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Democrats Will Ignore Broad Progressive Reforms at Their Peril


Democrats Will Ignore Broad Progressive Reforms at Their Peril

Chuck Idelson

In the wake of an earth rattling mid-term election that brought a change in leadership in the House and seven governor’s offices, debate has picked up again over the political direction of the Democratic Party as it picks itself up off the floor.

After a decade in which it lost more than 900 federal and state elections, the Wall Street-dominated wing of the Democratic Party continues to insist on adherence to a political path that landed them in wilderness in Washington and most state capitols.


The dreary and sad facts mentioned here, are the facts. Cold aren’t they?
Really makes you proud to be an American, right?


It’s not the corporate Democrats peril.
It’s ours.


The Democrat party many of us remember from the 60’s is gone.

Now, we have a bought and paid for Democrat party.

WTFU Registered Democrats.


Yes, Democrats WILL certainly ignore broad progressive reforms. This is to be expected, because when you get past a vocal minority of progressive leaning Ds, the party is still very much centrist and neoliberal. Yes, some progressives got elected to the House, but, at the same time, more centrist/traditional Democrats got elected and those have already eagerly signed on to the Pelosi agenda.


Hee Haw “Pain and Agony” 55 sec.

Sometimes I get so down.


The leaders of the Democratic Party are caught between progressives who won elections in safe districts and want change to the left and centrists who won elections in swing districts and slightly conservative districts and do not want to go left. There is a battle shaping up and the outcome seems hard to predict.


Please people do not ignore state and local elections- most politics is local! To just focus on the federal level is nuts and will be costly to issues such as the environment, health care education, infrastructure, etc. Please stop focusing on the national level only.


No, they are not- they are just following the money.


You mean damorats.


Interesting Hee Haw.

Stainless Steel fretboard…


Yes Marie,


If you have not already watched this speech by Noam Chomsky, please do…


That’s the sort of lick I like to kick around on acoustic because he isn’t bending strings like in blues or rock playing. Of course you get a hell-of-a-lot more out of a set up like bayou bob there. Interesting though.


Thought you’d get a kick outta that.

Frank went to High School a little over a mile from my house a couple years before me.


Maybe we should consider one of the so-called most progressive democratic cities in the U.S. - San Francisco. They keep electing corporatist Democrats like Pelosi and Willie Brown. Study San Francisco and you will understand that the Democrats are a lot about power and money and they know how to throw some trinkets to the public to make it seem all liberal and stuff like that. Same for Jerry Brown. Study him.


I’m sure they were busy praising George HW Bush. They want to be part of the team…the family.


Yea, and he didn’t even mention some of the horrendous stuff the US has done around the world.


Santana sound on that one with mild wha-wha-


At their peril. Best news I’ve ever heard!


Some threads get too depressing, gotta go hee haw once in a while. Later