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Dems Back Debt-Free College as Issue Moves Into Election Spotlight


Dems Back Debt-Free College as Issue Moves Into Election Spotlight

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Nine additional Democratic senators on Wednesday came out in support of a resolution calling for debt-free public college, bringing to 20 the total number of Senate Dems who support the measure, introduced only a month ago by Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass), Brian Schatz (D-Hawaii), and Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.).


While I feel that debt-free college would be a good thing, I cannot help but think that this issue is there just to distract us from other issues:
(1) climate catastrophe
(2) the complete takeover of our government by corporations
(3) the out of control military budget
(4) our sanctioned assassination program
(5) no accountability for 9/11 and WT7
(6) dismantling of our public school systems
(7) complete failure of our nuclear disarmament
(8) our war on whistleblowers
and lots of other stuff…


The reason debt-free college is important at this point in time is that corporations have taken over the student loan program and it is [right now] a $1+ trillion time bomb. In effect, it is part of #2 on your list.


The college debt racket is indeed part of the financial service industry’s government protected profit centers. When you consider how Americans have been thoroughly brainwashed by corporations, the politicians and media they own, the student loan debt issue represents an issue that many young Americans can get their hands around. “Takeover of government by corporations” is just too big for most Americans to know where to start.

Seeing how Obama’s upcoming “trade deals” will make it impossible to control the college debt industry, young Americans need to fight harder to keep the House of Representatives from rubber stamping Obama’s TPP and TTIP.


" Deficits don’t matter. " Who was that guy? Oh, yeah, the guy who’s given us $10 Trillion more of them. And, if deficits for the MIC, PIC, Wall Street and … then they shouldn’t matter to our young people getting a possible leg up to pay for that guy’s ( who was that guy ) wet dream. The only problem will be if Hillary does a 180, like Bill and Barack, and says we have to pay down the debt. We just can’t afford more … spending. I see the wolves are slipping into their sheep uniforms, just off in the distance. Why, it looks like they’re getting a pep talk from Pete Peterson, Alan Simpson and some guys wearing 3rd Way Tee Shirts. I know I’ve seen this movie before.


Jeanne Shaheen (Dem. N.H.), one of the Gang of 13 voting for Cloture on Fast Track , a pact with the devil, to send jobs overseas, now supports lowering education’s costs so after schooling graduates will have less debt but fewer job opportunities. I suppose it is a consolation of sorts.


It is here because the elected Democrats are so witless they didn’t think of it a hundred years ago when they would have if they were not so witless. The whole list is proof of their witlessness. The list could be made 100 times as long without running out of evidence.


This is great. i wish they would go further though and explicitly make it a repudiation of the following lines which are included covertly by reference in TISA and TTIP - the lines that are used to make public services that compete with any private business (like a private college) FTA-ilegal (see documents below)

GATS Article 1:3©

"a service supplied in the exercise of governmental authority’ means any service which is supplied neither on a commercial basis, nor in competition with one or more service suppliers"


“Draft Directives for the negotiation of a plurilateral agreement on trade in services”


“Directives for the negotiation on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership between the European Union and the United States of America”


This HAS to be passed before the Fast Track is passed or the government could conceivably have to pay each bill twice, once to the college and once to compensate any private corporations for their “expected lost profits”.


Naw - Dems are many things, but they aren’t “witless” - they know which side their bread is buttered on, OTOH, and that they need votes to get in office, OTO - and young folks are the perfect demographic to pander to …

The D/Rs have been in office long enough, and this problem has been around long enough, that they could have done something about it ere now - and they didn’t … They also know that with the Reps in ascendance, there is no way this will go anywhere but it sure sounds good … And if they regain power, it will be dropped like a hot potato - the banks won’t like it …

As for who came up with it first, policy wise, that was part of the GP platform in the '12 Pres. race - Stein was talking about it long before Warren, et.al. got on the bandwagon …


Within ten or fifteen years, most people who go to college will never get a job, within 20 years, most people who get a doctorate will never get a job. We need to stop thinking of jobs as something everybody needs to have because that is going to become ridiculous very quickly over the next 20-30 years as 75% or more of all jobs vanish. And we need to make college and grad school free or only the rich- only those who dont actually NEED them will get a good education and get jobs. The rest of the world will be left to fend for itself in a state of increasing financial and political marginalization.