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Dems Demand Answers About FCC's Apparent Favoritism Toward Sinclair


Dems Demand Answers About FCC's Apparent Favoritism Toward Sinclair

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

As the New York Times published a scathing new report detailing how Sinclair Broadcast Group "is ridding itself of regulation" on Monday, three ranking Democrats on relevant House of Representatives committees sent a letter to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) chairman about his agency's alleged "preferential treatment" of the conservative-leaning local television behemoth.


The trouble, that I’ve been able to discover, with Sinclair owner ship of TV stations, is the fact that stations will be required to reflect the bias of Sinclair which, to say the least, is very conservative. This may also include not being able to run stories that don’t reflect Sinclair’s values. This country is already infected with monopolistic media giants and this merger would just decrease the availability of varied views or different sources of information. We need diversity not homogeneity in our news and entertainment and more mergers limit the multiple cultures and different viewpoints that freedom deserves.


Monopolies gave us the Gilded Age. Media monopolies will form our opinion to accept it.


The Clinton Gore Pelosi telecommunications reform of 1996 was all about enabling monopolies to own the citizenry’s eyes and ears.

That’s what happens when you serve money, sometimes you don’t get a cut of the new owners take.

Whiny democrats complaining about what they enabled when it was good for their campaign chests.

We need a party that protects and forwards the interests of the people: Peace, open government, a DoD that’s a defense department not a Global Threat, and betterment of the 99%.


They said it couldn’t happen here… and then they realized how just how much easier they had made it, so that it could!


It is apparent Mr Pai exhibits pro Nazi sympathies in pushing this nakedly obvious propaganda network. He’s a filthy fascist parasite.


Goebbels would be proud to see Pai refine the work he pioneered.


ajit pai makes me sick

he is a lackey of people who despise him for the colour of his skin



goebbels would have pai boiled down to soap - he is the wrong colour/ethnicity for goebbels


his sycophantic behaviour towards white fascists will get him nowhere - and he is too stupid to see this.
does he think they respect him?
they must be laughing at this black man doing their bidding.


Between the real right wing media and the fake liberal media we are simply fucked as a civilization.


So even when they were doing the right thing they are doing the wrong thing eh?


They always DO the wrong thing, as like the republicans, they now serve money not people. Sometimes they SAY the right thing, when they’re not empowered to do the wrong things their donors want. If fealty to the murder industry, the drug industry, and the bankers doesn’t give you the clue that We need a party to represent people, maybe the last democrat administration’s record deportations, prosecutions to protect government in secret, non-action on torture and complicity in other warcrimes might give you the motivation to demand better.