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Dems Cave on the Border

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/29/dems-cave-border

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A quick response: with respect, I don´t see these acts by “centrist Dems” as caving or spinelessness. I think perhaps it should be considered that they are doing what they think is good for the country. The question is, if a question at all, who is included in that country? That would be whoever´s backs their votes and their actions protect.

How can meekly backing down regarding protecting and compassionately caring for frightened innocent children NOT be spineless and frankly down right evil?
Please stop being an apologist for this kind of dehumanizing brutality… it is beyond sick to do these things to anyone let alone children, beyond sick to go along with it as the Majority of elected Democrats are and even sicker to make excuses for any of it. Just stop. Please. Just stop.


I think perhaps it should be considered that they are doing what they think is good for the country.

How is it good for the country to capitulate to Mitch McConnell without even putting up a fight?

Maybe you’re right that it’s not spinelessness or caving. Maybe it’s simply rolling over and playing dead.


Reich sez:
“Why were Dems in the Senate and Dem centrists in the House so willing to accommodate Trump …?”

Reich also sez:

“Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans, along with a number of Senate Dems, came up with their own $4.6 billion bill … earmarking … funds that could be used for additional (corporate-run) tent camps to warehouse more migrants.”



Remember a campaign donation for (D) (or an R) is always a BOGO deal for the “good guys” on both sides of America’s corporatist party so always give until it hurts, cause one way or another its always gonna hurt a lot worse than you expect it to, and you should be used to the pain by now, so grow up and shut up while you get what the powers that be figure you deserve for being so politically naive…

Schumer and Pelosi have to go. The Dems need new leadership right now.


It´s not what I think is good. It´s that I don´t think Schumer and Dem senators and Pelosi and Dem reps who voted for this bill capitulated. They are not playing dead. They are dead.

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I never say that I think what they are doing is good. I´m not making excuses for them. I think rather to call them meek or spineless is to make excuses for them, as if they really want to do what we might call “the right thing.” So one might perhaps better conclude that what I´m saying is that they are not doing what you correctly characterize as downright evil because they are spineless, but because for God knows what reason, they think it´s good–which is why they ought to be put out to political pasture a.s.a.p.


How’s this for you reformers of the Democratic Party?

When will all of you Duopoly enablers learn?


It is a nation of battered wives i fear.
Plus, many would equate abandoning the duopoly with admitting that they were wrong, which few Americans seem capable of doing.

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It takes character to admit one’s errors in life.

Admitting a lifetime of errors, is near impossible for most.

The 95 to 97% statistic of how many continually vote for the Duopoly election after election, is testament to this.

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Gottheimer is a former Clinton speechwriter who prides himslef in his ‘bipartisanhip’ while essentially being on the Israeli/Saudi payroll.

Basically, as you allude to: the last person one should expect to be doing the right thing with respect to human rights.

So you are saying that the Dems In Congress went along with the Republicans because they ALSO think it is right and good to be putting babies and kids in animal cages, to to deny them toothbrushes, nutritious and adequate food, warmth, healthcare etc… ?
That is the very definition of evil and I might add, sadistic…
Wow that is too dark even for me to put on Pelosi but maybe I will get there soon…

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If the Dems really want to protect migrant children they will sit down in a nonpartisian agreement to change the broken asylum law that is allowing these children to enter the USA.

I don’t see it as “caving” at all. But every time they enable orange it’s called “caving.” Apparently some people still – after all this time, since at least 2000 – continue to live in denial as to who and what the Dems really are and are about. Some people absolutely refuse to see the obvious. They don’t “cave.” They enable by going through a bank of excuses and calisthenics to justify and excuse their continued enabling of the current White House resident with various rationales in the name of “humanitarian” and “bipartisan,” and they will continue to do so, especially Pelosi. She’s not going anywhere. She has her job for as long as she wants it.

“The Dems” and “leadership” would seem to be a glaring contradiction in terms. The Dems are really just another wing of the Republican Party.

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Asylum law is not broken. It is an international standard & long standing.
I am shocked that anyone thinks that just not letting in asylum seekers & refugees is a solution.
We have to look to the source & use our power over our Regime Changed allies to stop making their countries into violent Neoliberal shit holes.

To paraphrase a line from A Man for All Seasons, I have no window to look into another person´s soul. Thus in this case, what I want to say is that to call corporate Dems in Congress “spineless” and say they “caved” is to think of them as poor, pathetic, powerless, inept, confused, incompetent–all of which they may or may not be–is to miss your most important point, which is that, whatever they may be thinking, or intending, or whatever gain or pleasure or self-importance they get out of it, yes, the vote, the decision, the act of voting for such a bill which perpetrates such horrendous suffering is evil. It´s not my business to judge anyone morally as a person (granted it´s hard to refrain), or to psychoanalyze them, etc., but to do whatever I can to rid their congressional offices of those who support and vote for such evil things.

I say "for God knows what reason they think it´s good. I don´t know why they should. I don´t, however, think that most people do evil because they think it´s evil, but because somehow they´ve persuaded themselves or let themselves be persuaded that it´s good.

Pe-lo-si–OTP (out to pasture).

There’s a framing problem here, typical of Liberal Robert Reich. The Democrats didn’t “cave on the border.” It’s not a problem of “growing a spine” either. The Dems bought in, they didn’t sell out. They serve most of thre same oligarchs and Big Business as does the GOP.