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Democrats Were Oblivious About Immigration During the Obama Years. Now They're Enraged — and Hopefully Sorry


Democrats Were Oblivious About Immigration During the Obama Years. Now They're Enraged — and Hopefully Sorry

Ryan Cooper

America has been transfixed by President Trump's grotesquely evil policy of wrenching apart the families of asylum seekers at the border — literally snatching children away from their parents for the crime of trying to escape from murderous drug cartels or violent political instability. Documents obtained by MSNBC's Chris Hayes reveal that 91 percent of families having their children stolen are only "guilty" of the misdemeanor of first-time border crossing.


Mr. t, thanks, but the damage has been done with your six-week old practice of kidnapping. Permanent scars will remain. Your penance for these sins against children and against parental love will not expiate your guilt. You have most certainly crossed the line. Void the field!


Not all liberals were oblivious to Obama’s war on immigrants. He was roundly criticized by the left for deporting more people than all previous presidents combined. The right didn’t have a single problem with his program. Making DACA kids more or less legal did some good, but a lot of what he did was just plain wrong.

Granted that the Fat Boy, note the historical reference, ratcheted up the harm by deporting everyone, not just those who had criminal records, and by going after model citizens who had embedded themselves in the American way of life rather than actual gang bangers. You will notice that the Fat Boy has deported more tax paying business owners than he has Maratrucha members. Going after gang members is too dangerous compared to someone working to support a family.


And since your EO does nothing to restore the families already separated, Robert De Niro’s comment still stands.


Yep, the D’s are vulnerable on a wide array of matters…Obama-year deportations being relatively small potatoes compared to the mayhem committed around the globe by us and by our proxies; and the further enriching and empowering of the oligarchy.

As TexasAggie says, not all liberals were oblivious to these wrongs. But too many still are. FB is still flooded with pro-Clinton and St. Obama memes. Many pine merely for a return to the good ol’ days when all was right with the world because it was a blue banner waving over the White House. Had St. Hillary been elected, the deportations would hardly cause a blip on the media radar.


“Sorry?” This is postering, rinse, repeat. If they actually did something for the immigrants they wouldn’t have that group to fearfully follow that carrot. This cycle has been played out over and over with the Dem party. They are silent until they need votes. This is 2020 election pandering.


“Hillary Clinton — as usual badly behind the curve in such matters — argued as late as 2015 that child migrants from Central America seeking asylum should be deported to “send a message” to their families.”

And they’re surprised they lost to Trump. Remember when they checked up on a group of kids she had sent back and many were dead?


Democrats were and are “oblivious” about lots of things but only by design and not about money and power. They agreed with Republicans on almost every issue. Most Obama Democratic policies were an intensification of Bush policies. The few that weren’t were slightly weaker versions of Republican policies still far to the right of anything the vast majority of people wanted. And Clinton Democrats were worse on everything. Horrible on war, poverty, health care, unions, agriculture, media and other industry concentration, inequality, and most important of all, climate and all other ecological issues… to name a few. Anyone expecting them to be different on anything but abortion and gay marriage is deluding him or herself. And those are because they don’t really care and those are the positions they can fake that allow them to get away with everything else.

When will people wake up and either take over the Democratic party through unrelenting direct action or threatened boycott, or just leave? We have very little time left to institute an emergency climate mobilization and eliminate fossil fuels, chemical industrial agriculture and most meat production.

There are 3 groups in the US: the American Taliban, the comfort-addicted intentionally-ignorant, and progressives. Anyone who understands the consequences of the “American [sic] way” is progressive or radical leftist.


The impression that the Democratic Party is the party of lesser evil is just one part of an elaborate ruse. This ruse extends to every facet of government, the media and society.


The article short changes Obama’s State Dept & Clinton’s role in changing US policy for REGUGEE CHILDREN. That was the first indefinite detention of children in cages by private contractors. Recall, they were The Children that Rode the Beast.
Not only that, Clinton State Dept Regime Change in Honduras launched waves of refugees.
Notice that the source of refugees are the countries most compliant with Global corporations such as Big Ag & Big Oil backed by US might. It is US Neoliberal policies that have caused terrible population migrations. NAFTA made this worse.