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Dems Eye Hawkish Eliot Engel to Chair House Foreign Affairs Committee


Dems Eye Hawkish Eliot Engel to Chair House Foreign Affairs Committee

Stephen Zunes

ongressman Eliot Engel, Democrat of New York, currently the ranking member of the House Foreign Relations Committee, will likely be the choice of the Democratic Party leadership to chair that influential committee when the new Democratic majority comes to office in January. In that role, he will serve as the Democratic Party’s most prominent figure on foreign policy.

On many key issues, Engels’s views are closer to that of Republicans than the majority of his fellow Democrats.


Several articles appearing now on CD urge the d-party to go bold with a progressive agenda.

Meanwhile, the d-party steps boldly right back into Israel’s pocket.

You know why we can’t have nice things? Because both parties give them all to the MIC.


This a betrayal of what exactly? The Democrats are acting exactly as they have always acted , pretending to be on the left even as they move further right. This should not be a surprise to anyone nor should there be outrage. This is what they always were , well at least since Bill Clinton


Engel is a perfect example of why we need to put an end to gerrymandering, demand public financing of elections and impose term limits on the New York City area. He’s the poster child of The Uniparty on MENA Foreign Policy and DoD budgetary overspending and waste. However; since he could pass away in office and no one would question why he keeps getting re-elected, there’s that, too. The least he could do for us is to lose the dyed mustache.


They’re not moving to the right, they’re all just buying time-share condos in Jerusalem.


First I would follow the money. Then check his closet. There must be a suit in there with horns , a pointy tail and trident… I wish he were not one of my countrymen regardless of party.


I have to wonder what Zunes expected.

I suppose it’s a betrayal of some sort, just as it is when Republicans do it–a betrayal of humanity, a betrayal of nature, and so forth. I suppose that in some sense it is a greater betrayal of a voting base, since Democratic voters are less likely to favor war than their Republican counterparts.

But these guys have not advertised themselves as anti-war. They have not advertised themselves as anti-globalist, in the neoliberal cum neoconservative and neo-imperial sense.

I can only speculate that Zunes must feel that in some sense he shares some contractual humanity or civilization with the Democratic Party, though someone with his background position surely has been exposed to plenty of reasons that one should not imagine anything similar.

Yes, voters should protest this recent Democratic choice. And the next one. And surely the Republican one as well. Que se vayan todos. But that’s barely a start. The scalpel has to cut a lot deeper.


But we had to support the Democratic Blue Wave to insure that Democrats had control of the committees!

Maybe this might be a wake up call to progressives to stop supporting this poor excuse for a party.


It won’t be that for me, but it does reinforce my belief that seniority is a stupid way to decide who gets to run committees. @KC2669 gave a lot of examples of great people to run committees in the Senate (which wasn’t won so that will have to be another day). There are plenty of people with seniority who are great, and plenty of horrible choices too. I’d prefer everyone had to actually be elected to run a committee or something - anything but seniority.

Of course if we can get RCV in CA like they have in ME (and great news there today RCV meant denying the Republican the win because when they saw who the third party voters choice was, the democrat popped over 50% - I sure hope this is not overturned). If we get RCV, I’ll be voting Green almost every time (as long as the candidate isn’t a moron).


More proof that Israel controls America. Another zionist warmonger to push for endless wars and money for the MIC. AIPAC is a lobby for a foreign govt but each candidate must bend to the will of this lobby . SAD…we are not a sovereign nation much like Germany.