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'Democrats Will Win This Seat' Party Says After Lone Black Member of House Republican Caucus Will Hurd Retires

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/02/democrats-will-win-seat-party-says-after-lone-black-member-house-republican-caucus

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So one CIA veteran, Hurd, will likely be replaced by another, Ortiz Jones, who says, “After years of serving our country, first in the CIA…” That’s what gamblers call a tell. She’s not to be trusted if she claims the CIA “serves our country.”


And in that 2018 race that Hurd won by 1,000 votes, Beto O’Rourke endorsed no one.

Cuz he’s all bi-partisany buddies with Hurd. That’s so heartwarming.

Speaking of heartwarming, I think out of all the opportunists in the d-party, Beto is the most slimy.


While Gina Ortiz Jones isn’t progressive by any means - she does say she supports a single payer system. I’ll be interested in how strongly she supports that position and where she comes out on other fundamental issues.

Amended: I just read that she defeated Rick Treviño in the Democratic Party primary and he was a Sanders delegate in 2016 and endorsed by Justice Democrats, National Nurses United, and Our Revolution in 2018 - so perhaps Ortiz jones isn’t the only choice here.

I picked up on that as well. I pulled her Wikipedia page. She was US Air Force Intelligence, and worked for the DIA later (Defense Intelligence Agency), working as a Latin American topics advisor, not a good sign indeed.



Glad to see him leaving. It would be nice of him to say that instead of not running for re-election because he wants to spend more time with his family, he has had enough of what the republican party has turned into.
It won’t happen. He will be back in Washington DC buying votes for some corporation.

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Is that funny noise I hear the licking of chops for the post-congressional gravy train corporate profit gains from “technology and national security” ? well, heck … EVERYbody does it, … don’t they?
mmmmmmgood… hey, its a system thats been advertised since the sixties… just a bunch of junkyard dogs

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Sounds like he’s going to become a lobbyist. In his new job, he’ll have the opportunity to direct campaign bribes to Gina Ortiz Jones, and if he’s successful, it won’t matter that she’s a Democrat.


It is always sad when we see one of the more moderate republicans go, leaving just their ever more far right peers behind. Yet a pickup opportunity is a pickup opportunity, and in this age where it is the party of the sane vs the party of the insane, we must take it. Run a moderate nonwhite, hit the right chord with swing voters, win a seat.

“Run a moderate nonwhite, hit the right chord with swing voters, win a seat.”

You were cruising along but then you left out the money shot: Keep the seat conservative, continue to watch Blue Dogs control the d-party big tent, watch the swing district swing back to Repubs in a cycle or two.

There, fixed it for you.


I… can’t argue with that.

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