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Democrats Targeted for Creating, and Now Ignoring, Mass Incarceration Disaster



the Brennan Center notes, "the Republican Party is set to vote on a policy to reduce imprisonment at their convention," while the DNC has no such plans

Democrats have been moving to the right for such a long time, that it there is basically no room farther right, and it would make sense that Republicans would start staking out position to the left of the Democrats on a few issues. Here we see yet another example of this phenomenon.

The Democratic strategy to keep moving to the right is justified by the false notion that that's where most voters are. In reality, that's where the corporate money is, and corporate money guides Democratic strategy.


This shows that the blackmail on Bernie's followers to vote for Clinton or else be guilty of having Trump is BS. Democratic rule is not better than Republican, it is only more deceiving, and often even worse. Such a tactic has led the political system to be blocked with more of the same, whatever the party, so now voters should think it over and vote as they please, forgetting the cheat of lesser evilism, because there is none, there is only evil, a monster kraken with two ominous heads.


If Bill didn't destroy the Democrats, his wife will.