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Democrats Who Don't Like Being Criticized By Elizabeth Warren, Say Progressives, Could Just Vote Against Big Bank Giveaways


Democrats Who Don't Like Being Criticized By Elizabeth Warren, Say Progressives, Could Just Vote Against Big Bank Giveaways

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"If Warren's colleagues didn't want to be criticized as Wall Street-owned hacks, then they could choose not to vote for legislation that enriches Wall Street."


From the article:

“In a report published late Thursday, The Hill confirmed this widespread anger among Democrats, who—according to one anonymous aide—find it “disappointing” that Warren would go after members of her own party for backing a bill that analysts say would make it easier for banks to “hide racial discrimination in mortgages,” significantly increase the risk of future taxpayer bailouts, and reward massive Wall Street firms like Citigroup and JPMorgan Chase.”

Edited for clarity (my italics):

“In a report published late Thursday, The Hill confirmed this widespread anger among corporatist sell-out Democrats, who—according to one anonymous aide—find it “disappointing” that Warren would go after members of her own party for screwing Democratic voters on behalf of the looting class.”


Corporate State Democrats, No Labels, David Brock, Correct the record.

Expect more of this, not less, as these Corporate State Democrats run for cover. NPR will be a great tool for them to get out the No Labels messaging against “extreme leftists”.

I understand the argument, and have asserted it before to some extent, that a third party is the answer, however with the system in place, that third party just qualifying to be on the ballot in all 50 states is currently seemingly insurmountable.

That said, I’m so fucking riled up, so incredibly enraged by these Corporate State Democrats with their attacks on, as No Labels puts it “extreme leftists” e.g., supporters of a true Universal Single Payer System, that I think the goal should be to take over the clucking Democratic Party.

Kick these elitists to the curb already.

And primary focus on getting the message out, and countering, aggressively (peacefully of course) the think tanks like No Labels and their cohorts in MSM including POLITICO and NPR that promote the pro-corporate centrist garbage and paint those opposing it as “extreme leftists”.

And this is an open question…has Sanders come out with any explicit criticism of these 17 Democrats for their support of this bill? I’m open to be pleasantly surprised, but doubt that he has.


Sanders regularly posts videos (or other content) slamming these bills “Right now in the Senate there is legislation that would deregulate 25 out of the largest 38 banks in our country. Did Congress already forget that in 2008, this country was hurled into the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression because of the greed, recklessness and illegal behavior of major financial institutions?”


I know he has spoken out about this, generally. What I don’t think he has done, is to call out these 17 members as a group, or individually for their votes like Warren has.

Sanders has a very long pattern of not calling out Democrats for being subservient to corporate interests.

He carefully avoids such direct criticism.

Again, I’m very aware of his statements against “these bills” and against “legislation that only looks out for the billionaire class” etc.

What I’m pointing out, is he NEVER explicitly calls out Democrats for ALSO supporting these bills.

By the way, I searched for the answer before posting my open question. I looked at his published statement about this bill on his official website.

Update, I also just called his Senate Office in DC once again, leveling this same criticism as I’ve done on a number of occasions.

Another update…

Here is the quick letter I wrote to Sanders (from the standpoint of addressing a staffer)…

Bernie Sanders NEVER points to the fact that there are Democrats who consistently vote with the interests of large corporations and billionaires.

It is as if he is protecting the oligarchy from itself.

Why? I mean, if he truly wants to counter “oligarchy” why doesn’t he fight the oligarchic tendencies within his own party explicitly?

Must I conclude, cynically, that he has his own political interests to protect over that of the masses?

By the way, technically he is “Independent”, but in practice? Democrat


Nobody likes being called a sell out. Especially those who actually have sold out.


They deserve a lot more than criticism.


Cheer up Kaine, soon you will be ordering off a menu with no prices, and checking important “real money” messages on your iphone.

It will be okay. Bill, Hillary, Joe (Biden or Lieberman) are always there to cheer you up. Take heart buddy.


