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Democrats Will Ignore Broad Progressive Reforms at Their Peril


Keep in mind that many of the newly elected Democrats to the House are politically to the right of Nancy Pelosi. She represents a very liberal district I believe but many of these Democrats represent districts that are much less liberal and some even represent districts that Trump won. That is how the Democrats achieved a majority in the House. The newly elected progressives in the House won in safe Democratic districts, which is why they can push a progressive agenda without being concerned about being reelected. My Democratic representative hasn’t had an opponent in many years. When thinking about broad progressive reforms it is important to consider Democrats who are not in safe districts. How are they going to keep their seats in districts that are difficult for Democrats to win?


SWEET! Thank you, PB!


You forgot the “N”.


I forget this guys’s name but have you seen some of the other guitars he plays/makes? WOW!


No sir. I don’t reckon I do.

But, here’s some Deep Purple you may have never heard…


Here y’go, my friend. ENJOY!


You have GREAT taste in music, PB.


WOW! Damn, I miss the great old days of creative rock. Music AND lyrics for peace, freedom, equality, etc.

Such as: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vjb00tAmakA


Thank you for pointing out the uselessness of your party, unless preserving the status quo is your goal.


Thanks for that, love to see something besides shit-kicking music rise from the south.


If Pelosi was elected in a liberal place, then it would seem that there was a hell of a lot of daylight between being elected to a liberal district and representing liberals. Never was the contrast greater than with pelosi, she’s more right wing than Trump. Hard line extremist republicans depend on nothing more than the Pelosi’s, Scumer’s, Clintons, and Obamas of the democratic party to insure their continued successes - Nothing, right or left, rich or poor, serves them better


Thanks Fokker for the Uriah Heep, one of my early favorites.

I know that many here have most likely already watched this Chris Hedges speech, but for those that have not, here it is…

And when you’re done that, try this…


They both worship wealth.



Some updated “Fire and Rain” for ya…


My soft-rock contribution from the great Iris DeMent…“We got politicians running races on corporate cash - now don’t tell me they don’t turn around and kiss them people’s ass”


Perfect, I suggest we make this our new national anthem.


Thanks, who knew Taylor had such a good sense of humor.


Agreed RF, works for me!..Iris’ words in Wasteland, released on her 1996 album, meant a lot then, and still fit perfectly today, 20 plus years later…especially “While we sit gloating in our greatness, Justice is sinking to the bottom of the sea”…a prescient oblique reference to trump’s MAGA…shows how far we have not come…keep the faith!


I don’t think San Francisco is all as liberal and progressive as you paint it. It has been a democratic machine city and Pelosi came out of that Burton machine as well as Willy Brown. He still pulls the strings and was directly involved in advancing the careers of governor elect Gavin Newsome, Senator Kamala Harris and the current mayor - London Breed. It is a model for gentrification (liberal?) having lost over half the black population in the last 20 years. Its streets are filled with thousands upon thousands of homeless people. Drug use is rampant. San Francisco is not as progressive as you might think. It has a very strong police culture and the ties to the Catholic Church are very powerful.


Great protest song. Listened to some others and she feels this song.


What alternative does the Democratic Party have to offer American voters if the only difference between it and the Republican is that their symbol has big ears and the other has a trunk.