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Democrats Taking Cues From John Kasich? Ocasio-Cortez "Can't Even Describe How Dangerous That Is"

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/08/democrats-taking-cues-john-kasich-ocasio-cortez-cant-even-describe-how-dangerous


good luck. they get paid a lot of money to understand that those very things are the enemy. Kasich is merely reminding them of who their paymasters are, because no doubt he noticed the same thing AOC pointed out: that “progressive” policies are in demand. And the Democrats reason for existence is to make sure that stuff never, ever, passes.


These next few months will be telling. Bidens record suggests he will move towards the Kasich types who is in fact a Republican. If this the case I do not see how the progressive wing such as “the Squad” will have any influence on Policy. There will be no way to hold their feet to the fire without massive public demonstrations.

The media and the right wing inside the Democratic party will continue to advance the notion that the left costs them seats in Congress and in the Senate. If they succeed with that they will once again silence the left as they have a history of doing.

The last go round they played the fraudulent Russia interfered card. This time the problem is “the left”. The people can not let that happen.

I know most here will not as this a special community. It the rest of people that voted Democrat you have to worry about. Many of them bought into the Russia fraud and many will buy into the “its the left that is the problem”.


Kasich?!? So now it’s clear that there is a direct attempt at moving the Democratic Party not just further right, but Republican! AOC is correct to begin the refutations before they take hold but I think she’s going to have to start threatening to leave the party altogether.
And, she should add legalizing marijuana as another HUGEly popular idea attributed to the left.


Hoping that AOC and the other true progressives in the Democratic Party continue to tell the truth, maybe even lead an insurgency.
The Congressional Progressive Caucus could consider creating a third party or otherwise putting pressure on the Pelsoi/Schumer corporate sellout Democratic Party.
A lot of progressives don’t realize that other than Medicare for All, most Americans don’t support progressive policies. Americans are brainwashed into feckless, selfish, consumer capitalism, earth-killing, animal-eating, warmongering, nationalist, American exceptionalism from the day they’re born.
They’re not easily attracted to truly progressive policies because their brains and attention spans are so defective that it’s virtually impossible to sell progressivism to them because they’d have to be educated…and they’re not into deep thinking or any thinking at all.
The Green New Deal isn’t a biosphere protecting proposal, unfortunately. Planet of the Humans, and the war against that movie sponsored by the so-called “green energy” industry, proves that.
The bottom line is you can’t blame Biden or any politician for the fact that most Americans are shallow, selfish consumers.
Trump’s 2020 electoral gains among white women, blacks, and Latinos shows that even those groups are ripe for right-wing fascist con jobs.
Our country isn’t progressive, not even close.
We’re the world leader in excess consumerism, earth-killing, greed, worship of machines, mindless entertainment, gun fetishism, theocratic sky-daddy religions, and selfishness.
We are the anti-progressive Idiocracy.


Yeah, that’s it, start listening to the rejects and losers.


They do this very thing the world over so it should be no surprise they try and silence the left at home.

Any Country that elects a member of the true left to power sudden becomes a “dictatorship” , the leader a “monster” and a “supporter of terrorism”. This all the doing of those “paymasters” that 1 percent who stand to reap billions of profits when their minions in Government do as they are instructed.


You can’t run third party. Remember Nader? He almost won an election. Both parties took extreme measures to ensure they are the only viable options.

Essentially it boils down to this: the establishment giving up their power and uniting our country or a revolt. There is no way around it. Think about the big picture.

Economically, Americans are suffering enmasse. Jobs lost forever only to be replaced by very low paying jobs ( if any at all in many areas)

Socially, Americans have thrown out their own social contract. People no longer want to work together to be part of society as many are in deep despair and fear. Just about every American is afraid for this country

Politically, Americans have no recourse from either party because economically and socially both parties keep a tight lid on everything. They do not allow for transformation that needs to occur, instead they push for social and economic policies that favor the wealthy at our expense with the caveat of a few bones thrown in every 8-16 years. Think of it as going 10 steps backwards and 1 step forward. That is a net loss of 9 steps in a country that everyone knows (intellectuals, lobbyists, politicians) needs to go 10-30 steps forward every election cycle.

