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Dems in a Pickle


Dems in a Pickle

Doug Henwood

I’ve written before about how the Hillary Democrats are running against hope, and how the Sanders campaign have outed them as frank corporate shills and enemies of even mild social democracy. But now even nominal liberals, or progressives, or whatever we’re calling them these days have gotten in on the act.


The Dem's pickle might be that, as much as they would like to nominate Hillary, they realize that Hillary vs Trump would result in a Trump victory, and the only chance for a Dem victory then would be to nominate Bernie. As much as the DNC would detest such a move, they might hold their collective nose and go for it.


For this life-long independent, it's "Bernie or bust!" Stow it HRC.


They most certainly are in a pickle. The party abandoned the people and opted for the Wall Street, military industrial complex, neocon ideas. They left us, we did not leave them. Dem's get away with murder and get a pass, Republicans get a big backlash when they try it. I'm not voting for Hillary ever so if Trump wins it's for the same reasons Dem's lost in 2010. They offer nothing new that we haven't seen Republicans do. Why bother to vote when the two share the same ultimate goal. To satisfy the corporations. Think Bush could have gotten the TPP this far? No, but Obama has because people still think they represent us. Ha, that hasn't been the case for a long time.
Go Bernie!


The electorate is waking up to the fact that neither party, as is, has anything for the average American. The parties have spent so much time serving their buyers that they can't even fathom how to serve the entire electorate. They have a catalog of policies and positions that benefit their buyers, but only throw the electorate a bone.

If your a conservative they give you a little extra in tax relief and make sure your government will never ever work for you. The powerful, through "deregulation", will be allowed to run amok through our economy, and we will be forced to clean up their inevitable messes.

The corporate liberals will give you half measures and corrupt programs. They will tell you they are doing the best they can, but watch how their buyers prosper. They get the "best" they can. We get a few more people with insurance that is over priced and delivers lousy outcomes. It is filled with corruption and exploitation from big insurance, pharma, and lawyers.

These are just a couple out of countless examples.

Most that benefit greatly from both sides are completely oblivious to reality. They regurgitate their talking points to each other. They debate endlessly to distraction. Distraction that masquerades as choice to the electorate. We can't afford to pay the price this games demands anymore. We pay with the blood of our soldiers and enemies alike, we pay with the lives of the people who are crushed by their economic circumstances and the lack of medical attention. and our children start life in debt and many uneducated.

What we need to do isn't complicated. It is difficult. It is time to shed the" lesser of two evils" thinking, and go about the business of taking our country back.


"What we need to do isn't complicated" is a spot on observation, Gearmesh !

A corporation my wife worked for three decades ago had an unwritten motto: "PROFIT IN COMPLEXITY , PROFIT IN CONFUSION".

Wall Street and their corporate cronies (and the Democratic Party and GOP that they own) have expanded this strategy with their endless shell game of deregulation, ever more complex financial products, Rube Goldberg medical insurance schemes, and array of red herring. Sanders and other true progressives are identifying the lowest common denominator of these schemes, reducing the complexity and confusion that has been deceiving us for the past four decades.


And it's a 'dill-y'! I hope the DNC gets their just desserts, too!


You nailed it, Gearmesh! Say it everybody:

We need a "brilliant" option on CD.


The Constituency of voters not yet factored in are the Diebold voters. If they go Clintons way she can win this thing.


Division, complexity, apathy.

Make it too complex to understand easily. Make people work endlessly so they simply don't have the time to pay attention. Then call them stupid, uninformed, apathetic and dismiss their ideas or their call for change as "fantasy". The elite don't want to imagine a world where dignity is given freely as a birth right. In their world view, dignity is a dangerous weapon. They think dignity must be reserved for only the few who are worthy in their eyes.

Give most of us just enough to make us grateful that we aren't lowest on the ladder. We don't want to cause too much trouble, because our fate could be much worse. We know it can always get worse.

Divide us up every which way they can. Race, religion, political leanings, education, sexual orientation, etc. It does not matter what it is. The divisions just need to be formed into a knife to put another cut in us, They keep slicing us up into tiny manageable bits so we are easily controlled. We need to be controlled so that we can keep feeding the machine.

The machine is so powerful that we are foolish to try to go against its will. At least that is what the powerful want you to believe.

It will end when we collectively understand that the masses hold the power. When we quit blaming each other and throw out the people that do not serve us.


"Rendell and the centrist Dems do deserve a moment of sympathy. When you have nothing positive to sell voters, you have to get creative . . ."

This is the Clinton's campaign strategy in a nutshell: fear and loathing for your opponent. One of the most reviled people in America saying vote for me because the other guy is worse. Wake up Dems, get the FBI to indict, and therefore disqualify, Hillary while there is still time to nominate someone who can actually win.

If not, then . . . Sanders/Stein 2016.


Exactly so.
It matters not whether the government is a monarchy, overt fascist dictatorship or fake democracy (ala USA), if the people are unified and not afraid of work and some sacrifice, they can rule.

US liberals and leftists of all stripes should forget their sectarian differences, come together with a common platform that is not overly radical (for starters) in a party such as the Greens, and expand the revolution that Bernie has started.

It would help immensely if Bernie would decide to abandon the Democrats and lead the movement.


Yes, the Trumpian notion of returning to a better past does not necessarily equate in the minds of his followers as going back to the Jim Crow era. The 1940- 70 era was good for the working class generally, thanks to the massive unionization that took place during WW II, and lasting for decades afterward. The male, white working class was the foundation of the the union movement and the descendants of that once powerful class is, perhaps dimly, aware of how good it used to be for their grandfathers when the US commanded most of the world's manufacturing capacity. Hillary's appeal to identity politics, as in her current ad blitz on Trump and women, only preaches to the choir and means nothing to the working class supporters of Trump. The egomaniac himself, or course, has nothing but contempt for such workers and is a known union-buster. He is well described as a de facto fascist in a recent Washington Post article.


