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Democrats Vow More Action as House Adjourns With No Vote on Guns


Democrats Vow More Action as House Adjourns With No Vote on Guns

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives ended their overnight sit-in demanding gun reform Thursday morning after Republicans formally adjourned the legislative session until July 5.

More than a dozen Democrats, led by Rep. John Lewis (D-Georgia) remained on the chamber floor, although it is unclear how their efforts to force a vote on gun control will proceed as House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) ended the session—earlier than scheduled.


It’s so sick but the Republicans saved us again by not accepting this ridiculous attempt to wrap gun control around the hated and untrusted no fly list. Great work!
They also saved us when Obama put Social Security cuts on the table but they didn’t accept the Grand Bargain.
Don’t get me wrong I’m no Republican admirer but damn how bad is it when they are the ones that keep us from doing things like this?


The sit-in has not ended. And the House has not recessed, only adjourned until tomorrow (Friday the 24th). Yes, that’s probably pro forma, but it’s not July 5. Please, it’s confusing enough with the GOP muscling in and violating their own procedures by failing to give any time to anyone but their designated caller of the question when they came back at 2:30AM to create a “legislative day.” But C-SPAN is still carrying the live cell-phone video from the witnesses in the well.


Yes. Killing machines. Not target rifles. Not handguns. Who covets machines of mass-destruction? The answer begs a sanity test of those in power.

Is it true that those, whose tendency is to use deafening political silence to thwart social progress (American working people’s social agendas), only care for the trade and war agendas of their campaign contributors? Or is it true, that through vigorous, transparent and publicly aired debates, that the genuine desires of “Main Street” Americans get their voices aired - AND MAYBE a vote? Congress, make up your mind, now. Working solely for wall street interests isn’t working for me and them and the 99% . Congress, your silence is a tacit nod of approval of violence, a benign showing of indifference to the Common Good and our American Republic - THE PEOPLE"S HOUSE has been highjacked. Give it back, now. You in power have back-handed slapped our good nature - NO MORE!Why? Why does this indifference continue? Perhaps unintended, but murders by unstable people continue. Where is the condemnation and corrective action? An under-informed electorate cannot govern rationally. So, let’s have a damn debate. No more grotesque silence!