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Democrats Used to Be the Party of Slavery: Doug Schoen Pushes the Case for Keeping the Democratic Party Allied with Wall Street


Democrats Used to Be the Party of Slavery: Doug Schoen Pushes the Case for Keeping the Democratic Party Allied with Wall Street

Dean Baker

Hmmm, "cracking down on Wall Street does nothing to bridge the widening gaps in our country," really?


While taking on the idiot Schoen, the “rational” Baker continues to argue for amore “efficient” capitalism. Makes me glad I’m in the 35% who see that socialism is what this nation needs, as “uncomfortable” as such a stance may be.

In any case, Baker - a “progressive” economist - pretty much delineates the limits of discussion of the U.S. political economy. You have your outright crazies like Trump. You have “pragmatic” capitalists like George Soros who see a welfare state as a way to stave off revolution. And you have imperial capitalists like Bernie Sanders who claim you can have domestic social democracy while waging a permanent capitalist war against the world.

I guess that’s why I don’t spend alot of time with political economy and try to do what I can to build people power elsewhere.


Hows about this; we enact the EFCA to make joining a union more easy. Then, the Dems can get their money from the unions & members JUST like they did in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s until the Republicans and some Democrats started passing anti-union legislation making it harder and harder to join a union. Then we, as Dems, could tell Wall Street to go fuck themselves.


From the article:

“Yes, it takes a lot of money to run a political campaign…”

Nowhere do I see the question addressed as to why this is so. Briefly, the largest part of the answer (in addition to staff, polling, opposition research, office space and communications) is to buy media exposure, mostly TV.

A strong case could be made that broadcasters, as a condition of having their exclusive spectrum licenses renewed, should have to provide free airtime equally to all qualified candidates. Resurrecting the Fairness Doctrine wouldn’t be a bad thing either, unless you’re among the 1% who benefit from the status quo.


Schoen is one of the very few “liberals” that are on Fox so they can claim the fair & balanced bullshit. I am of course being facetious as Schoen is a conservative Democrat and as you correctly stated an “idiot”.


That, and (aside from severely limiting private donations, eliminating corporate donations completely) the candidates should get a small amount (say $2) from the governments per vote they received in the previous election. Don’t get me started on gerrymandering.

Unfortunately, the US is grid-locked-in by undemocratic rulings by the Supreme Court. There’s really no hope.


While I support EFCA 100%, organizing unions is never easy. In an “at-will” labor relations nation, employers can and do pretty much anything and everything to keep workers from organizing: discipline, firing and out-and-out violence in a pinch. Class warfare is exactly that. It’s not a phrase or a bumper sticker, but it is very much a social reality in the United States.


The “Democrats continue to be the Party of Slavery” when you consider that their 2010 “Affordable Care Act” set a precedent by requiring Murkins to purchase a product from a corporation, turning us into slaves to their extortion schemes forcing us to buy insurance that then requires co-pays and deductibles that make us wage slaves to pay the extortion.


I didn’t have to read any further than “Clinton adviser” to know that I would be regaled with a ration of Neolib schlock.


What’er those plutocrats shovelin, it don’t look like money.


“Very few of the people criticizing Wall Street consider themselves socialists.”

I criticize Wall Street.

I am a Socialist.


Exactly. If you support capitalism and criticize Wall Street you are a friggen hypocrite and liar. There is absolutely NOTHING about capitalism or capitalists that benefits our species and and biosphere. NOTHING.


The smiles on those gold-digging shoveler’s faces are them laughing at morons who support them because they are the “lesser of two evils”.


I know all that. I was a union member for 40 yrs before I retired with a modest pension but adequate pension. EFCA will do a hell of a lot to make it much more easier to organize than it is today in MANY states. It’s not the end all, do all but would be a HUGE start to install union membership to at the very least the 1950’s level.


While I absolutely agree with your opinion of unions and am glad that you are one of the small minority of the U.S. working-class who even get small pensions (mine is partial Social Security, which means I have to work for a wage until I die); I respectfully disagree about the efficacy of EFCA to make organizing easier.

Unions currently can employ “card-check” membership if they are willing to go outside of the NLRA process and give up protections that are not protections at all. They by-and-large have been co-opted into the capitalist system and have lost the guts to fight.

So even with EFCA, even with formal card-check recognition in the NLRA process, unions must get first contracts and enforce the contracts that they have. (E.G. I can’t tell you how many millions of workers have lost their pensions by corporations and subsidiaries simply declare bankruptcy (after they have raided pension funds for decades). Now, of course unions go to courts, but look at the Democrat-supported, Republican-passed bankruptcy law to see how that works for workers.

I don’t oppose EFCA and other modest labor reforms, especially as organizing tools to clarify what class warfare means; but to oversell them and pretend that labor courts and civil courts will enforce them is a serious error that leads to further cynicizing workers about unions and feed the frenzy of the Trumps of the world who will use that cynicism to help fuel a fascist army.


I understand that in big, bad Russia anyone who can gather 300,000 signatures for it can be placed on the ballot to run for President as an independent. I call this real Democracy. If that were our law in 2016 even factoring in our larger population for signature requirements, there’s no doubt that we’d be calling Bernie President Sanders today. Sounds good, doesn’t it?


The DINO apologist blather of Doug Schoen are well-exposed by Dean Baker.
R’Con Schoen spews DINO rhetoric and overt deceptions lauding the sellout wing of the Democratic Party - an establishment hierarchy that lost two mid-terms to extremism and did nothing to alter course. They are either entirely stupid, don’t give a shite 'cause they will still make money, or complicit and sellouts to the same corporate greed, crimes, and self-interest as R’Cons! Likely all of the above are true. The Democratic Party of FDR, JFK, Stevenson, doesn’t exist any longer, being taken over by corrupt hacks who now refuse to reform, cede power or leadership…they must be taken down or we all lose…again.

The Clinton/Obama DNC/DLC DINO wing are complicit, not “leaders”, and serve, not the people, 99% or progressive issues, but the war machine, goldman sachs, wall street, and health care insurance/big-pharma parasites!
DINO Dems are a “kinder & gentler” screwing-us, same boss serving big-money and power - the trump R’con scum are just more in-your-face and entirely depraved…

Either Bernie Sanders stands-up and leads the people, or gives-in to DINO establishment power & corruption and betrays the people and nation…respect is a terrible thing to squander and lose…