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Democrats Will Learn All the Wrong Lessons From Brush With Bernie


Democrats Will Learn All the Wrong Lessons From Brush With Bernie

Matt Taibbi

Years ago, over many beers in a D.C. bar, a congressional aide colorfully described the House of Representatives, where he worked.

It's "435 heads up 435 asses," he said.


Lessons learned from the 2016 campaign:
(1) The Democratic Party is even more corrupt than we could possibly imagine. There is no fraud that they will not be willing to commit in order to get their way.
(2) The War Criminals always win because they have the financial and political support of the War Profiteers.
(3) The 1% will never give up power willingly. They have no concept of the common good and work only for their own self-interest. We hold these truths to be self-evident.
(4) The Democratic Party keeps its promises. They promised Hillary the Presidency and they will deliver even if they have to sacrifice their good buddies Jeb Bush and Donald Trump.
(5) The Free Press is dead. The Main Stream Media is a wholly owned subsidiary the 1% who own and control this country.

Sorry to be so negative, but it is clear than the War Criminals are going to throw Bernie under the bus.


If people who consider themselves as progressives in the USA , those believing in universal health care, full funding of higher education, higher taxes on the wealthy and less militarism and wars (among many other social justice issues) wish to kill the progressive movement and ensure none of this accomplished, all they need to do is vote Clinton.

The Democratic Party and Ms Clinton has complete contempt for this group.

This does not suggest they should vote Trump.


Clinton's campaign will, indeed, likely take a turn to the right, but, more importantly, it now becomes a campaign focused more on a Trump character assassination and much less a campaign devoted to the discussion of policies. Sanders accomplished many things and chief among them was to force Clinton to address the failed policies of the Democrats. She now is free to do what she and the party establishment do the best - smear the opponent and avoid detailed discussions of policies.


Taibbi is absolutely right! The Dems will tell you that we have to vote for the warmonger in order to stop Trump. They will push the politics of fear. Sorry – not this time. What might Trump accomplish domestically? Not much if a Dem congress is in power. Remember, Bush tried to limit social security but the Dems stopped him (and then Obama offered it up to the Republicans – let that be a lesson). So, between the congress and the people, we can limit Trump's effect on domestic issues. Foreign policy is another story, and that should be the primary concern in this election. Hillary will surely escalate wars in the Middle East, and with Russia and possibly China. She will have neocons and Netanyahu as her main advisors. Thousands, possibly millions more will die or become homeless. Trump, on the other hand, has stated that he will talk to Putin, extract us from NATO, and reject the neocon policy of regime change intervention. Now, based on just what we know to date, Trump's foreign policy strategy seems infinitely better than Clinton's. It's time we acknowledged a major fault line running through the Democratic Party: There are progressives and there are pro-war liberals. The pro-war liberals control the Party and will lead us into more endless, illegal wars. Progressives need their own party. If Bernie won't do it, we must. Dump your fear, dump the Dems, and vote Green.


"First female presidential nominee" Matt ?

Cynthia McKinney was on my ballot in 2008 and Jill Stein was on my ballot in 2012. I voted for them then and I will vote for them again, given the opportunity.

The only thing historic about the 2016 election cycle is the Democratic Party and GOP front runners are both facing indictment.

No Matt, Sanders' supporters have no obligation to "recognize and celebrate" a contrived historic event.


If you vote for Trump you've voted for Trump. If you vote for Clinton you've voted for Clinton. If you vote for someone other than these two you have voted for someone other than Trump or Clinton. Let's not let anyone tell us otherwise. Let's put the blame for the outcome in the appropriate place. If Trump wins by exactly the # of people who vote for "other" than it is Clinton's fault for being a weak candidate not the fault of the voters who didn't vote for her. This is called democracy, no? Voting for the candidate of your choice? We should, however, listen to those worried about a Trump presidency and we should do so respectfully. So far, they have not convinced me that Trump is more dangerous than HRC. I do believe Fascism is coming to this country but I think it will arrive incrementally and be in the guise of Clinton and the others who have proceeded her and will follow her if we don't do something bold to change the course of the past 40 years or so. I think Trump is too inept and lazy to accomplish much of anything. His comments are so inflammatory and clumsy that he just enrages much of the populace. I could be wrong and I'm listening and November is still a few months away. I could change my mind but that is unthinkable to me at the moment.


