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Democrats Who Vote For Pompeo Will Disgrace Themselves and Their Party


Democrats Who Vote For Pompeo Will Disgrace Themselves and Their Party

Richard Eskow

Imagine a nominee for Secretary of State who is so bigoted that he once accused Christian organizations and houses of worship of remaining silent about crimes committed in the name of Christianity by groups like the far-right Army of God or the Ugandan Lord’s Resistance Army of Joseph Kony.


From the article:

“Voters seem to respond to integrity…”

Yes. And they seem to turn their backs on its conspicuous absence (yes, Hillary, I’m looking at you).


Like the Party hasn’t disgraced itself multiple times and multiple ways since the dawn of the anti-gubmint Carter Era. Now that it is a fully-fledged operational partner of the Rehtugs in the corporate capitalist Duopaloly, its sole role has been devising new ways to co-opt progressivism and socialism in the U.S., a role that is wildly successful.


I would not condemn an entire party based on two or three members but surely no Democrat should vote for him and neither should any Republican for that matter. He is not fit to serve in any office of the US government. He represents the worst of America which Trump has brought to the surface.


Democrats will disgrace themselves? It’s already done.


And yet they always seem to find new and exciting ways to dig their hole deeper.


"If the party can’t even take a stand against hate, does it stand for anything ?
The short answer is yes, corp. money.


It’s NOT just two or three – it’s Dirty Debbie Duhbya-Ass AND Krooked Hilliary AND Two-Bit Tom Perez AND Heidi High-Kamp (at least her name is appropriate) AND Joe Donnelly AND Joe Manchin AND Chicken-Shit O’Bummer (who didn’t even try to try the Lyin’ Son-of-a-Bush and his cronies for war crimes nor the Banksters for their depradations that led to the Recession of '08) AND not to mention the dozens and dozens and dozens of ‘superdelegates’ whose sole purpose is to preclude the DamnocRatic Party from doing ANYTHING remotely progressive or even somewhat democratic that hasn’t been approved by the party’s Fat Cat owners.  The big­gest difference between the DamnocRats and the 'Poop-Lickens is that the latter are at least relatively open about their corruption.


The article says there are three Democratic senators who said the would vote of Pompeo. If the other 46 or so vote against him then I would not condemn the party. I would say the party as a whole did the right thing a few members didn’t. And you are sounding like Trump (Dirty Debbie, Krooked Hillary). He took politics into the gutter. Is that where the left wants to be also? I think the object should be to try to raise the level of discourse, not get stuck in the muck with Trump.


Until and unless (fat chance) the DamnocRatic Party purges itself of scum like DWS and HRC it will continue to swim in the swamp with Tweetle-Dumb.  As many have noted here, most of them are simply playing the “Good Cops” role against the establishment’s other hirelings, The RePoopLickens, who play the “Bad Cops” role.


With each passing year, it gets harder to find a spot on the Democratic party that hasn’t already been stained. Heitkamp, Donnelly, and Manchin are not aberrations. They are simply less adept or concerned about hiding their corporate, neoliberal and war-mongering loyalties. For example, Schumer had no problem voting for Pompeo as CIA director. Same for Feinstein and Kaine and 11 other Democrats. So why is anyone shocked to hear that Democrats now want to pick him for Secretary of State?


This bunch of weak kneed posers disgraced themselves a long time ago. I have no use for most of the democrats in congress.


If it weren’t for Obama and other powerful Democrats blocking prosecution of torturers then perhaps the monsters, Pompeo and Haspel wouldn’t even be seeing the light of day.

Please find for me ONE criticism of Obama that you have ever typed on your keyboard for doing so, and even prosecuting the CIA whistleblower Kiriakou. Just find one.

I won’t hold my breath.


Lrx, just exactly what does a corrupt organization have to do to get your attention? Voter suppression is not enough? Corporate ownership is just fine? Constant lying is acceptable? You like war mongering also? How about a party that supports a $750 billion dollar military budget while ignoring the needs of real people? This is your Democrat party.


Inside the halls of power these Dems will be regarded as heroes - willing to step up and take a hit in the respect of the little people to advance the cause of the Empire. They’ll probably be rewarded in the only thing that matters to them - lucre.


Oh please. Manchin is going to walk into the senate chambers, covered in shit that he rubbed all over himself, and proudly vote for Pompeo. He will claim it’s what the voters of West Virginia want.
Unfortunately, he’s probably correct. The dim people of the mountain state will gleefully drink poisoned water and breath poisoned air just so long as they and their sexist, racist, dirty white xenophobic asses get to stay in the 1850’s.


Please don’t denigrate or lump together the good people of West Virginia as “dim”, they have been duped by R’Con empty promises and trump - Joe Manchin is an aberration, he does not represent the Democrats or people of WV, he is a con artist sellout!

The change to WV and other “red” states will come IF there is something/someone to vote FOR coming out of the corrupt elite DP - the kind of common sense, decency and concern for the common good and common people Bernie Sanders stands-up for; for issues that can give them a better life.
West Virginia was once a Democratic bastion, but has turned red to some degree for various reasons. Democratic party contempt for the little guy and gal to instead serving big-money, corporations and bankers, political arrogance by the DP candidates.


PLEASE list all seven Democrats who voted for Pompeo so we can vote them out of office!