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Demonization of Russia in a New Cold War Era


We’re actually quite fortunate to have McGuire in the house (as one might conclude from this very quick MOR sort of overview: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mairead_Maguire).

There actually is no reasonable documentation whatsoever that Russia has managed to fuddle the '16 presidential election, which I assume is your point of reference (the best source here is William Binney: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sv0-Lnv0d0k). Forensic evidence shows pretty clearly that the DNC leaks were downloaded to a local USB device. There could conceivably have been a Russian agent standing in the DNC to do that, but this has not been claimed, probably because it is so unlikely.

Saying that you can make a good case for something does not begin to do it.

Surely Russian preferences would involve removing or reducing the US military from Syria and most of the Middle East, no? Any sign yet, in all of Trump’s thrashing?

I can’t pretend to explain all of Trump’s nonsense, and I have some mostly hopeless empathy for people who make the effort. But I think if we start with the categories “nationalist bigot” and “opportunist” and oppose that to the sort of international banking and mafia coalition represented by the so-called “trade” pacts like TPP and NAFTA, that might get us closer to the root of his conflict with much of ruling Washington. I doubt they’re much upset that he insults minorities.

It is certainly in Russia’s interest, at least as I see it, to head off that sort of “trade” agreement, what with the NATO umbrella looming ever further east and looney talk of first-strike capabilities. But I think that this is in everyone else’s interest as well.

I don’t know that it is necessary to dissemble NATO to quell this threat, which is pretty nearly as much a threat to Americans as anyone. But NATO’s actions over the past couple decades have certainly made that threat worse, and were dissolving NATO to help that, it would be worth considering. What good has NATO done anybody lately?

It is worth pointing out as well that McGuire writes from a European point of view. The US portion of NATO has historically been quite willing to sacrifice Europe in all sorts of scenarios, as Daniel Ellsberg explains amply in The Doomsday Machine (a most informative read otherwise as well).

Were Russia indeed guilty of these particular accusations (rather than their own heavy-handed crime family operations, their own opaque government and oppression of speech, their own rampant capitalistic iniquity in income and holdings and class), it’s unclear how demonizing them per se would help. Why not accuracy?


It’s not just about boosting the military industrial complex’s profits and the neocons’ global domination ambitions. In this wretched little country it is about trying to forge a false unity against a common enemy while numerous cracks develop and widen courtesy of neoliberal dogma. This country is increasingly divided - not least because the traditional scape goat for social discontent - the EU - is now one of the fracture lines. Our Establishment will sacrifice anything to prevent a social democratic government taking power, and one of those desperate ploys is demonising Russia - however flimsy, illogical or downright dishonest the accusations might be.


How pathetic this ranting article is , and on top it is by a person who won Noble Peace price. Really? Considering this and pairing it with Russia starting wars in Georgia, Ukraine and fueling more in Syria while using chemical and nuclear weapons in UK . ( yes polinium is a nuclear substance)

I call for stopping demonizing “the West “ and starting to condemn dictators.


please stop already with the …" Saido Arabians did 911" …watch David Rau Griffin if you want to inform yourself about 911… or follow the money on you tube …try to be trational


cia troll ???


IRA employee?

Author at least mentioned she has reservations about Russia ( without listing them) you are just trolling


Excerpts from: “Seventeen years after 9/11: From “war on terror” to “great power conflict””

Now, 17 years after September 11, 2001, Washington is preparing a 
major new war to protect fighters aligned with the very organization 
charged with carrying out the attack on the World Trade Center.
This seemingly bewildering about-face expresses the real nature of 
the so-called "war on terror." Leaving aside the unexplained 
circumstances surrounding the 9/11 attacks themselves, from its outset 
it was meant to dragoon public opinion behind wars of aggression long 
planned by Washington.
The day after the 9/11 attacks, the World Socialist Web Site explained
 that “From the standpoint of the American government, the crusade 
against terrorism has been far more a campaign of propaganda to justify 
US military violence around the world than a conscientious effort to 
protect the American people.”

Subsequent events have thoroughly vindicated this analysis. This “war
 on terror” was the pretext for a renewal of imperialist neocolonialism 
on a massive scale, including the launching of the 2001 invasion of 
Afghanistan, the 2003 invasion of Iraq, the wars for regime-change in 
Libya and Syria, and the US clandestine murder and torture operations in
 dozens of countries throughout the world.

The ultimate target of the wars in the Middle East launched in the name
of the “war on terror” were the “great powers” of Russia and China, as
well as America’s erstwhile “allies” in the European Union. By
controlling the heart of Eurasia, with its vital energy and transit
links, the United States could regain its geopolitical hegemony by
military means, even as its dominance over the global economy waned.



Don’t know if the author reads the comments or replies to them, but one thing I would want to know, what kind of poverty specifically did she see in her travels to Soviet Union and what parts of it?!
I was born and raised in the USSR, and didn’t see any poverty. We had no homeless people, crime was almost nonexistent ( both of which became very abundant since the breakup of the Soviet Union ), and even though we weren’t rich by western standards, we’ve always had everything necessary.
On top of it, we were made to be enemies of the state just because we were Christian ( even though we were never active against the state, just refused to obey certain orders that went against our beliefs ), and even though persecution stories are real, and people did die, it wasn’t nowhere near what the West claims. So for us to have a pretty good life over there while being declared by them enemies of the state, speaks volumes.
Anyways, I applaud the author for this article and everything she’s doing for the peace in the world.


Russia’s violence in Syria?! If it wasn’t for Russia, there would be no Syria anymore. Russia is there legally ( unlike everybody else with the exception of Iran, Palestinian militia and Hezbollah ) and helping a legal government to survive an onslaught of a murderous, greedy West.
As for Russia being anti gay, more power to them. Just because the West accepted a perversion, a disease as something normal, doesn’t make it so. Why don’t you imagine what would happen if everybody was gay: bye bye humanity! Now imagine everybody being normal and having kids!


Actually nothing has been documented because there’s nothing to document. Miller tried so hard to pin anything on Russia, yet we still are waiting. The only thing they could get Manafort is for his connections and dealings with Yanukovich, and that’s Ukraine, not Russia.


Really a fine essay.


Facts don’t matter to the Rachel Maddow bots.


The other pillars of traditional leftism are anti-capitalism and anti-colonialism. If you support US intervention in Syria for example (ongoing since at least 2011), can you still call yourself a"leftist"?


Thanks. I just blogged a revised version of this essay at my website: http://invitation2artivism.com/?p=2805

Invitation2Artivism.comCome for the opinions, stay for the art… (It used to be Come for the art, learn what to think. But not everyone appreciates satire.)


Playing the “We’ve got religion” card just doesnt go as far as it used to.