he initially told the Democrats that if they did not at least challenge Clinton with a progressive, that he would run himself.

The party left has to unfold itself or get out.


It isn't just this one individual that needs to be ignored. It's the whole gang of neoliberals that populate the DNC and that run the Democratic party. A third party would just split the vote, but a takeover of the Democratic party would consolidate the vote because we would regain the working class voters to a large extent and we would keep all the voters who already identify as Democratic. Our job is to primary the neoliberals and take the Democratic party back to being the party of the working class and the oppressed.

As you may remember from the election that Rahm is so proud of, his candidates by and large lost while progressive candidates that got by his picks, by and large won.


I wish the BDS movement could get more traction here in the states. There is just too much censorship and political force to get support for the Palestinians. Rahm is a corporate tool that can't even get the corruption and warring gangs under control in Chicago let alone steer the democrats in a progressive direction. The Zionists have seized control of the media and politicians, time to get some back for Americans.


I'd take Trump over Cruz but that's saying less than much. Cruz has the personality of a pissed Black Mamba.


Or ANY of the Clinton Clan OR their stooges Dirty Debbie Duhbya-Ass & Tom Perez OR my "Democratic" congresscrittur Julia Browley, etc., etc.

Where is Teddy the Trust-Buster now that we REALLY need him??   No current DamnocRat other than Bernie, Liz & maybe Jeff even comes close to this former RePooplican as a REAL defender of Democracy!!


After Bernie stuck out his head for us, waking up the Nation, figuratively, to the fact that the Emperor Wore No Clothes, and became the most popular Democratic Leader, the DNC saw to it that he was marginalized, threatened, and then, neutralized.

The answer is that, somehow, we must all become Spartacus.


IIRC, Spartacus, like Bernie, inspired a political revolution – but how far did it get?   And even if we get rid of
the Orange Commode-ius it will do us little good with Pence, Ryan and Turdle-Face in line to replace him as Oppressor-In-Chief.  The Republic is deep in the Straights of Dire (aka Deep Kim-Chee), and sinking fast . . .


What difference does personality make?  Focusing on personality instead of agenda is what got us here in the first place – what's REALLY bad about Cruz is that he has the agenda of a rat carrying the Black Death (along with the personality of a flea-infested rat).  His fellow RePooplicans are mere Typhoid Marys by comparison.