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Democrats Urged to 'Oppose This Takeover' as McConnell Rushes to Confirm 19 Right-Wing Judges Before Recess

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/30/democrats-urged-oppose-takeover-mcconnell-rushes-confirm-19-right-wing-judges-recess

Hitler said, many years ago, “The way to truly control a country is to control its courts. Then, whatever you do is legal, whatever the opposition does is illegal.”
I’m sure many of the Nazis that came here with Operation Paperclip passed that on to our Nazis “government.” Our fuehrer has stacked the “Supreme” Court with right wing fascists, and every case that comes before them that deals with human rights, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights goes down 5-4, 5-4, 5-4, and they want at least two more in there, thereby making our legal system a joke tragedy. Of course any case that might provide unlimited profit for the Oligarchy passes, 5-4, 5-4, 5-4.


iirc, Schumer made two deals with McConnell to fast-track judicial nominations in exchange for recessing a couple days earlier.

Gee, what do you think he’ll do this time?


This unprincipled scumbag is right on course in his unbridled efforts to destroy America the Beautiful for generations - that’s assuming we even have “generations” left which is highly doubtful.

Given the time before the “recess” good-old Nancy and her growing dementia, and sellout co-conspirator Chucky the Wimp, will have just enough time to give the appearance of “making a deal” (read cave-in) and make another give-away “deal” (wink, wink) for which they will get absolutely nothing for the people, planet, people in dire straights, or on life-support - time to secure America for the forces of exploitation and profits above all else by assuring the confirmation of trumps Trojan Horse shills and hyper-partisan right-wing extremist judges - Oh, wait, that’s who Nan & Chucky also work-for…Many used to think Dems were just lousy deal-makers or some other excuse, now understand their near total complicity to the CON!

Waiting to see if ANY DP candidates beside Bernie denounce this extremist R’Con trump shite or remain silent as they did for the other give-away “deals”!


“:Democrats Urged to…”
How many times have you read that?

We are supposed to beg these wall street stooges to do their fucking job? And then happily accept what crumb they may bless us with?
Man I’m getting fed up.

dit: And this is why I will never again, vote Blue no matter who


Feinstein and Durbin made the yes I’ll do anything list


When the blow back from this comes it could be intense costitutionally.

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"Senators must put an end to this blatant disrespect to our judicial system, traditions, and democracy."
Wait, is that quote about DP Senators, or McConnell’s right-wing extremist views, electoral manipulations, and court-packing?

McConnell obviously believes the " judicial system, traditions, and democracy." he works for are based on his very ugly vision of America, the America of injustice, racist traditions, Jim Crow and poll taxes, and institutionalized ignorance - apologies to any of good conscience offended.

I wonder will there be any backlash to his hyper-partisanship and evil?


Does Manchin ever vote with the Democrats?

Why does Schumer let him stay in the Democrats’ caucus? (Answer: Manchin’s presence allows Schumer to play out his, Schumer’s, dearest fantasy - which is to be the leader of the Republican caucus!)


It’s tempting to dis the Dems’ invertebrate nature, but their fecklessness has more to do with the soul than the spine.


When I heard that Schummer had done that (in order to go home & CAMPAIGN), it made my stomach churn. My own Senator AMY KLOBUCHAR (D-MN)–running for DEMOCRATIC NOMINATION for PRESIDENT, has APPROVED (at least) 60% of Trump judges—making her UN-QUAOLIFIED for the Democratic nomination. Maybe we won’t get a progressive on the ticket–but, damn, let’s NOT have someone who STANDS FOR NOTHING. People should call their SENATORS & say VOTE NO! To be connected to your Senators office: (202_224-2535


I agree - 60% should disqualify anyone.


Unfortunately, you’re absolutely correct. One thing I’m gonna say with a sad heart but with a principle of preserving our Progressive lives, rights and interests - it is impossible to live in the same country with repukkkes! I mean every word I say! I would honestly like to see America stays United States of America, but at the cost of our Progressive surrender and defeat - NEVER! So, it’s long overdue that Progressives and all non-trump-non-pence Americans agree on the need of either unconventional types of resistances to the trump-pence regime or the need to separate (in full meanings of the word) or at least the unprecedented rearrangement of USA in a way that we Progressives and all other non-trump-non-pence Americans are protected from repukkke sadism and abuses! It’s been for too long obvious that the only thing that we Progressives and all other non-trump-non-pence Americans can agree with repukkkes is that WE’LL NEVER AGREE! And, that is fine if we can agree to finally separate according to popular votes lines! The similar things are about to be happening in Russia where Progressive and Liberal Opposition have risen in resistance to the terrorist putin-kadyrov regime. Russia and America are two large enough countries that should be able to, if needed, separate from within according to Progressive/antiprogressivist lines! Because humans differ by the sociopolitical mentalities within the one and same country/nation/society much more than do the humans differ by any other categories/social constructs such as: country per se, nation per se, race/phenotype per se, ethnicity per se, religion per se, language per se etc…etc…etc… Humans however indeed differ in hearts and brains by the sociopolitical worldviews WITHIN each and every of these other categories/social constructs per se I enumerated, than BY them per se. Since we Progressives of course don’t want to control nor rule over antiprogressivists, we Progressives MUST BE UNAPOLOGETICALLY DETERMINED TO PRESERVE OUR LIVES, RIGHTS AND INTERESTS so that the antiprogressivists can NOT ever control NOR rule our lives, rights and interests! That is the bottom line! So, if the just, fair and proportionate separation is the only solution for this agony, which can only become worse, let’s start ending this agony by mutual separations from the antiprogressivist trump-pence regime, according to popular vote! Of course, Washington DC is our capital, NOT repukkkes’! p.s. lifetime is only one and flees very fast, so, better, let’s hurry up!

Yep, Klobuchar needs to IMMEDIATELY DROP FROM the Presidential candidacy and along with Schumer, Manchin probably be thrown out of Democratic Party USA! The time is too serious for DINOs to shit on us Progressives! Enough of DINOs, enough!


Unfortunately there is no way to stop these White Supremacist Jack-Booted Thugs from sitting on the Bench.

The Dems do not have the votes and the Republicans are aligned with the Racist Bigot in the White House.

All of the Republicans are a more polite version of George Wallace and Donald Trump, they just manage to conceal their Warmongering Racial Bigotry better than Trump.


This is just another step in the long term planned coup by republicans to rule by singularity. As far as factions breaking away, isn’t that part of what set us up for the Civil War?

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Who could have imagined that this guy and his Republican colleagues were such scum?

When I was a kid in the early 1940’s I asked my Dad what GOP stood for.
*He said, “Greedy Old Parasites.”
I never saw or heard anything that that disagreed with that. And so they are!

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