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Democrats 'Wasting Time While Our Climate Burns' With Insufficient Resolution


Democrats 'Wasting Time While Our Climate Burns' With Insufficient Resolution

Eoin Higgins, staff writer

A climate change resolution from Senate Democrats "fails the laugh test" and is insufficient to meet the challenges posed by environmental catastrophe, according to environmental groups.

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Any child alive today runs a nonzero risk of starvation 50 years from now due to massive crop failures from climate change.

Practical research and development works. It worked when primitive solar silicon wafer electricity was 100 times as expensive as oil-powered electric turbines. It worked for wind power. We need homes that store heat in winter. We need something better than car-strangled freeways. We need nighttime solar-based electric generation (with the bird kill issue well-solved). We need tools to inhibit the Arctic meltdown in an ecologically friendly manner. We probably could use extra water vapor cloud formation to cool the earth a bit, and we could use the rain too. We should have zoos to prevent mass extinctions.

We could really use corruption-resistant practical R&D that focuses directly on merit.

Yesterday would be nice.



Does that surprise anyone?



But how are you planning to pay for this GND? The price tag has been estimated at $90 trillion. That would mean the guaranteed destruction of the global economy to pay for it. But isn’t that what you’re trying to prevent?



The most difficult people in our lives are our most valuable teachers. Think globally act locally.



This resolution, which is old news, has minimal value. Okay, pass it and move on to the real work. Stop wasting time with something that does nothing to move us forward.



The usual bullshit from the usual suspects:



The destruction of the global economy is a foregone conclusion.

Mass starvation, hordes of wandering refugees, and water wars are the new concerns just a few decades away.



Many Dems Are Republicans and want their money train addiction to keep on rolling. Greed… pure and simple. Now is the time to shut their Locomotive down.



Well if you take that kind of asinine attitude then, yes, we need to do something resembling the movie Pacific Rim.

No, the global economy is not going to collapse from climate change. The world is not going to end. At worst we’ll have to adapt to the changing climate. We can handle that. What we can’t handle is global communism.

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I didn’t say the world was going to end. I said the economy will be destroyed.

Of course humans will adapt. But the intense damage will be done.

Of course, if you want to keep your head buried in the sand, be my guest.

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“A climate change resolution from Senate Democrats “fails the laugh test””
A climate change resolution from anyone ought to fail the ‘laugh test.’ Idiocy and scaremongering going for a breakdown of the global economy by rescinding the gift of Prometheus ( fire ) puts mankind at less than the Stone Age in development. Of course, making energy more expensive in a time of greatest need ( sunspot disappearance is connected with a great chill ) has advantages for the nations playing currency games to devalue the labour of their neighbours. Monopoly is great for the owners. For everyone else, not so much. The Greenhouse Gas, CO2 controlling temperature, ‘consensus’ and more are together promoted nonsense without a shred of practical proof. Not even the concept of Global Temperature taken from surface land readings on a water covered planet with dynamic convection processes involving change of state makes any obvious case for precision; else water heat convection affecting the air above would not be a process - as ENSO is.

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We need a stable population that the planet can support without stressing the environment!



Please try to keep up. The economy will last as long as we do. Which, if things keep going the way the right and incremental centrists are pushing us, will be determined within my grandchildren’s lifetimes.
The Hollow Men are winning.

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There’s no guarantee the economy will be destroyed from the status quo. But there is a guarantee from the GND. And you’re not even denying that.



There has been a flight of industry from Australia in the wake of both its ‘carbon tax’ and conversion to part-time supply of ‘green energy.’ Those requiring full-time supply in great quantities have not been amused by the price increases resulting from policies which ended up implementing expensive connections to the grid of nuisances which destabilized the system with part-time and erratic supply. It is insanely difficult to restart after blackout - load balancing being a requirement nearly impossible to achieve from a dead start. This is part of current problems in Venezuela, and involves freezers, hospital operating rooms,schools, and water treatment and sewage all being impacted from lack of power, a situation which disables infrastructure.