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Demonstrations Against Police Violence Occupy Streets in US and UK



The platform committee is pretty much sticking to the agenda Anthony Weiner laid out in his Daily News oped just prior to Bernie and Hillary's Thursday confab. Weiner was clearly acting as a surrogate, and his purpose was to make clear to the world what Clinton's negotiation points were going to be. Israel figured prominently in the mix, and it might be assumed from the text that her position would be more or less intractable:
"Bernie Has to Dial Back his Anti-Israel Platform Fight. Republicans have made inroads with Jewish voters in recent years at the same time as some on the American left have become stridently opposed to Israel. Although his base — and some of his loudest supporters — might hold these views, I don’t believe Sanders does.
During my days as Sanders’ colleague in Congress, I recall him being a solid “yes” vote on the many votes that reinforced our strong relationship with the Jewish state.
But his representatives to the convention’s platform committee, Cornel West and James Zogby, signal that he wants to challenge the Democratic Party’s long and deep commitment to our sole true ally in the Middle East.
He should drop this effort, and Hillary should not give an inch."

So far, from what has emerged in these 'negotiations', it seems Hillary has called the shots and Bernie has achieved little of real consequence.


"Our humanity is threatened by these conditions, and we must do all we can to confront and change them.": I could not agree more. Not until this nation can confront its history of genocide and enslavement against the indigenes and black people it will continue on its self destructive path here at home and abroad in its endless wars. It looks a lot like the Ghost Dance is coming to pass.


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What both fascinates and angers me is the number of media, in some cases even right wing media, which, subsequent to the Houston police shooting, have editorially altered to "all lives matter", explicitly acknowledging the legitimacy of Black Lives Matter (apparently still dismissing the lives of Hispanics, Native Americans, and other minorities "of color", I guess). This, when prior to the shooting of white Houston police officers, a critical microscope was invariably trained on African Americans in order to at best leave their claims of discrimination in doubt. Only now is the media, and not even all, calling for "coming together", presumably because they have become fearful of a war-like environment arising in the U.S. as minorities retaliate against the police.

Exhibit number one is William Jefferson Clinton. His racism was exhibited when he informed Black Lives Matter (BLM) demonstrators how the mass incarceration of African American males--which he instituted at the Federal level--is good for African Americans because, effectively if you read Clinton's comments, African American males are disproportionately disposed to organized crime. Implicitly, Clinton was informing BLM demonstrators they were at least culturally, and perhaps genetically, inferior to Caucasians and, like developmentally inferior children, needed being treated sternly by their betters for their own good. When a former DEMOCRATIC PARTY U.S. President exhibits such a racist attitude, what can be expected of much of the rest of American Caucasians, especially the police?


Is aggressive police repression of demonstrations the way to build trust or create change? Does police repression signal the way toward REAL police reform and a new beginning forged? The answer is NO!

The police culture of confrontation aggression and violence toward the public is the problem and is not challenged within the ranks - reform is not welcome - like it's not in their nature!

NONE of the near countless police murders of Black, Latino and White people has brought any real systemic change! The police and their apologists make excuses, even in the most egregious cases, killers are shielded and protected.

There is no call for change to laws making prosecutions of killer cops very difficult, no mandatory drug testing including steroids or banning steroids for cops, no weeding-out killer cops, and no leadership by politicians including from the WH that just panders and evades responsibility! Politicians say "don;t blame police" - accountability is not blame, it is justice......

The police culture of extreme confrontation, aggression, violence, and brutality is out of control, linked to increased use of violence-inducing steroids for decades!

No Justice, NO Peace!





The oligarchy says it is racism to distract us from the growing wealth inequality it is responsible for.


This is how you get stopped for speeding in a civilized country.
This young black man, caught for speeding was ready for the cop and kept the hidden video running:

Scroll down past the pictures to the first video and after that, watch the comments by that young man in his second video.

His wrap up tweet below it all:
Thank you mom, for moving us to a country, where they shoot pucks, not kids..


Meanwhile, Revolutions are being trimmed ever so bluntly over at the DNC, to get everything all nice and neat so the Corporate Gala with expensive dinners and cocktails can happen unfettered.

Damn, I wish I could make it to Philly, caged or otherwise.

This bullshit can't go unchallenged. Sanders, or Sans Sanders, it doesn't matter.


Tell Bernie now: the revolution is growing spontaneously, it needs adult leadership right now; that leadership WILL NOT COME FROM THE WALL STREET DEMOCRATIC PARTY!!!


"Local media reports that later in the evening some protesters threw fireworks, rocks, and bricks at police officers on I-94, leading to non-serious injuries to 21 officers"
This is TOO bad because this is playing right into the hands of the very, very evil, sinful global New World order corporatocracy - an excuse to bring militarism onto American streets."

I'm suspicious, though, that the POLICE are behind this kind of thing. They have been known to do this so they can ramp up the violence.


With much of the media suddenly acknowledging legitimacy of Black Lives Matter, even right wing media, my suspicion is those in power fear coming is what would effectively constitute a civil war. This shooting of police officers in Dallas is perceived as a harbinger of this, there being a fear such--let's call it what it is--guerrilla activity being a circumstance the police and political powers cannot win because they do not have numbers equal to their opponents, especially if this attitude of revenge for hopelessness of relevant social policy spreads to other minorities. Perhaps feared as well is this revengeful attitude will even spread to Caucasians who will initiate attacking minorities. This occurring, and it is not unlikely given current social policy, the political and business elites will be unable to control what is happening. After all, social policy benefiting one group will enrage the other.

We're in a world of hurt.


Two 90 second youtube videos by RT subsidiary Ruptly:

Germany: Hundreds march through Berlin in solidarity with Black Lives Matter

Netherlands: Demonstrators march on day of global Black Lives Matter protests


The Bahamas issued a travel advisory for young men visiting the USA.

I have issued one of those to my sons. Why go to a country where they shoot 15000 of their own and rape heaven knows how many women a year when you can travel Europe instead?


This country is ready to blow up. And they will wonder why.


Sorry, just read an opinion piece in my local newspaper in which the author informed readers of the good news of job increases in the U.S. However, later in the same opinion piece was revealed how automation was eliminating jobs. So, I guess, jobs are increasing, but I need surmise they aren't the jobs computers can do yet. That being so, the only such jobs of which I can think are low paying, But, hey, they're jobs!

Yeah, how long this BS can go on, I don't know, but sooner or later it's going to blow up in the faces of the policy makers and very wealthy, and when it does, they ain't prepared for it.