As they watched their income shrink every time Trump drove another GOP contender was pushed out of the primary by Trump, GOP strategy consultants were the first to call Trump a fascist.

Based on their political track records, we know precisely how fascist Clinton and the GOP contenders are. We won't really know how fascist Trump is unless he becomes POTUS.

Sanders is the only candidate in the 2016 primaries who is NOT a fascist.


So many things we're told which have a " truthiness " about them, but are not true. The Young Turks eviscerate the claim that Hillary is ahead by 3,000,000 votes. Since all the caucus votes are not factored into this figure, it is as they say, a lie. Unchallenged or glossed over by lots of people who should know this. Another is the 91% figure, signifying Sen. Sanders needed delegates, used to tell us to give up fighting to the Democratic convention. It is a another lie, foisted on us by people who fully understand, that being a super delegate has no such strictures attached to it. Super delegates should be looked upon as party mercenaries, actually. With all the baggage that description implies. As to the author's article about young black journalists finding the New Deal lacking in many ways; well, they ought to try the pre-New Deal economic and civil rights landscape in America. Which is where we are headed, reverse being the new forward, despite what the Democratic Party would like you to believe. Can things get much more gilded than they already are in 2016? They seem to think a new meritocracy is growing when this country is now more socially and economically stratified than the European Union. What really should concern these contrarians is why they blindly follow the Clinton faction of the DLC. Why black folks are pulled around, by a invisible ring in their collective noses, following the same old path laid out by an entrenched Permanent Black Political Class and bolstered by a paternalistic, homophobic, flat earth oriented and quite conservative, black religious hucksters. Many secular people wonder how a so-called group of enlightened moralists would continue to support a President who's given them 51% black male youth unemployment and mind-boggling incarceration rates. Who used extra-legal methods, not unlike J. Edgar Hoover, to discredit and break up Occupy. Who never led anyone, including Congress, on raising the minimum wage in his first 6+ years in office. Who backed the disaster that is now Libya. Who supported a coup in Honduras that has led to millions of woman and children being exploited in Central America. Who " drones " civilians with the same ease as some people brush their hair. Some young black thinkers seem to want to elect a Clinton/DLC agenda very badly to protect President Obama's fickle legacy. That path would be like Crazy Horse writing an op-ed in the NY Times in favor of appointing Buffalo Bill Cody to be Secretary of the Interior in 1870. " Tell me why you like Roosevelt ( poor man's friend ) Tell me why I like Roosevelt ( poor man's friend ) Cause in the year of nineteen and thirty-two We had no idea just what to do All our finances had flowed away Till my dad got a job with the WPA. And, that's why I like Roosevelt (poor man's friend ).... ..... " Jesse Winchester


Obama is a disappointment by betraying the people who voted for him. However Obama did excite the very people who are now Bernie supporters.
I live in NM and got my absentee ballot today. Go Bernie Go!


The "let's all get along" refrain is easy for a white male to say.

When you suggest that the "identity politics" just work to block unity, you leave out the very real pain, lack of options, and lived experience of Blacks, Latinos, and women.

When white males are ready to make equal places for women and persons of color, then they can talk their game about "why doesn't everyone just get along."

Identity differences ARE real. How elites manipulate those differences to set one group against another doesn't change the LONG bloody history of Patriarchy. Blacks have been on the short end of the fiscal & social stick for AGES. So have women.

The losses incurred by these groups don't just disappear with the magic kumbala. And I think it's an attempt to downplay these differences that are used under the call to solidarity.

Until patriarchy shifts... a shift that can only occur when white males understand THEIR equal status with everyone else... NOTHING can get better.

(Interesting that it's usually Trump supporters who use this type of verbiage. Ultimately, what's really being invited is a continuation of the status quo that privileges white males more than others.)

The center won't hold.

Watch for falling debris.


That is how they do it,

They find a minority of a group and hold it up as an example of a group. It is has been done a million times over.

The fact is that the black families have been torn apart by the "Super Predator" mind set to justify locking up black fathers and brothers. They use it to justify under funding the schools in black neighborhoods. They do it to label the drugs, that black communities have used, as bad and criminal while giving a pass to far more destructive drugs that whites prefer.

Woman's rights have constantly been threatened and their contributions are far too devalued.

We enjoy it when immigrants harvest our crops and keep our prices cheap. Yet we complain that these new arrivals don't follow a criminally bureaucratic process that our fore fathers and mothers never had to endure.

It goes on and on and on and on. All legitimate and factual examples of human dignity being ground into the dirt. I have my laundry list of wrongs that my fore bearers and I have endured as does nearly every other. Those that still walk this earth should be held to account (yes I am looking at you Wall Street). It is impossible to make the dead accountable.

I don't know how we tear down all of the buildings and infrastructure we built, all of us get back in our boats and leave the land like we found it to the Native Americans we took it from. Even if we did, how do we put a price on the genocide inflicted on them. The moment you put a dollar figure on it you have devalued them. All of us gain benefit from these terrible things regardless of our race or gender today.

You can think how ever you choose, but I can guarantee you this. The way to pay for the sins of the past is to set up a better future for EVERYONE. We mustn't forget the past. We must learn from it. The important things in life usually can not be fixed once they are broken. They can only be rebuilt better.

We can stay divided in the past, or walk forward together to a better future.


Don't we have two very successful, elitist writers saying these odd things about programs that benefit lower class people?? If so, why is it so strange that they feel that way, even though they're presumably (corporate) Democrats, and one is Black, and the other female?? They're ELITIST Blacks and females!! The key word here is elitist, not those other descriptors ...


Good one! :O)