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Democrats’ Surrender On Torture Is Nearly Complete

Democrats’ Surrender On Torture Is Nearly Complete

Marcy Wheeler

In the same tweet he used to unceremoniously fire Secretary of State Rex Tillerson Tuesday morning, President Donald Trump announced the twin nominations of CIA Director Mike Pompeo as Tillerson’s replacement and CIA veteran Gina Haspel as the new head of the nation’s premier intelligence agency.

Let’s not forget former Democrat President Clinton’s CIA director’s Woolsey’s comments:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SpWai3kZ-gM (See Time = 4:38)
Intervention, torture, slaughter - “Yum, Yum, Yum, Ha, Ha, Ha”

Does ‘surrender’ mean the same as ‘aid & abet’?


Let’s hear from our Democratic Party apologists on this.

I won’t name names, however, it would be great if they could make some sense of this lack of leadership.



• On WHAT issues do the Democrats not surrender??


I will. What about it, K and L? Hmmm?

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A huge infection has spread through D.C., torturers all ready to torture. I’d rather see them all tortured, all government warmongers.


I’m shocked that the writer and the posters on this site and others haven’t expressed the main reasons why we shouldn’t torture. We can say we oppose it for humanitarian reasons and that’s good, but not the main reasons these nut jobs at the CIA should have been stopped and punished. The first is, it’s worthless intelligence, always has been. Any interrogator with a brain bigger than a pea knows this (the writer does briefly touch on this). Second, it’s against international law. It makes no difference what crazy rules/laws are made in this country, these so called terrorists were/are tortured on foreign soil. But the most important reason we haven’t tortured before this, is the hope that our troops (you’re sons, fathers, daughters, ect) wont be tortured by our enemies if they are captured.

Ms. Wheeler, please do an honest investigation into the 9/11 event and stop repeating the official lie. The only terrorists on that day was people inside the US govt. and their accomplices.
I guess this must be repeated everyday to counter the 9/11 lies.


Sorry Skeezyks, neither of us could get them to bite.

Think about it though. What could they possibly say that wouldn’t sound insane?

And this is why Senator Feinstein should be impeached.


Yes, the practice of torture has many fathers, though Haspel and Feinstein might best be described as its mothers. John Yoo, George Bush, Dick Cheney, John Bolton and others are the fathers of this. And all the ordinary citizen-barbarians who condone the practice.


I suspect that both posters are ranking DP insiders, or at least well-connected, and that they are sent here (and paid) to be sheepdogs.

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This is like saying Obama “failed” at protecting whistleblowers on torture. Or even that he failed to “not aggressively prosecute whistleblowers on torture”. To fail at something used to imply at least attempting to accomplish it. It didn’t mean actively pursuing the opposite goal.


Perhaps the Coverup Queen Feinstein, and the Torture Queen Haspel can enjoy their next “meeting” at a nice D.C restaurant that has no prices on the menu.

They can laugh, chat, and move on from all of this controversy, which to them must be like torture.

Both belong behind bars for the rest of their lives.

And Marcy Wheeler, you really need to get a bit more of an edge on this topic. An edge pointing toward true justice.

For the record, Feinstein’s “study” or “report” or “investigation” doesn’t officially assert that torture was committed. I know it takes a bit of following words and logic, but seriously, it was NOT a torture report, but a coverup.

The Key Findings only mentions the word “torture” one time, and that is in the context of acknowledging John McCain’s position, that torture had occurred.

Furthermore, have the Key Findings handy in the upcoming confirmation process. You will see that every defense coming from Pompeo and Haspel will coincide with the roadmap to escape criminal prosecution formulated by Coverup Queen Feinstein.

Feinstein has NEVER made such a direct accusation of torture against the CIA or any individual in that agency.

No wonder the “left” has such a hard time standing for anything, especially since Wheeler actually presents once again, rationales that have been used to justify torture. Arguments of “efficacy”.

That is beside the fucking point, okay?


I openly laughed at that. Sad truth, but funny to see it so plain.

I was right on board with you down to the last bit. The idea that OUR sons and daughters are more important than THEIR sons and daughters, ew, uck, that does not wash with me.