There is no plausible solution outside of revolt at this point. The establishment is too naïve and power hungry to admit or even try to understand this. They think putting the lid back on the rabble will do just fine. Yet, they ignore the very root cause of our problem. Capitalism and it’s many tendrils of evil that have corrupted and rotted the very fiber of our being. Barring some miracle wokeness from the establishment, there can’t be peaceful solutions.


“If the party believes after 94 percent of Detroit went to Biden, after Black organizers just doubled and tripled turnout down in Georgia, after so many people organized Philadelphia, the signal from the Democratic Party is the John Kasichs won us this election?” said AOC. "I mean, I can’t even describe how dangerous that is.”

The Progressive Movement is REAL - whether it stays within the Democratic Party or leaves and relegates it to third party status. ‘The Movement’ needs to find its own leaders, raise its own money, set its own agenda and offer itself to the voters. That the old tired Dem leadership lost in 2016 to the most unfit candidate in history and almost lost again in 2020 is proof that they no longer legitimately represent the historical base of the party. As the Prog Movement independently gains in momentum, organizational strength and funding, they will be able to dictate terms.

"The Democrats have to make it clear to the far-left that they almost cost him this election," said Kasich

No, what almost cost Democrats the election and resulted in abysmal showings in the House and Senate, is the unwavering fealty the party has for its donor base and utter contempt and disdain they have for the progressive left. Kasich is employing the inverted logic championed by the party elite of shifting the blame to voters for the party’s unwillingness to court their votes, when in fact the voters’ response is a completely rational one.


An odd position in the face of an article showing that every democratic candidate, not only supporting those issues but doing so loudly, won their respective races
. I am aware of that democratic leadership panders to the largest donors, among them those in the health care field, one among many reasons that party needs, and desperately so, new leadership.
But I think you smear a party as a whole when perhaps you should confine your critique to the reality that many, if not most, democrats support that which you and i support…


This is still all about “party politics” which is quite different from policy analysis based on need and available resources, it amounts to more political hubris.


That is a good point, even if Medicare for All was a good plan (and it is not) it would still be administered by Alex Azar and Seema Vema which makes it worse not better. An AOC incredibly short sighted.

Willie Brown (Kamala’s old boyfriend) had some startling introspection (my emphasis) this morning:

It’s clear that the Democratic Party has lost its way. We no longer generate much excitement outside the Sunday morning talk shows. We have to stop telling voters what they should do, and instead start listening to what voters want us to do. Democrats, and that includes me, have become the elites. And we will keep disappointing ourselves in elections unless we rethink what we are doing.



You’ve said what I said, except in a different way.
Now go try to encourage the herd of regular Americans to have a revolution.
Other than a right-wing revolution, most people, including self-described leftists and liberals, have no interest in it.
Most Americans just want more money, toys, fun, business as usual, better health care, sports, more roads and malls, more animals to eat, etc.
We’re surrounded by weak, feckless, disempowered, selfish losers.
I don’t see any revolution in this country except one that comes from the fascist right.
The real revolution would come if each person changed their lifestyle and behaviors to restrain their personal consumerism, pollution, plundering the biosphere, eating innocent animals, supporting increasing urbanization and population growth. But you can’t find hardly anybody willing to change themselves to become more ethical. It’s just not in the American character.


Perhaps current events have escaped your attention, but there is a new sheriff in town and Azar and Verna are on their way out.


Revolutions take many forms, one significant enemy of change, by the by, is ennui and another hopelessness.


This is exactly what I thought would happen…the democratic establishment is trying to stay center-right or move further to the right…if the so-called “more liberal” democrats don’t start pushing back, then the masses will be screwed again…


One group, The Justice Democrats, comes pretty close to what you are describing.


Yeah, well take a look at the pandemic counts and get back to me.

(40 thousand seniors have died in acute care facilities, and Verma has lowered the standards for infection control.) And partially privatized Medicaid.

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