How about a month living in a modest noisy apartment, in a not so great neighborhood, with physical issues you can’t afford to address, teeth you can’t afford to fix, car you can’t afford to fix, open questions about your ability to survive going into old age…you know, the life of millions upon millions of people.

Just a month. (in my fantasy, they lose all knowledge of the life they currently have and will return to)

Think these elites could take it? No need to answer. I know you get it.


“Did congress already forget”
No Bernie they haven’t forgot, but their bribe-masters, the ultra rich, have decided they haven’t acquired enough wealth lately,( the tax cut was nice, but we want more). So it’s time to go back to honey pot, other wise know as the stock market, to steal the countries underlings money. The last time they did this, pain for their theft was pretty much non-existent, so its good capital business sense to them.
Maybe if we had a workers political party, we could inflict greater pain on them after the next heist.
So Bernie what do you say???


The woman who lives up to the WAR in Warren is doing propaganda to show she’s a progressive. God help us this woman runs for president. Sure I could say better than Trump, but no she’s not when she’s in the Clinton/Israel war camp.


How unsurprising that Hillary’s VP pick voted to further cosset the big banks.


The Dem Party is controlled by career corrupt to the core sellout swine, especially the simpering creep Chuck schumer! Unless the people can challenge the sellout scum and wrest power a new party must be on the table - problem is the deck is stacked, the playing field slanted and the power of big-money is a very steep hill to overcome - where are the leaders to smash the duopoly oligarchy? Are there any Dems with any moxie to really challenge the DINO corporate power structure?


Political parties are part of the problem. So is representative democracy.

We are near the abyss of extinction, a mere blink in human specie time on Earth.

Autonomous democracy in the information age. What will it be? Will it be part of government or stay as a separate idea?


Psychedelic_Chicken, you are singing my song! I have been fed up with the neoliberal “democrats” (aka democratic neocons) ever since two weeks following Obama’s first election which is all it took for him to sell progressive ideals out. I voted for Jill Stein when Obama was up for re-election. That’s how long I’ve been fed up with these sellouts. Hillary Clinton? Gimme a break! She has been involved in getting us into as many wars as Obama. Bill Clinton gave us NAFTA, The Omnibus Crime Bill, ended welfare as we know it, changed food stamps to SNAP, vacated Glass-Steagall, why he even called a break on his campaign trail to go watch the execution of an Arkansas man who was so mentally incompetent as to ask to wait for his desert for his final meal until after “the procedure.” George W. Bu$h, Robert Bolton, and many other neocons were going to vote for Hillary over their own party in the last general election. Why on God’s green Earth does ANYONE consider these people to be “liberal” much less progressive!!! They ARE the status quo. Hillary has been raising hell about the Russians, Greens, Bernie Sanders, Jill Stein personally (esp. since she was seen having dinner with Putin at a celebration dinner for RT), the FBI, everyone but her own sorry ass for stealing HER turn at being POTUS. She wanted to start a war with Russia by imposing a no fly zone over northern Syria, blamed Putin for invading Crimea (which as you are well aware went back to Russia voluntarily by unanimous election), undermining the government of Ukraine which she and Victoria Nuland (arch neocon Robert Kagen’s wife) with a neonazi coup then blaming that on Russia, destroying the nation of Libya in compliance of the neocons regime change wishes, and lies about everything else…fuck!!! How do these “people” represent democratic values??? Now they.ve even tried to undermine the election of a democratic candidate in Houston because she’s "too progressive.

I’m with you my friend. I’ve had it with the democratic party and won’t have a damned thing to do with them (or of course the even worse scumbag republicans) until they stop trying to oust the progressives, which is what most of the nation INCLUDING republicans within the general population want. Of course the current party leadership is obviously too stupid to understand that everyone and their dog are fed up with their bullshit.


The left can’t beat the right with money or weaponry.

Direct Democracy


Well, we have Our Revolution and the working families party- but we need more.


Shumer is nothing but a shill for Wall Street, and AIPAC.


Oh you again. Never mind.


Wendy Wasserman S is an idiot who only cares for money and being a sellout for Wall Street.