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Democrats Urged to Fight for Bigger Relief Checks as Lame-Duck Trump Privately Backs Payments as Big as $2,000

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/18/democrats-urged-fight-bigger-relief-checks-lame-duck-trump-privately-backs-payments

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I think we are about to see the Donald’s last ditch effort to not only leave himself a positive legacy, but also to put the screws one last time to any one he deems as an enemy (or any one that he felt slighted by)
Just a few guesses. He will of course pardon Snowden and probably Assange, as he knows that will make the Clintons, Obama’s, and all those pro Cold War democrats absolutely apoplectic.
He is already trying to pull troops out of Afghanistan, and may veto a defense bill as part of that particular hissy fit.
And as stated in this article, he is trying to make congress look bad, right before Christmas, by pushing for MUCH bigger relief payouts.
Of course, all of these suppositions could disappear over night, as this president has the attention span of a special needs 4 year old.


$740,000,000,000 for killing innocent people overseas. This does not include NSA, CIA, Nuclear weapons (that’s Department of Energy), or the State Department’s own seldom mentioned own military forces… All told over $1,000,000,000,000.99 yearly for death and destruction, NOT defense. No one has attacked the United States, the (GAG) “Homeland”.

Starve in the streets, bitches. No one who could help gives a shit. In fact politicians WANT you starving in the streets, evicted, foreclosed, so the wealthy can pick up your homes for pennies on the dollar, with the added benefit of making you more easily controlled, just like 2008… or else they would HELP you, not callously destroy you.


Good points. Most people fail to realize that it’s not just the pentagon budget that goes to fund America’s war machine. Between our now all encompassing surveillance state and your aforementioned dept of energy, as well as the VA, the price Americans pay to prop up the military industrial complex easily peaks over a trillion dollars.


Yep, the only real enemy of 330M actual 'Murikan peons are largely all clumped up right outside two cities. I’m IN one of these, but most of their Limos seem to be missing until next week? THEIR military, citizen suppression and surveillance sectors spend whatever master’s sadistic louts can steal through their blatantly kleptocratic duopoly’s “legislation.” I’m guessing, suppression of this criminal conspiracy would cost a couple billion. Folks in DC & NYC are acclimated to sheltering in place & “elected officials” tend to congregate in access-controlled, easily locked, video monitored, easily cleaned marble or steel structures, with centralized HVAC systems, easily accessible from outside? Most high-end limosines and jets are easily & routinely tracked via GPS & their largely undocumented servants aminable to eager cooperation? Our enemy IS obtuse, oblivious & obdurate so… they have to distract us, until any threats are quietly dispatched, by taxpayer equipped, foreign trained spooks?







Oh, and I almost forgot, don’t be shocked if Trump tries to lower the Medicare age to 62 or even 60 with an executive order. I don’t think he can, but hey, we have a presidency with imperial powers now.
And if he did it, what politician would stand against it? If you don’t come from the deepest of Red Districts, it would be political suicide to stand in the way of lowering the Medicare age.
I dare you Donny. I double dog dare you.


I don’t care what Trump’s motivation might be, if he is willing to do the right thing then I will cheer for that. Of course, we know that the dems will oppose him from the right, just like they do on troop withdrawals. There was a time, after he exposed DNC and Clinton election rigging in the 2016 primaries, that Trump used to praise Assange. We can only hope that he would find cause to pardon him and the others.


Tulsi Gabbard, yesterday. Gee, wonder why the DNC crushed her candidacy so that we could have Uncle Austerity & Kamalacop?

“In March I introduced HRes897 calling for emergency direct payments to every American for the duration of this pandemic. Instead, there was a one-time payment & a completely dysfunctional unemployment program that has left many people without help. People need stimulus checks NOW!”


You write that Trump is “trying to pull troops out of Afghanistan.” Apparently he is not trying very hard since he had four years to do this and has now suddenly decided that he supposedly wants to remove U.S. soldiers out of that country. But what needs to be stressed is that even if Trump manages to do this in the next thirty days that move will turn out to be a chimera as it would be right out of the playbook of Richard Nixon who reduced troops in Vietnam when he was president but escalated bombing of that country as well as Cambodia. But Afghanistan may be even worse because Trump would not only increase air wars against the Afghan people but he would also unleash drone missiles against them while also leaving Special Forces in that country which would continue terror raids against the Afghans.

And of course one should not count on Biden to rectify the situation since he is just as much of a war hawk, if not more so, than Trump while there are very few anti-war voices in congress who will speak out against Biden’s militant rhetoric as well as Trump’s.

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I hope Trump does all of these things - items that lie at the magical intersection of his relentless self-interest & lust for revenge and the actual wishes of a large portion of the citizenry.


That would be so Trump! And his base would make him a god.
“only Nixon could go to China”

Yes, Tulsi made several inexcusable missteps in DP eyes:

  1. She stepped down due to the complete corruption and anti-democratic cheating of the DNC against Bernie and for Hillary in 2016 and she endorsed Bernie.
  2. She advocates for ending and not starting regime change wars.
  3. She is about the only US Congressperson to call for the pardoning of Assange and Snowden.
  4. She called out Kamala’s DA actions in favor of oligarchs and against poor people and single handedly brought down Harris’ campaign.
  5. She was openly suspicious of the alleged chemical poisoning by Assad in Syria which proved to be correct as it was another false flag and not done by Assad; more likely by US backed cretins.
  6. She has consistently shown more courage than the rest of congress combined.
  7. She is calling for a much greater covid relief package than Pelosi and Schumer.
  8. She called out HRC for the war monger, war criminal, cheating blight on the American political scene that she is.

All of these principled stands go against democrat party corruption and cannot be tolerated.


If someone wants to do the right thing for the wrong reasons, who am I to stop him?


Recall candidate Trump serially trashing the trans pacific partnership (TPP) yet during his first year in office he enacted nearly all of the regressive components of TPP, dispersed in various legislation, not within a “trade deal” ?

The GOP’s $2,000 scheme is just the latest example of the GOP playing the Democrats like a fiddle that started when the GOP landed LBJ in Viet Nam and made the Democrats take the fall.

From Franco, Hitler, Mussolini in the 1920’s to Bolsonaro, Duterte, Orban, and Sisi, today, a significant factor in the rise to power of fascists, is their appeal to people at the lower end of the economic spectrum. Yes, they use racist stereotypes of minorities to stir fear and support of domestic militarization, but they also portray ‘liberals’ as being elitist who have abandoned the working class.

With their perpetuation of neoliberal capitalist strategy, and refusal to consider economic policies that ensure redistribution of wealth to low-wealth individuals, the DemocraticTM Party is paving the road for a fascist victory in 2024.


With the way dems are treating us before Biden even takes office, I’m beginning to hope that Trump manages to win in court and overturn the election results.

Idiot dems are just begging his supporters to riot.


The VA, of course, how could I forget that?

This article is disingenuous. The reason the $2000 check idea would “blow up” the deal is NOT the Democrats, it is the Republicans in the Senate.

Instead of lump-sum checks given out to everyone - even people with 6-digit incomes - what is needed is generous livable-level unemployment pay for an extended period. I believe the latter is what the Democrats were trying to push through. But the Republicans blew that up too.

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UBI should be basic in every democratic country and especially during a pandemic. But this logical idea apparently is too radical for both the Democrats and the Republicans.


Excellent point.