I'm looking forward to the Republican Party ala Donald Trump ....using Bernie Sanders talking points to keep up the attack on the Plutocracy/Oligarchy of the Neo-Liberal (too big to jail) .. You know the saying.. "We can do this the easy way or the hard way" .. It appears the Neo-Liberal have decided to do it the 'hard' way... no holds barred.

Depending on how slick the Republican machine is...will determine the outcome.. but I expect to see 'policy' being thrown in the face of the 'Overlords' as this Banana Republic Election continues.. Take heart decent and deeply loving people.. Even Mother Nature voted for Birdie Sanders and so it is .. that this ....is far more than what it appears to be on the surface. Keep your eyes open .. and watch.

I would like to add, that I do not personally think this is a Historic Moment of some kind of achievement for 'women' in the form of Hillary Clinton. .. nothing has been achieved here .. except a direct corruption and perverting of the primary .. a criminal take-over.. and nothing that any 'woman' won. Yes, I understand that feminism is being used to justify these acts of malice on the part of the Clinton Machine, but no matter how hard they try.. putting lipstick on a pig.. doesn't work.. this is a illegitimate win .. and we all know it. .

In solidarity ~ #GoBernie


You are going to see more lipstick applied to pigs in the next five months than has been applied to pigs in the history of pigs.


Has anyone in the Democratic party noticed that most of Clinton's big wins came in southern states that the Democrats will lose in the election? So, the Democratic candidate was determined largely by voters in states that she will not carry in the 2016 election? Does this make any kind of political sense?

Jim Shea


It makes total sense when you consider that the Party's highest priority is sustaining corporate cash flow. Nobody attracts corporate cash better than a Clinton or Obama nominee. Winning in November is a distant second priority.


"The arrival of the first female presidential nominee was undoubtedly a huge moment in American history and something even the supporters of Bernie Sanders should recognize as significant and to be celebrated."

Really, what if the arrival was a person the like of Bonnie Parker, or Lizzy Borden, maybe Lucrezia Borgia? No, it is not the arrival of a female that should be celebrated, it is the arrival of the right female, not this female.


Awesome comment Donna.

Despite Sanders' nominees, I expect no progressive policies of merit from the establishment dominated DNC platform committee. And, as Bill Clinton has shown, once President, you are free to abandon the platform. It is also interesting to note how some of the establishment Democrats who most harshly vilify Sanders' supporters for not falling into line to support Hillary Clinton, are doing nothing to promote Ranked Choice voting, progressive economics, and a pro-peace / anti-military approach to tackling foreign policy conflicts.

I'll be organizing for, and participating in the anti-war demo at the DNC in Philly. I'll also be organizing and voting for Jill Stein.


All empires have used fear to maintain control, fear of foreign nations, fear of people who do not look like us, etc. The leaders of the U.S. empire use the same tactics.
As we write, NATO forces are conducting huge military exercises named Operation Anaconda on the Russian border. We all know how our leaders would react if military training exercises were held in Mexico or Canada by a coalition of foreign nations. Of course, our corporate media says nothing about these events.


Totally agree with you, Ray!!! Cynthia McKinney and Jill Stein aren't chopped liver. NOTHING to be celebrated with the FALSE wins of Chillary. As a woman, I only feel DISGUST that she robbed women of a moment like this when this celebration should have been for someone like McKinney or Stein at some way future point. Not honorary male, Hillary.


No, don't vote for Trump, but work hard to defeat Hillary by pushing the Greens and shouting the awful truth about Hillary every chance you get. I intend to. Hillary must LOSE this election. It is the only way the People will ever have a chance to wrest control of one of the major parties back for us. #NeverHillary.


That's why I fear WWIII is coming. This time, the US will lose badly, I think.


Just a guess, but I believe this is a similar attitude to what happened with the Roman republic, where those in Rome, were insulated from the opinion of the populace.


fyi: Consider volunteering, it seems they need help getting on all 50 states:


Outstanding Piece! Bravo! More Please! (especially about how the staffers job actually looks and feels)

LOVE IT!! :heart_eyes: